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<!ENTITY dhucpackage "<refentrytitle>fc-match</refentrytitle>">
<!ENTITY dhpackage "fc-match">
<!ENTITY debian "<productname>Debian</productname>">
<!ENTITY gnu "<acronym>GNU</acronym>">
<!ENTITY gpl "&gnu; <acronym>GPL</acronym>">
<refpurpose>match available fonts</refpurpose>
<para><command>&dhpackage;</command> matches font-pattern (empty
pattern by default) using the normal fontconfig matching rules to find
the best font available. If --sort is given, the sorted list of best
matching fonts is displayed. With --verbose, the whole font pattern
for each match is printed, otherwise only the file, family and style
are printed..</para>
<para>This program follows the usual &gnu; command line syntax,
with long options starting with two dashes (`-'). A summary of
options is included below.</para>
<para>Print whole font pattern for each match.</para>
<para>Show summary of options.</para>
<para>Show version of the program and exit.</para>
<para>Displays sorted list of best matching fonts.</para>
<para>Displays fonts matching
<replaceable>font-pattern</replaceable> (uses empty pattern by default).</para>
<title>SEE ALSO</title>
<para><command>fc-list</command> (1).</para>
<para>The fontconfig user's guide, in HTML format:
<para>This manual page was updated by &dhusername; &dhemail;.</para>
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