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Font configuration and customization library
Version 2.13.91 (2.14 RC1)
Check INSTALL for compilation and installation instructions.
Report bugs to
2.13.91 (2.14 RC1)
Akira TAGOH (74):
Fix the build issue with --enable-static
Fix the issue that '~' wasn't extracted to the proper homedir
Add a test case for d1f48f11
Fix CI
Add more prefix support in <dir> element
Update fonts.dtd for last commit
Update docs for 1aa8b700
add missing the case of prefix="default" as documented
Fix test case
CI: Add more logs
Do not update mtime when removing .uuid file
Do not try updating mtime when unlink was failed
Do not run a test case for .uuid deletion
Drop Mitra Mono from 65-nonlatin.conf
Enable bubblewrap test case
Use FC_PATH_MAX instead of PATH_MAX
Use Rachana instead of Meera for Malayalam
Add doc for description element and update fonts.dtd
Fix FcFontList doesn't return a font with FC_COLOR=true
Add a test case for FcFontList
Warn when constant name is used for unexpected object
covscan fix: get rid of unnecessary condition check
Don't call unlink_dirs if basedir is null
covscan: fix compiler warnings
Fix a dereference of a null pointer
Fix a crash with invalid matrix element
Add system-ui generic family
Fix misleading summary in docs for FcStrStrIgnoreCase
Fix build issue on Win32. Make AUTORECONF_FLAGS overwritable
Ifdef'ed unnecessary code for Win32
Fix make check on cross-compiled env
Add build test for MinGW
Fix make distcheck error
Update requirement for gettext
Correct configure option to cross-compile
Install wine for CI on MinGW
Don't test bind-mount thing for MinGW
Reset errno to do error handling properly
Add FcDirCacheCreateUUID doc back to pass make check
Drop a line to include uuid.h
Fix make check fail on
Add new element remap-dir instead of extending dir element
Trim the last slash
Update testcase
Update deps to run CI
Drop unnecessary line to include uuid.h
Fix a typo
Add reset-dirs element
Add salt attribute to dir and remap-dir elements
Update doc for salt
trivial testcase update
Add back if !OS_WIN32 line
Fix build issues on MinGW
Use alternative function for realpath on Win32
Fix make check fail on MinGW again
Add more data to artifacts for debugging purpose
Don't share fonts and cache dir for testing
Don't warn if path can't be converted with prefix
Add some debugging output
Oops, Terminate string
fc-cache: Show font directories to generate cache with -v
Allow overriding salt with new one coming later
Don't show salt in debugging message if salt is null
Fix unexpected cache name by double-slash in path
Fallback uuid-based name to read a cache if no MD5-based cache available
No need to remap for uuid based
Update the test case that is looking for uuid based on host
Distribute archive in xz instead of bz2
Update CaseFolding.txt to Unicode 12.1
fc-validate: returns an error code when missing some glyphs
Correct the comment for FC_LANG in fontconfig.h
Fix a typo in the description of FcWeightFromOpenTypeDouble
Fix endianness on generating MD5 cache name
Behdad Esfahbod (1):
Fix name-table language code mapping for Mongolian
Ben Wagner (1):
Better document sysroot.
Chris McDonald (2):
Respect sysroot option for file path passed to stat
Lowered temporary rooted_dir variable inside loop
Jon Turney (1):
Only use test wrapper-script if host is MinGW
Keith Packard (6):
Do not remove UUID file when a scanned directory is empty
Fetch FONTCONFIG_SYSROOT in FcConfigCreate
Remove '-u' option from
Add delays to test-bz106632, check UptoDate separately
Remove UUID-related tests
Replace UUID file mechanism with per-directory 'map' attribute [v2]
Robert Yang (1):
src/fccache.c: Fix define for HAVE_POSIX_FADVISE
Akira TAGOH (48):
Use the builtin uuid for OSX
Fix the build issue again on MinGW with enabling nls
Add uuid to Requires.private in .pc only when pkgconfig macro found it
Allow the constant names in the range
Do not override locale if already set by app
Add the value of the constant name to the implicit object in the pattern
Add a testcase for FcNameParse
Leave the locale setting to applications
call setlocale
Fix make check fail when srcdir != builddir.
Do not ship fcobjshash.h
Fix typo in doc
Change the emboldening logic again
Bug 43367 - RFE: iterator to peek objects in FcPattern
Add a testrunner for conf
Add a test case for 90-synthetic.conf
Bug 106497 - better error description when problem reading font configuration
Bug 106459 - fc-cache doesn't use -y option for .uuid files
Fix leaks
Fix -Wstringop-truncation warning
Fix double-free
Add a test case for bz#106618
Update CaseFolding.txt to Unicode 11
Remove .uuid when no font files exists on a directory
Fix the leak of file handle
Fix memory leak
Fix memory leaks
Fix memory leak
Fix memory leak
Fix memory leak
Fix unterminated string issue
Fix array access in a null pointer dereference
Fix access in a null pointer dereference
do not pass null pointer to memcpy
Fix dereferencing null pointer
Fix a typo
Fix possibly dereferencing a null pointer
Fix allocating insufficient memory for terminating null of the string
Make a call fail on ENOMEM
Allocate sufficient memory to terminate with null
Drop the redundant code
Fix memory leak
Fix the build issue with gperf
Fix missing closing bracket in FcStrIsAbsoluteFilename()
Update the issue tracker URL
Fix distcheck fail
Add .gitlab-ci.yml
Bump the libtool revision
Alexander Larsson (3):
Add FcCacheAllocate() helper
Cache: Rewrite relocated paths in earlier
Cache: Remove alias_table
Behdad Esfahbod (4):
Minor: fix warnings
Fix name scanning
Share name-mapping across instances
Chris Lamb (1):
Ensure cache checksums are deterministic
Matthieu Herrb (1):
FcCacheFindByStat(): fix checking of nanoseconds field.
Tom Anderson (7):
Fix undefined-shift UBSAN errors
Use realfilename for FcOpen in _FcConfigParse
Add FONTCONFIG_SYSROOT environment variable
Fix CFI builds
Fix heap use-after-free
Return canonicalized paths from FcConfigRealFilename
Fix build with CFLAGS="-std=c11 -D_GNU_SOURCE"
Akira TAGOH (4):
Add Simplified Chinese translations
Fix a build issue on MinGW with enabling nls
Initialize an array explicitly
Bump the libtool revision
2.12.93 (2.13 RC3)
Akira TAGOH (12):
trivial fix
Add files to enable ITS support in gettext
Use the native ITS support in gettext
Remove until new release of gettext is coming...
export GETTEXTDATADIR to refer the local .its/.loc file instead of using --its option
clean up
Do not add cflags and libs coming from pkg-config file.
Revert some removal from 7ac6af6
Take effects on dir, cachedir, acceptfont, and rejectfont only when loading
Do not mix up font dirs into the list of config dirs
Ensure the user config dir is available in the list of config dirs on the fallback config
Add missing files to ship
Alexander Larsson (1):
FcHashTableAddInternal: Compare against the right key
Behdad Esfahbod (5):
Remove hack for OS/2 weights 1..9
Support FC_WIDTH as double as well
Fix leak
Use FT_Done_MM_Var if available
Fix undefined-behavior signed shifts
Olivier Crête (1):
Fix cross-compilation by passing CPPFLAGS to CPP
Tom Anderson (1):
Allow overriding symbol visibility.
2.12.92 (2.13 RC2)
Akira TAGOH (13):
cleanup files
Update .uuid only when -r is given but not -f.
Returns false if key is already available in the table
Add missing doc of FcDirCacheCreateUUID
Replace uuid in the table properly when -r
Add a test case for uuid creation
Do not update mtime with creating .uuid
Disable uuid related code on Win32
Try to get current instance of FcConfig as far as possible
do not check the existence of itstool on win32
Fix the mis-ordering of ruleset evaluation in a file with include element
Fix compiler warnings
Add FcReadLink to wrap up readlink impl.
Alexander Larsson (1):
fchash: Fix replace
Behdad Esfahbod (7):
Don't crash
Remove a debug abort()
Set font-variations settings for standard axes in variable fonts
Let pattern FC_FONT_VARIATIONS override standard axis variations
Put back accidentally removed code
Add FcWeightTo/FromOpenTypeDouble()
2.12.91 (2.13 RC1)
Akira TAGOH (37):
und_zsye.orth: polish to get for NotoEmoji-Regular.ttf
Revert "Keep the same behavior to the return value of FcConfigParseAndLoad"
Fix again to keep the same behavior to the return value of FcConfigParseAndLoad
Fix a compiler warning
Update libtool revision
Bump version to 2.12.6
doc: trivial update
Add the ruleset description support
workaround to avoid modifying by gettextize
missing an open parenthesis
another workaround to avoid modifying by gettextize...
Validate cache more carefully
Allow autoreconf through autopoint for gettext things
Correct debugging messages to load/scan config
Use uuid-based cache filename if uuid is assigned to dirs
Add new API to find out a font from current search path
Replace the font path in FcPattern to what it is actually located.
Replace the original path to the new one
Replace the path of subdirs in caches as well
Don't call FcStat when the alias has already been added
Destroy the alias and UUID tables when all of caches is unloaded
abstract hash table functions
Fix memory leak
Fix a typo
Don't call FcStat when the alias has already been added
Add a testcase for bind-mounted cachedir
Use smaller prime for hash size
Fix the testcase for env not enabled PCF_CONFIG_OPTION_LONG_FAMILY_NAMES in freetype
thread-safe functions in fchash.c
Fix distcheck error
Fix "make check" fail again
Bump the libtool revision
Alban Browaeys (1):
Fixes cleanup
Alexander Kanavin (1):
src/fcxml.c: avoid double free() of filename
Bastien Nocera (1):
conf: Prefer system emoji fonts to third-party ones
Behdad Esfahbod (76):
Remove stray printf()
[fc-query] Fix linking order
Instead of loading glyphs (with FreeType), just check loca table
Don't even check loca for glyph outline detection
Check for non-empty outline for U+0000..U+001F
Add back code for choosing strike, and cleanup
Minor: adjust debug output
Remove unnecessary check
Remove a few unused blanks parameters
Remove check that cannot fail
Remove use of psnames for charset construction
Remove unused variable
Remove fc-glyphname
Remove blanks facility from the library
Remove blanks support from fc-scan
Mark more parameters FC_UNUSED
Move variables to narrower scope and indent
Remove unneeded check
Use multiplication instead of division
Use inline functions instead of macros for a couple of things
Simplify advance-width calculations
Inline FcFreeTypeCheckGlyph()
Call FT_Get_Advance() only as long as we need to determine font width type
Update documentation for removal of blanks
Merge branch 'faster'
Add FcFreeTypeQueryAll()
Document FcFreeTypeQueryAll()
Accept NULL in for spacing in FcFreeTypeCharSetAndSpacing()
Remove FcCompareSize()
Rename FcCompareSizeRange() to FcCompareRange()
Rewrite FcCompareRange()
In FcSubstituteDefault(), handle size range
Check instance-index before accessing array
[varfonts] Add FC_VARIABLE
[varfonts] Change id argument in FcFreeTypeQuery* to unsigned int
Print ranges as closed as opposed to half-open
[varfonts] Change FC_WEIGHT and FC_WIDTH into ranges
[varfonts] Query varfonts if id >> 16 == 0x8000
Fix instance-num handling in collections
[varfonts] Query variable font in FcFreeTypeQueryAll()
[varfonts] Fetch optical-size for named instances
In RenderPrepare(), handle ranges smartly
[fc-query] Remove --ignore-blanks / -b
[fc-match/fc-list/fc-query/fc-scan] Add --brief that is like --verbose without charset
Add separate match compare function for size
Fix range comparision operators implementation
Adjust emboldening logic
[varfonts] Map from OpenType to Fontconfig weight values
Add FcDontCare value to FcBool
Implement more config bool operations for boolean types
Fix possible div-by-zero
[varfonts] Use fvar data even if there's no variation in it
Revert "[varfonts] Use fvar data even if there's no variation in it"
[varfonts] Minor
[varfonts] Comment
[varfonts] Don't set style for variable-font pattern
[varfonts] Skip named-instance that is equivalent to base font
[varfonts] Do not set postscriptname for varfont pattern
[varfonts] Don't reopen face for each named instance
Separate charset and spacing code
[varfonts] Reuse charset for named instances
Move whitespace-trimming code to apply to all name-table strings
Fix whitespace-trimming loop and empty strings...
Don't convert nameds to UTF-8 unless we are going to use them
Simplify name-table platform mathcing logic
Use binary-search for finding name table entries
[varfonts] Share lang across named-instances
Merge branch 'varfonts2'
Require freetype >= 2.8.1
Remove assert
David Kaspar [Dee'Kej] (1):
conf.d: Drop aliases for (URW)++ fonts
Florian Müllner (1):
build: Remove references to deleted file
Akira TAGOH (4):
und_zsye.orth: polish to get for NotoEmoji-Regular.ttf
Revert "Keep the same behavior to the return value of FcConfigParseAndLoad"
Fix again to keep the same behavior to the return value of FcConfigParseAndLoad
Update libtool revision
Behdad Esfahbod (2):
[fc-query] Fix linking order
David Kaspar [Dee'Kej] (1):
conf.d: Drop aliases for (URW)++ fonts
Florian Müllner (1):
build: Remove references to deleted file
Akira TAGOH (17):
Add FcPatternGetWithBinding() to obtain the binding type of the value in FcPattern.
Add FcConfigParseAndLoadFromMemory() to load a configuration from memory.
Bug 101726 - Sans config pulls in Microsoft Serifed font
Fix gcc warnings with enabling libxml2
Add und-zsye.orth to support emoji in lang
Add more code points to und-zsye.orth
Keep the same behavior to the return value of FcConfigParseAndLoad
Do not ship fcobjshash.gperf in archive
Accept 4 digit script tag in FcLangNormalize().
Fix to work the debugging option on fc-validate
Add und_zmth.orth to support Math in lang
Polish und_zmth.orth for Libertinus Math
Polish und_zmth.orth more for Cambria Math and Minion Math
Update similar to emoji's
fc-blanks: fall back to the static data available in repo if downloaded data is corrupted
Update docs
Update libtool versioning
Behdad Esfahbod (14):
Pass --pic to gperf
Add generic family matching for "emoji" and "math"
[fc-query] Support listing named instances
Add Twitter Color Emoji
Add EmojiOne Mozilla font
[fc-lang] Allow using ".." instead of "-" in ranges
Remove unneeded codepoints
Adjust color emoji config some more
Ignore 'und-' prefix for in FcLangCompare
Fix sign-difference compare warning
Fix warning
Fix weight mapping
Akira TAGOH (5):
Force regenerate fcobjshash.h when updating Makefile
Fix the build failure when srcdir != builddir and have gperf 3.1 or later installed
Add a testcase for Bug#131804
Update libtool revision
Fix distcheck error
Florent Rougon (6):
FcCharSetHash(): use the 'numbers' values to compute the hash
fc-lang: gracefully handle the case where the last language initial is < 'z'
Fix an off-by-one error in FcLangSetIndex()
Fix erroneous test on language id in FcLangSetPromote()
FcLangSetCompare(): fix bug when two charsets come from different "buckets"
FcCharSetFreezeOrig(), FcCharSetFindFrozen(): use all buckets of freezer->orig_hash_table
Helmut Grohne (1):
fix cross compilation
Jan Alexander Steffens (heftig) (1):
Josselin Mouette (1):
Treat C.UTF-8 and C.utf8 locales as built in the C library.
Masamichi Hosoda (1):
Bug 99360 - Fix cache file update on MinGW
Akira TAGOH (1):
Fix make check fail with freetype-2.7.1 and 2.8 with PCF_CONFIG_OPTION_LONG_FAMILY_NAMES enabled.
Akira TAGOH (8):
Don't call perror() if no changes happens in errno
Fix FcCacheOffsetsValid()
Fix the build issue with gperf 3.1
Fix the build issue on GNU/Hurd
Update a bit for the changes in FreeType 2.7.1
Add the description of FC_LANG envvar to the doc
Bug 101202 - fontconfig FTBFS if docbook-utils is installed
Update libtool revision
Alan Coopersmith (1):
Correct cache version info in doc/fontconfig-user.sgml
Khem Raj (1):
Avoid conflicts with integer width macros from TS 18661-1:2014
Masamichi Hosoda (2):
Fix PostScript font alias name
Update aliases for URW June 2016
Akira TAGOH (6):
Add --with-default-hinting to configure
Update CaseFolding.txt to Unicode 9.0
Check python installed in
Fix some errors related to python3
Bug 96676 - Check range of FcWeightFromOpenType argument
Update libtool revision
Tobias Stoeckmann (1):
Properly validate offsets in cache files.
Akira TAGOH (8):
Update URL
Bug 95477 - FcAtomicLock fails when SELinux denies link() syscall with EACCES
45-latin.conf: Add some Windows fonts to categorize them properly
Correct one for the previous change
Bug 95481 - Build fails on Android due to broken lconv struct
Add the static raw data to generate fcblanks.h
Remove unused code
Erik de Castro Lopo (1):
Fix a couple of minor memory leaks
Petr Filipsky (1):
Fix memory leak in FcDirCacheLock
2.11.95 (2.12 RC5)
Akira TAGOH (22):
Add one more debugging option to see transformation on font-matching
Fix a crash when no objects are available after filtering
No need to be public
mark as private at this moment
Don't return FcFalse even when no fonts dirs is configured
Add a warning for blank in fonts.conf
Fix a memory leak in FcFreeTypeQueryFace
Update CaseFolding.txt to Unicode 8.0
Bug 90867 - Memory Leak during error case in fccharset
Fix the broken cache more.
Fail on make runtime as needed instead of configure if no python installed
Use long long to see the same size between LP64 and LLP64
Fix build issue on MinGW
Use int64_t instead of long long
Fix compiler warnings on MinGW
Fix assertion on 32bit arch
remomve unnecessary code
Bug 93075 - Possible fix for make check failure on msys/MinGW...
Avoid an error message on testing when no fonts.conf installed
Add hintstyle templates and make hintslight default
Revert "Workaround another race condition issue"
Update libtool revision
Behdad Esfahbod (6):
Revert changes made to FcConfigAppFontAddDir() recently
Call FcFreeTypeQueryFace() from fcdir.c, instead of FcFreeTypeQuery()
[GX] Support instance weight, width, and style name
[GX] Enumerate all named-instances in TrueType GX fonts
Improve OpenType to Fontconfig weight mapping
[GX] Improve weight mapping
Patrick Haller (1):
Optimizations in FcStrSet
2.11.94 (2.12 RC4)
Akira TAGOH (16):
Remove the dead code
Bug 89617 - FcConfigAppFontAddFile() returns false on any font file
Fix unknown attribute in Win32
Fix a typo for the latest cache version
Fix a typo in fontconfig-user.sgml
Drop unmaintained code
Observe blanks to compute correct languages in fc-query/fc-scan
Add missing description for usage
Make FC_SCALE deprecated
Bug 90148 - Don't warn if cachedir isn't specified
Fix memory leaks after FcFini()
Fix a typo
Fix a crash
Detect the overflow for the object ID
Revert the previous change
Behdad Esfahbod (11):
Fix bitmap scaling
Add su[pport for symbol fonts
Write ranges using a [start finish) format
Only set FC_SIZE for scalable fonts if OS/2 version 5 is present
Add bitmap-only font size as Double, not Range
Accept Integer for FC_SIZE
Don't set FC_SIZE for bitmap fonts
Fix compiler warnings
Simplify FcRange
Reduce number of places that cache version is specified to 1
Bump cache version number to 6, because of recent FcRange changes
Руслан Ижбулатов (1):
W32: Support cache paths relative to the root directory
2.11.93 (2.12 RC3)
Akira TAGOH (18):
Fix a typo in docs
Add pkg.m4 to git
Fix a build fail on some non-POSIX platforms
ifdef'd the unnecessary code for win32
Fix pointer cast warning on win32
filter can be null
Copy the real size of struct dirent
Rework again to copy the struct dirent
Hardcode the blanks in the library
Update the script to recognize the escaped space
Fix a build issue when $(srcdir) != $(builddir)
Don't add FC_LANG when it has "und"
Fix the array allocation
Improve the performance on searching blanks
Fix a segfault when OOM happened.
Fix a bug in the previous change forFcBlanksIsMember()
Fix an infinite loop in FcBlanksIsMember()
Fix a trivial bug for dist
Alan Coopersmith (1):
Fix configure to work with Solaris Studio compilers
Behdad Esfahbod (3):
Fix symbol cmap handling
Remove dead code after previous commit
Simplify some more
Michael Haubenwallner (1):
Ensure config.h is included first, bug#89336.
2.11.92 (2.12 RC2)
Akira TAGOH (1):
Add missing docs
2.11.91 (2.12 RC1)
Akira TAGOH (28):
Bug 71287 - size specific design selection support in OS/2 table version 5
Fix a build issue with freetype <2.5.1
Fix missing docs
Fix a typo
Fix fc-cache fail with -r
Rebase ja.orth against Joyo kanji characters
Allow the modification on FcTypeVoid with FcTypeLangSet and FcTypeCharSet
Workaround another race condition issue
Read the config files and fonts on the sysroot when --sysroot is given to fc-cache
Fix a segfault
Update CaseFolding.txt to Unicode 7.0
Don't read/write from/to the XDG dirs if the home directory is disabled
Rework for 5004e8e01f5de30ad01904e57ea0eda006ab3a0c
Fix a crash when no sysroot is given and failed to load the default fonts.conf
Fix a gcc warning
Don't add duplicate lang
fallback to the another method to lock when link() failed
Increase the refcount in FcConfigSetCurrent()
Fix the memory leak in fc-cat
Note FcConfigSetCurrent() increases the refcount in document
Add FcRangeGetDouble()
Revert "Bug 73291 - poppler does not show fl ligature"
Update aliases for new URW fonts
Returns False if no fonts found
fc-cache: make a fail if no fonts processed on a given path
fc-cache: Add an option to raise an error if no fonts found
Bump the cache version to 5
Fix a typo
Behdad Esfahbod (39):
Remove unused code
Simplify hash code
Further simplify hash code
Rewrite hashing to use FT_Stream directly
Allow passing NULL for file to FcFreeTypeQueryFace()
[ko.orth] Remove U+3164 HANGUL FILLER
Deprecate FC_HASH and don't compute it
Remove unused FcHash code now that FC_HASH is deprecated
Update list of blanks to Unicode 6.3.0
Update blanks to Unicode 7.0
Change charset parse/unparse format to be human readable
Fix charset unparse after recent changes
Remove HASH from matching priorities
Fixup previous commit
Update mingw32 MemoryBarrier from HarfBuzz
More mingw32 MemoryBarrier() fixup
Symlinks fix for DESTDIR
Revert "Symlinks fix for DESTDIR"
Call FcInitDebug from FcFreeTypeQueryFace
Decode MacRoman encoding in name table without iconv
Ouch, fix buffer
Use lang=und instead of lang=xx for "undetermined"
Remove unused regex code
Improve / cleanup namelang matching
Change DemiLight from 65 to 55
Linearly interpolate weight values
Export recently added API
Remove unneeded FcPublic
Fix assertion failure
If OS/2 table says weight is 1 to 9, multiply by 100
Trebuchet MS is a sans-serif font, not serif
Fix previous commit
Revert "[fcmatch] When matching, reserve score 0 for when elements don't exist"
Fix buffer overflow in copying PS name
Treat color fonts as scalable
Nick Alcock (1):
Generate documentation for FcWeight* functions.
Akira TAGOH (31):
do not build test-migration for Win32
Fix build issue on Debian/kFreeBSD 7.0
Update ax_pthread.m4 to the latest version
Fix the dynamic loading issue on NetBSD
Use stat() if there are no d_type in struct dirent
Fix a build issue on Solaris 10
Change the default weight on match to FC_WEIGHT_NORMAL
Warn if no <test> nor <edit> elements in <match>
Correct DTD
Re-scan font directories only when it contains subdirs
Fix typo
Bug 72086 - Check for gperf in
Simplify to validate the availability of posix_fadvise
Simplify to validate the availability of scandir
Fix a typo
Fix a build issue on platforms where doesn't support readlink()
Improve the performance issue on rescanning directories
Bug 73686 - confdir is not set correctly in fontconfig.pc
Update zh_hk.orth
clean up the unused files
Add missing license headers
Update the use of autotools' macro
Fix a crash issue when empty strings are set to the BDF properties
Add a doc for FcDirCacheRescan
Add missing #include <sys/statvfs.h> in fcstat.c
Fix incompatible API on AIX with random_r and initstate_r
Fallback to lstat() in case the filesystem doesn't support d_type in struct dirent
Update doc to include the version info of `since when'
Bug 73291 - poppler does not show fl ligature
Add README describes the criteria to add/modify the orthography files
Fix autoconf warning, warning: AC_COMPILE_IFELSE was called before AC_USE_SYSTEM_EXTENSIONS
Alan Coopersmith (3):
Leave room for null terminators in arrays
Avoid memory leak when NULL path passed to FcStrBuildFilename
Avoid null pointer dereference in FcNameParse if malloc fails
Behdad Esfahbod (1):
Bug 72380 - Never drop first font when trimming
Frederic Crozat (2):
Fix inversion between Tinos and Cousine in the comment
Add metric aliases for additional Google ChromeOS fonts
Jehan (1):
Defaulting <cachedir> to LOCAL_APPDATA_FONTCONFIG_CACHE for Win32 build
Ross Burton (1):
fc-cache: --sysroot option takes an argument
Akira TAGOH (15):
Do not create a config dir for migration when no config files nor dirs
Add a test case of the migration for config place
Fix memory leaks in FcFreeTypeQueryFace
Bug 68955 - Deprecate / remove FC_RASTERIZER
Copy all values from the font to the pattern if the pattern doesn't have the element
Fix a crash when FcPattern is set to null on FcFontSetList() and FcFontList()
Add the description of -q option to the man page
avoid reading config.h twice
clean up
Add the relative path for <include> to fonts.conf if the parent path is same to fonts.conf
Workaround the race condition issue on updating cache
exit with the error code when FcNameParse() failed
Add missing doc for FcStrListFirst and fix a typo
Bump libtool revision
Update CaseFolding.txt to Unicode 6.3
Jan Alexander Steffens (heftig) (1):
Further changes to 30-metric-aliases.conf
W. Trevor King (1):
doc/fccharset.fncs: Describe the map format in more detail
2.10.95 (2.11 RC5)
Akira TAGOH (2):
Fix a typo
Fix a crash
2.10.94 (2.11 RC4)
Akira TAGOH (25):
Bug 64906 - FcNameParse() should ignore leading whitespace in parameters
Fix a comparison of constant warning with clang
Fix a shift count overflow on 32bit box
Fix a incompatible pointer warning on NetBSD
Add FcTypeUnknown to FcType to avoid comparison of constant -1
Fix the behavior of intermixed tests end edits in match
Ignore scandir() check on mingw
Use INT_MAX instead of unreliable hardcoding value
Add FC_UNUSED to FC_ASSERT_STATIC macro to avoid compiler warning
Rework to apply the intermixed test and edit elements in one-pass
trivial code optimization
Correct fontconfig.pc to add certain dependencies for build
Correct fontconfig.pc to add certain dependencies for static build
Fix wrong edit position
Bug 67809 - Invalid read/write with valgrind when assigning something twice
warn deprecated only when migration failed
Bug 67845 - Match on FC_SCALABLE
Bug 16818 - fontformat in match pattern is not respected?
Bug 68340 - More metric compat fonts
Bug 63399 - Add default aliases for Georgia, Garamond, Palatino Linotype, Trebuchet MS
Fix a typo
Fix a crash when non-builtin objects are edited
Fix a wrong edit position when 'kind' is different
Bug 68587 - copy qu.orth to quz.orth
Add quz.orth to
Behdad Esfahbod (2):
Fix assertion
2.10.93 (2.11 RC3)
Akira TAGOH (10):
Bug 62980 - matching native fonts with even :lang=en
Ensure closing fp on error
Obtain fonts data via FT_Face instead of opening a file directly
Revert the previous change and rework to not export freetype API outside fcfreetype.c
Bug 63329 - make check fails: .. contents:: :depth: 2
Use the glob matching for filename
Bug 63452 - conf.d/README outdated
Fix missing OSAtomicCompareAndSwapPtrBarrier() on Mac OS X 10.4
Bug 63922 - FcFreeTypeQueryFace fails on postscripts fonts loaded from memory
Sebastian Freundt (1):
build-chain, replace INCLUDES directive by AM_CPPFLAGS
2.10.92 (2.11 RC2)
Akira TAGOH (33):
Fix the build fail on MinGW
Bug 50497 - RFE: Add OpenType feature tags support
Improve FcGetPrgname() to work on BSD
Better fix for 2fe5ddfd
Add missing file descriptor to F_DUPFD_CLOEXEC
Fix mkstemp absence for some platform
Fix installation on MinGW32
Add another approach to FC_PRGNAME for Solaris 10 or before
remove the unnecessary code
Bug 59385 - Do the right thing for intermixed edit and test elements
Bug 23757 - Add mode="delete" to <edit>
Use AM_MISSING_PROG instead of hardcoding missing
Use AM_MISSING_PROG instead of hardcoding missing
Bug 50733 - Add font-file hash?
Bug 60312 - DIST_SUBDIRS should never appear in a conditional
Update _FcMatchers definition logic
Bump the cache version to 4
Add Culmus foundry to the vendor list
Bug 60748 - broken conf.d/10-autohint.conf and conf.d/10-unhinted.conf
Bug 60783 - Add Liberation Sans Narrow to 30-metric-aliases.conf
Fix a typo
Fix a crash when the object is non-builtin object
Fix broken sort order with FcFontSort()
Fix a memory leak
Bug 59456 - Adding a --sysroot like option to fc-cache
Do not copy FC_*LANG_OBJECT even if it's not available on the pattern
Fix a SIGSEGV on FcPatternGet* with NULL pattern
Bug 38737 - Wishlist: support FC_POSTSCRIPT_NAME
Minor cleanup
Bump libtool revision
Minor fix
Behdad Esfahbod (12):
Ensure we find the uninstalled fontconfig header
Copy all values from pattern to font if the font doesn't have the element
Bug 59379 - FC_PRGNAME
Remove unused checks for common functions
Fix fc-cache crash caused by looking up NULL object incorrectly
Fix FC_PRGNAME default
Fix readlink failure
Accept digits as part of OpenType script tags
Fix crash with FcConfigSetCurrent(NULL)
Christoph J. Thompson (1):
Use the PKG_INSTALLDIR macro.
Colin Walters (1):
build: Only use PKG_INSTALLDIR if available
Quentin Glidic (2):
2.10.91 (2.11 RC1)
Akira TAGOH (19):
Fix a potability issue about stdint.h
Fix build issues on clean tree
Do not show the deprecation warning if it is a symlink
Fix a typo
Fix the wrong estimation for the memory usage information in fontconfig
Remove the duplicate null-check
Remove the dead code
clean up
Fix a typo that accessing to the out of array
Fix a memory leak
Check the system font to be initialized
Missing header file for _mkdir declaration
Clean up the unused variable
Bug 47705 - Using O_CLOEXEC
missing header file to declare _mkdir
Fix a build fail on mingw
Fix a typo in the manpages template
Bug 29312 - RFE: feature to indicate which characters are missing to satisfy the language support
Update the date in README properly
Behdad Esfahbod (73):
Fix typo
Parse matrices of expressions
Fix compiler warnings
Fix unused-parameter warnings
Fix more warnings
Fix sign-compare warnings
Fix warning
Fix more warnings
Fixup from 4f6767470f52b287a2923e7e6d8de5fae1993f67
Remove memory accounting and reporting
Allow target="font/pattern/default" in <name> elements
Don't warn if an unknown element is used in an expression
Unbreak build when FC_ARCHITECTURE is defined
Remove unneeded stuff
Enable fcarch assert checks even when FC_ARCHITECTURE is explicitly given
Make tests run on Windows
Initialize matrix during name parsing
Adjust docs for recent changes
Warn if <name target="font"> appears in <match target="pattern">
Make FC_DBG_OBJTYPES debug messages into warnings
Refuse to set value to unsupported types during config too
Add NULL check
Don't crash in FcPatternDestroy with NULL pattern
Don't crash in FcPatternFormat() with NULL pattern
Deprecate FcName(Un)RegisterObjectTypes / FcName(Un)RegisterConstants
Use a static perfect hash table for object-name lookup
Switch .gitignore to
Remove shared-str pool
Fix build stuff
Add build stuff for threadsafety primitives
Add thread-safety primitives
Make refcounts, patterns, charsets, strings, and FcLang thread-safe
Make FcGetDefaultLang and FcGetDefaultLangs thread-safe
Make FcInitDebug() idempotent
Make FcDefaultFini() threadsafe
Refactor; contain default config in fccfg.c
Make default-FcConfig threadsafe
Make FcCacheIsMmapSafe() threadsafe
Make cache refcounting threadsafe
Add a big cache lock
Make random-state initialization threadsafe
Make cache hash threadsafe
Make FcDirCacheDispose() threadsafe
Make fcobjs.c thread-safe
Warn about undefined/invalid attributes during config parsing
Fixup fcobjs.c
Remove FcSharedStr*
Fix compiler warnings
Fix build and warnings on win32
Use CC_FOR_BUILD to generate source files
Fix more warnings.
Trying to fix distcheck
Fix build around true/false
Work around Sun CPP
Really fix cross-compiling and building of tools this time
Second try to make Sun CPP happy
Ugh, add
Don't use blanks for fc-query
Remove FcInit() calls from tools
Add 10-scale-bitmap-fonts.conf and enable by default
Oops, add the actual file
Fix pthreads setup
Fix memory corruption!
Add pthread test
Add atomic ops for Solaris
Make linker happy
Jon TURNEY (1):
Fix build when srcdir != builddir
Akira TAGOH (13):
Bug 53585 - Two highly-visible typos in src/fcxml.c
Fix for libtoolize's warnings
Bug 54138 - X_OK permission is invalid for win32 access(..) calls
Bug 52573 - patch required to build 2.10.x with oldish GNU C library headers
deal with warnings as errors for the previous change
Fix wrongly squashing for the network path on Win32.
Fix syntax errors in fonts.dtd. Add -I option to tell aclocal a place for external m4 files
Use automake variable instead of cleaning files in clean-local
Bug 56531 - fails due to missing 'm4' directory
Bug 57114 - regression on FcFontMatch with namelang
Update CaseFolding.txt to Unicode 6.2
Bug 57286 - Remove UnBatang and Baekmuk Batang from monospace in 65-nonlatin.conf
Behdad Esfahbod (1):
Fix N'ko orthography
Jeremy Huddleston Sequoia (1):
Remove _CONFIG_FIXUPS_H_ guards, so multiple includes of "config.h" result in the correct values
Akira TAGOH (2):
Fix a typo in fontconfig.pc
Install config files first
Akira TAGOH (5):
Bug 34266 - configs silently ignored if libxml2 doesn't support SAX1 interface
Update CaseFolding.txt to Unicode 6.1
Fix a build fail with gcc 2.95, not supporting the flexible array members.
Bump libtool revision
2.9.92 (2.10 RC2)
Akira TAGOH (9):
Bug 50835 - Deprecate FC_GLOBAL_ADVANCE
Fix a typo and build fail.
Fix a build fail on MINGW
Fix the fail of make install with --disable-shared on Win32
clean up the lock file properly on even hardlink-not-supported filesystem.
Rename to
Bug 18726 - RFE: help write locale-specific tests
Bump libtool revision
Marius Tolzmann (2):
Fix newline in warning about deprecated config includes
Fix warning about deprecated, non-existent config includes
2.9.91 (2.10 RC1)
Akira TAGOH (60):
[doc] Update the path for cache files and the version.
[doc] Update for cachedir.
Revert "Fix a build fail on some environment."
Revert "Fix a build fail on some environment"
Fix a build issue due to the use of non-portable variables
Get rid of the prerequisites from the sufix rules
Bug 39914 - Please tag the cache directory with CACHEDIR.TAG
fc-cache: improvement of the fix for Bug#39914.
fcmatch: Set FcResultMatch at the end if the return value is valid.
Bug 47703 - SimSun default family
Bug 17722 - Don't overwrite user's configurations in default config
Fix a memory leak in FcDirScanConfig()
Bug 17832 - Memory leaks due to FcStrStaticName use for external patterns
fcpat: Increase the number of buckets in the shared string hash table
Fix the hardcoded cache file suffix
Move workaround macros for fat binaries into the separate header file
Bug 48020 - Fix for src/makealias on Solaris 10
Bug 24729 - [ne_NP] Fix ortho file
doc: Add contains and not_contains operators and elements
Use AC_HELP_STRING instead of formatting manually
Use pkgconfig to check builddeps
Bug 29341 - Make some fontconfig paths configurable
Bug 22862 - <alias> ignores <match> <test>s
Bug 26830 - Add search for libiconv non-default directory
Bug 28491 - Allow matching on FC_FILE
Bug 48573 - platform without regex do not have also REG_XXX defines
Bug 27526 - Compatibility fix for old windows sytems
Add --with-expat, --with-expat-includes and --with-expat-lib back.
doc: Fix a typo of the environment variable name.
Bug 25151 - Move cleanCacheDirectory() from fc-cache.c into
Rework to avoid adding the unexpected value to ICONV_CFLAGS and ICONV_LIBS
Fix a build issue again when no regex functions available
C++11 requires a space between literal and identifier
Bug 47721 - Add ChromeOS fonts to 30-metric-aliases.conf
Create CACHEDIR.TAG when fc-cache is run or only when the cache directory is created at the runtime.
Add --enable-iconv option to configure
Bug 27765 - FcMatch() returns style in wrong language
Disable iconv support anyway...
Bug 39278 - make usage of mmap optional
Output more verbose debugging log to show where to insert the element into the value list
fonts.conf: keeps same binding for alternatives
fcarch.c: get rid of the duplicate definition of FC_MAX
Bug 19128 - Handling whitespace in aliases
Bug 20411 - fontconfig doesn't match FreeDesktop directories specs
Correct the example
Bug 33644 - Fontconfig doesn't match correctly in <test>
fcatomic: fallback to create a directory with FcAtomicLock
Move statfs/statvfs wrapper to fcstat.c and add a test for the mtime broken fs
Fix the build fail on Solaris
Fix a typo and polish the previous change
Fix the wrong estimation for the memory usage information in fontconfig
Bug 32853 - Export API to get the default language
fcdefault: fallback if the environment variables are empty
Add the default language to the pattern prior to do build the substitution
fcdefault: no need to set FC_LANG in FcDefaultSubstitute() anymore
fcdefault: Add the lang object at FcConfigSubstituteWithPat() only when kind is FcMatchPattern
Bug 50525 - superfluous whitespace in the style
Bump libtool revision
doc: Fix distcheck error again...
Generate bzip2-compressed tarball too
Jeremy Huddleston (1):
fcarch: Check for architecture signature at compile time rather than configure time
Keith Packard (3):
Use posix_fadvise to speed startup
Extra ',' in AC_ARG_WITH(arch causes arch to never be autodetected
Deal with architectures where ALIGNOF_DOUBLE < 4
Mark Brand (1):
fix building for WIN32
Mikhail Gusarov (2):
Move FcStat to separate compilation unit
Fix cache aging for fonts on FAT filesystem under Linux
Akira TAGOH (28):
Add charset editing feature.
add some document for range and charset.
Add the range support in blank element
Add editing langset feature.
add some documents
Bug 24744 - No n'ko orthography
Remove the unnecessary comment in ks.orth
Bug 32965 - Asturian (ast-ES) language matching missing ḷḷḥ
Add a missing file
Bug 35517 - Remove Apple Roman cmap support
Bug 40452 - Running 'fc-match --all' core dumps when no fonts are installed
Get rid of the unexpected family name
Bug 44826 - <alias> must contain only a single <family>
Bug 46169 - Pointer error in FcConfigGlobMatch
Do not update stream->pos when seeking is failed.
Bug 27385 - lcdfilter settings for freetype-2.3.12 not available in fontconfig-2.8.0
Add brx.orth and sat.orth
Bug 41694 - FcCache functions have random-number-generator side effects
Bug 23336 - unable to display bitmap-only (SFNT) TrueType or OpenType
Check null value for given object to avoid possibly segfaulting
Bug 19128 - Handling whitespace in aliases
Fix distcheck error
Update the version info
Update to detect the uncommited changes properly
Fix a build issue
Fix a build fail on some environment
Fix a build fail on some environment.
Get rid of $< from
Alan Coopersmith (1):
Fix compiler warnings
Behdad Esfahbod (54):
[fc-cache] Document -r argument in man page
[doc] Fix typo
Bug 25508 configure assumes bash > 2.0 is on system
Add note about to INSTALL
Fix doc typo
More doc typo fixes
Bug 18886 installation crashes if fontconfig already installed
Bug 26157 Solaris/Sun C 5.8: compilation of 2.8.0 and 2.7.3 fails
Bug 25152 Don't sleep(2) if all caches were uptodate
Don't include unistd.h in fontconfig.h
More whitespace
Remove all training whitespaces
Fix comment
Add fc-pattern cmdline tool
Bug 29338 - fc-pattern.sgml, open para tag
Add comments
Bug 29995 - fc-cat does not invoke FcFini()
Add new public API: FcCharSetDelChar()
[fc-lang] Support excluding characters
Bug 24729 - [ne_NP] Fix ortho file
Add more copyright owners
Cleanup copyright notices to replace "Keith Packard" with "the author(s)"
Fix returned value
Bug 28958 - lang=en matches other langs
Make most generated-files cross-compiling-safe
Make fc-arch stuff cross-compiling-safe
Bump version
Allow editing charset and lang in target="scan"
Add <range> support for <blank> into the DTD
Skip <range> elements with begin > end
Doc nit
Fix assertion failure on le32d4
Update CaseFolding.txt to Unicode 6.0
Remove --enable-maintainer-mode from
Bug 20113 - Uighur (ug) orthography incomplete
Bug 30566 - fcformat.c:interpret_enumerate() passes uninitialized idx to FcPatternGetLangSet()
Mark constant strings as constant
More doc typo fixes
Always define FcStat as a function
Fix warning
Bug 35587 - Add padding to make valgrind and glibc not hate each other
[.gitignore] Update
Bug 36577 - Updating cache with no-bitmaps disables bitmap fonts...
Bug 26718 - "fc-match sans file" doesn't work
Switch fc-match to use FcPatternFormat()
Switch fc-cat to use FcPatternFormat()
Fix stupid bug in FcFontSort()
Bug 41171 - Invalid use of memset
Fix parallel build
Add FcPublic to FcLangSetUnion and FcLangSetSubtract
Brad Hards (1):
Documentation fixes
Jeremy Huddleston (2):
fontconfig.pc: Add variables for confdir and cachedir Add sysconfdir, localstatedir, and PACKAGE
Jinkyu Yi (1):
Bug 42423 - make default Korean font from Un to Nanum
MINAMI Hirokazu (1):
Bug 43406 - typo of Japanese font name in conf.d/65-nonlatin.conf
Mike Frysinger (9):
FcStrPlus: optimize a little
delete unused variables
FcStat: change to FcChar8 for first arg
fc-cat: fix pointer warning
FcName{,Get}Constant: constify string input
fc-{list,match}: constify format string
fix build warnings when using --with-arch
FcObjectValidType: tweak -1 checking
makealias: handle missing funcs better
Parag Nemade (2):
Bug 25651 - Add ortho file for locale brx_IN
Bug 25650 - Add ortho file for locale sat_IN
Pravin Satpute (4):
Bug 27195 - need updates to ks.orth file
Bug 43321 - Required corrections in urdu.orth file
Bug 25653 - Add ortho file for locale doi_IN
Bug 25652 - Add ortho file for locale mni_IN
Behdad Esfahbod (24):
Clarify default confdir and cachedir better.
Move FcAlign to fcint.h
[fc-arch] Add FcAlign to arch signature
[int] Define MIN/MAX/ABS macros
Bump cache version up from 2 to 3 and fix FcLangSet caching/crash
Remove unused macros
[int] Remove fc_storage_type() in favor of direct access to v->type
[int] Remove fc_value_* macros that did nothing other than renaming
Enable automake silent rules
[int] Remove more unused macros
[xml] Remove unused code
[arch] Try to ensure proper FcLangSet alignment in arch
[lang] Fix serializing LangSet from older versions
Make sure fclang.h and fcarch.h are built
Remove bogus comment
[fc-glyphname] Cleanup
[src] Create fcglyphname.h automatically
[fc-glyphname] Rename internal arrays to prefix with _fc_
Clean up Makefile's a bit
[fc-glyphname] Remove Adobe glyphlist
[fc-case] Update CaseFolding.txt to Unicode 5.2.0
[fc-arch] Beautify the arch template
[fc-arch] Rename architecture names to better reflect what they are
Bump libtool revision in preparation for release
Behdad Esfahbod (2):
Use default config in FcFileScan() and FcDirScan()
Bump libtool version in preparation for release
Roozbeh Pournader (2):
Correct Ewe (ee) orthography to use U+025B (bug #20711)
Updated Arabic, Persian, and Urdu orthographies
Behdad Esfahbod (6):
Improve charset printing
[ja.orth] Comment out FULLWIDTH YEN SIGN (#22942)
Bug 22037 - No Fonts installed on a default install on Windows Server 2003
Bug 23419 - "contains" expression seems not working on the fontconfig rule
Revert "Fix FcNameUnparseLangSet()" and redo it
Bump libtool version for release
Tor Lillqvist (3):
Fix MinGW compilation
Fix heap corruption on Windows in FcEndElement()
Use multi-byte codepage aware string function on Windows
Behdad Esfahbod (16):
git-tag -s again
Fix win32 build
Replace spaces with tabs in conf files
Remove unused ftglue code
Add Inconsolata to monospace config (#22710)
Fix leak with string VStack objects
Improve libtool version parsing (#22122)
Use GetSystemWindowsDirectory() instead of GetWindowsDirectory() (#22037)
Remove unused macros
Fix FcNameUnparseLangSet()
Fix doc syntax (#22902)
TT_MS_ID_UCS_4 is really UTF-16BE, not UTF-32
[doc] Add ~/fonts.conf.d to user docs
Hardcode /etc/fonts instead of @CONFDIR@ in docs (#22911)
Bump libtool versions that 2.7.0 (I forgot to do back then)
Update .gitignore
Karl Tomlinson (1):
Don't change the order of names unnecessarily (#20128)
Alexey Khoroshilov (1):
Use human-readable file names in the docs (bug #16278)
Behdad Esfahbod (119):
Avoid C99ism in Win32 code (#16651)
[doc] Fix inaccuracy in FcFontRenderPrepare docs (#16985)
When canonizing filenames, squash // and remove final / (#bug 16286)
Add orth file for Maithili mai.orth (#15821)
Replace RCS Id tags with the file name
[doc] Fix signatures of FcPatternGetFTFace and FcPatternGetLangSet (#16272)
Update Thai default families (#16223)
Add ~/.fonts.conf.d to default config (#17100)
[fc-match] Fix list of getopt options in --help
Update man pages
Add fc-query (#13019)
Implement fc-list --verbose (#13015)
[doc] Add const decorator for FcPatternDuplicate()
Add FcPatternFilter() (#13016)
[doc] Document that a zero rescanInterval disables automatic checks (#17103)
Get rid of $Id$ tags
[doc] Fix signature of FcConfigHome()
Fix docs re 'orig' argument of FcPatternBuild and family
Update sr.orth to actul subset of Cyrillic used by Serbian (#17208)
Add Sindhi .orth file. (#17140)
Add WenQuanYi fonts to default conf (#17262, from Mandriva)
Handle -h and --help according to GNU Coding Standards (#17104)
Document when config can be NULL (#17105)
Add FcConfigReference() (#17124)
Document how to free return value of FcNameUnparse()
Don't leak FcValues string loaded through fcxml.c (#17661)
Don't call FcPatternGetCharSet in FcSortWalk unless we need to (#17361)
Fix two more doc typos
[.gitignore] Update
Cleanup symlinks in "make uninstall" (bug #18885)
[fccache] Consistently use FcStat() over stat() (bug #18195)
Consistently use FcStat() over stat() in all places
Use __builtin_popcount() when available (bug #17592)
Fix compile with old FreeType that doesn't have FT_Select_Size() (bug #17498)
Implement fc-list --quiet ala grep (bug #17141)
[65-fonts-persian.conf] Set foundry in target=scan instead of target=font
Don't use identifier named complex
Explicitly chmod() directories (bug #18934)
Remove special-casing of FC_FILE in FcPatternPrint()
[.gitignore] Update
Implement FcPatternFormat and use it in cmdline tools (bug #17107)
Fix comparison of family names to ignore leading space properly
[fcmatch.c] Fix debug formatting
[fcmatch] Use larger multipliers to enforce order
[fcmatch] When matching, reserve score 0 for when elements don't exist
[fcmatch] Move FcFontSetMatch() functionality into FcFontSetMatchInternal()
[doc] Note that fontset returned by FcConfigGetFonts should not be modified
Make FcCharSetMerge() public
Don't use FcCharSetCopy in FcCharSetMerge
Oops. Fix usage output.
Revive FcConfigScan() (bug #17121)
Add fc-scan too that runs FcFileScan/FcDirScan
Oops, fix FcPatternFilter
[fc-match] Accept list of elements like fc-list (bug #13017)
Cleanup all manpage.* files
[fcmatch] Fix crash when no fonts are available.
[fcfreetype] Fix typo in GB2312 encoding name string (#19845)
Add ICONV_LIBS to (#19606)
[win32] Fix usage of GetFullPathName()
[win32] Expand "APPSHAREFONTDIR" to ../share/fonts relative to binary location
[win32] Do not remove leading '\\' such that network paths work
[fccache] Make sure the cache is current when reusing from open caches
Update Sinhala orthography (#19288)
[cache] After writing cache to file, update the internal copy to reflect this
Further update Sinhala orthography (#19288)
[fcformat] Add support for width modifiers
[fcformat] Refactor and restructure code for upcoming changes
[fcformat] Add support for subexpressions
[fcformat] Add element filtering and deletion
[fcformat] Add conditionals
[fcformat] Add simple converters
[fcformat] Implement 'cescape', 'shescape', and 'xmlescape' converters
[FcStrBuf] better handle malloc failure
[fcformat] Add value-count syntax
[fcformat] Implement 'delete', 'escape', and 'translate' filter functions
[fcformat] Start adding builtins
[fcformat] Refactor code to avoid malloc
[fcformat] Add support for builtin formats
[fcformat] Support indexing simple tags
[fcformat] Support 'default value' for simple tags
[fcformat] Implement array enumeration
[fclang] Implement FcLangSetGetLangs() (#18846)
[fcformat] Enumerate langsets like we do arrays of values
[fcformat] Add a 'pkgkit' builtin that prints tags for font packages
[fcformat] Add list of undocumented language features
[fc-lang] Continue parsing after an "include" (#20179)
Fix Fanti (fat) orth file (#20390)
Fix Makefile's to not create target file in case of failure
[fcstr.c] Embed a static 64-byte buffer in FcStrBuf
[fcstr,fcxml] Don't copy FcStrBuf contents when we would free it soon
[fcxml] Don't allocate attr array if there are no attributes
[fcxml] Embed 8 static FcPStack objects in FcConfigParse
[fcxml] Embed 64 static FcVStack objects in FcConfigParse
[fcxml.c] Embed a static 64-byte attr buffer in FcPStack
Call git tools using "git cmd" instead of "git-cmd" syntax
Replace 'KEITH PACKARD' with 'THE AUTHOR(S)' in license text in all files
[fcformat] Fix default-value handling
Document FcPatternFormat() format
[] Don't clean ChangeLog in distclean
Revert "[conf] Disable hinting when emboldening (#19904)" (#20599)
[fc-lang] Fix bug in country map generation
[fcstr] Remove unused variable
[fc-lang] Make LangSet representation in the cache files stable
[fc-cache] Remove obsolete sentence from man page
Detect TrueType Collections by checking the font data header
Mark matchers array const (#21935)
Use/prefer WWS family/style (name table id 21/22)
Simplify FcValueSave() semantics
Add XXX note about Unicode Plane 16
Always set *changed in FcCharsetMerge
[charset] Grow internal FcCharset arrays exponentially
Remove unused prototypes and function
[xml] Centralize FcExpr allocation
[xml] Mark more symbols static
[xml] Allocate FcExpr's in a pool in FcConfig
[xml] Intern more strings
Bug 22154 -- fontconfig.pc doesn't include libxml2 link flags
Fix distcheck
Remove keithp's GPG key id
Benjamin Close (1):
Remove build manpage logfile if it exists
Chris Wilson (1):
Reduce number of allocations during FcSortWalk().
Dan Nicholson (1):
Let make expand fc_cachedir/FC_CACHEDIR (bug #18675)
Harald Fernengel (1):
Don't use variables named 'bool' (bug #18851)
Harshula Jayasuriya (1):
Fix Sinhala coverage (bug #19288)
Karl Tomlinson (1):
Change FcCharSetMerge API
Mike FABIAN (1):
[conf] Disable hinting when emboldening (#19904)
Peter (1):
Make sure alias files are built first (bug 16464)
Rahul Bhalerao (1):
Add config for new Indic fonts (bug #17856)
Roozbeh Pournader (60):
Correct Sindhi orthography to use Arabic script (bug #17140)
Remove Sinhala characters not in modern use (bug #19288)
Add Filipino orth, alias Tagalog to Filipino (bug #19846)
Split Mongolian orth to Mongolia and China (bug #19847)
Fix doubly encoded UTF-8 in comments (bug #19848)
Change Turkmen orth from Cyrillic to Latin (bug #19849)
Rename Venda from "ven" to "ve" (bug #19852)
Rename "ku" to "ku_am", add "ku_iq" (bug #19853).
Add Kashubian (csb) orth file (bug #19866)
Add Malay (ms) orthography (bug #19867)
Add Kinyarwanda (rw) orthography (bug #19868)
Add Upper Sorbian (hsb) orthography (bug #19870)
Add Berber orthographies in Latin and Tifinagh scripts (bug #19881)
Renamed az to az_az (bug #19889)
Rename Igbo from "ibo" to "ig" (bug #19892)
Remove punctuation symbols from Asturian orthography (bug #19893)
Add Chhattisgarhi (hne) orthography (bug #19891)
Use newly added Cyrillic letters for Kurdish (bug #20049)
Add Kurdish in Turkey (ku_tr) orthography (bug #19891)
Add Aragonese (an) orthography (bug #19891)
Add Haitian Creole (ht) orthography (bug #19891)
Ad Ganda (lg) orthography (bug #19891)
Add Limburgan (li) orthography (bug #19891)
Add Sardinian (sc) orthography (bug #19891)
Add Sidamo (sid) and Wolaitta (wal) orthographies (bug #19891)
Fix Bengali (bn) and Assamese (as) orthographies (bug #22924)
Remove Euro Sign from all orthographies (bug #19865)
Add Ottoman Turkish (ota) orthography (bug #20114)
Divide Panjabi (pa) to that of Pakistan and India (bug #19890)
Add Blin (byn) orthography (bug #19891)
Add Papiamento (pap_aw, pap_an) orthographies (bug #19891)
Add Crimean Tatar (crh) orthography (bug #19891)
Switch Uzbek (uz) orthography to Latin (bug #19851)
Update Azerbaijani in Latin (az_az) to present usage (bug #20173)
Rename Avaric orthography from 'ava' to 'av' (bug #20174)
Rename Bambara orthography from 'bam' to 'bm' (bug #20175)
Rename Fulah orthography from 'ful' to 'ff' (bug #20177)
Change Kashmiri (ks) orthography to Arabic script (bug #20200)
Tighten Central Khmer (km) orthography (bug #20202)
Remove digits and symbols from some Indic orthographies (bug #20204)
Add Divehi (dv) orthography (bug #20207)
Extend Crimean Tatar (crh) orthography (bug #19891)
Update Serbo-Croatian (sh) orthography (bug #20368)
Add Ewe (ee) orthography (bug #20386)
Add Herero (hz) orthograhy (bug #20387)
Add Akan (ak) and Fanti (fat) orthographies (bug #20390)
Added Quechua (qu) orthography (bug #20392)
Add Sango (sg) orthography (bug #20393)
Add Tahitian (ty) orthography (bug #20391)
Add Navajo (nv) orthography (bug #20395)
Add Rundi (rn) orthography (bug #20398)
Add Zhuang (za) orthography (bug #20399)
Add orthographies for Oshiwambo languages (bug #20401)
Add Shona (sn) orthography (bug #20394)
Add Sichuan Yi (ii) orthography (bug #20402)
Add Javanese (jv) orthography (bug #20403)
Add Nauru (na) orthography (bug #20418)
Add Kanuri (kr) orthography (bug #20438)
Add Sundanese (su) orthography (bug #20440)
Reorganize Panjabi/Punjabi and Lahnda orthographies (bug #19890)
Serge van den Boom (1):
Correctly handle mmap() failure (#21062)
2.5.93 (2.6 RC3)
Alexey Khoroshilov (1):
Fix FcStrDirname documentation. (bug 16068)
Behdad Esfahbod (1):
Persian conf update. (bug 16066).
Evgeniy Stepanov (1):
Fix index/offset for 'decorative' matcher. Bug 15890.
Glen Low (1):
Fix Win32 build error: install tries to run fc-cache locally (bug 15928).
Keith Packard (8):
Call FcFini to make memory debugging easier
Fix a few memory tracking mistakes.
Add extended, caps, dunhill style mappings.
Freetype 2.3.5 (2007-jul-02) fixes indic font hinting. re-enable (bug 15822)
Add a copy of dolt.m4 to acinclude.m4.
Libs.private needs freetype libraries
Oops. Fix for bug 15928 used wrong path for installed fc-cache.
Ignore empty <dir></dir> elements
Neskie Manuel (1):
Add Secwepemctsin Orthography. Bug 15996.
Sayamindu Dasgupta (1):
FcConfigUptoDate breaks if directory mtime is in the future. Bug 14424.
2.5.92 (2.6 RC2)
Carlo Bramini (1):
Add FreeType-dependent functions to fontconfig.def file. (bug 15415)
Changwoo Ryu (1):
Korean font in the default config - replacing baekmuk with un (bug 13569)
Dennis Schridde (1):
Proper config path for static libraries in win32
Eric Anholt (1):
Fix build with !ENABLE_DOCS and no built manpages.
Frederic Crozat (1):
Merge some of Mandriva configuration into upstream configuration. Bug 13247
Keith Packard (11):
Use DOLT if available
Work around for bitmap-only TrueType fonts that are missing the glyf table.
Remove size and dpi values from bitmap fonts. Bug 8765.
Add some sample cursive and fantasy families.
Add --all flag to fc-match to show the untrimmed list. Bug 13018.
Remove doltcompile in distclean
Use of ":=" in src/ is unportable (bug 14420)
Make fc-match behave better when style is unknown (bug 15332)
Deal with libtool 2.2 which doesn't let us use LT_ variables. (bug 15692)
Allow for RC versions in README update
git ignore doltcompile
Ryan Schmidt (1):
fontconfig build fails if "head" is missing or unusable (bug 14304)
Sylvain Pasche (1):
Fontconfig options for freetype sub-pixel filter configuration
2.5.91 (2.6 RC1)
Hongbo Zhao (1):
Not_contain should use strstr, not strcmp on strings. (bug 13632)
Keith Packard (11):
Move conf.avail/README to conf.d/README (bug 13392)
Fix OOM failure case in FcPStackPush.
Remove freetype requirement for build-time applications.
Include fcftaliastail.h so that the freetype funcs are exported.
Eliminate references to freetype from utility's
Distribute new fcftint.h file
Create to help with releases, update INSTALL instructions
Distribute khmer font aliases
Add more files to .gitignore was mis-editing files
git-tag requires space after -m flag
Keith Packard (4):
Document several function return values (Bug 13145).
Document that Match calls FcFontRenderPrepare (bug 13162).
Document that FcConfigGetFonts returns the internal fontset (bug 13197)
Revert "Remove fcprivate.h, move the remaining macros to fcint.h."
Tor Lillqvist (1):
Workaround for stat() brokenness in Microsoft's C library (bug 8526)
2.4.92 (2.5 RC2)
Behdad Esfahbod (14):
Make fc-match --sort call FcFontRenderPrepare.
Port fonts-persian.conf to new alias syntax with binding="same"
Fix trivial bugs in edit-sgml.c
Add FcGetLangs() and FcLangGetCharSet().
Add/update config files from Fedora.
Split 40-generic.conf into 40-nonlatin.conf and 45-latin.conf
Use binding="same" in 30-urw-aliases.conf and remove duplicate entries.
Remove redundant/obsolete comments from conf files.
Remove 20-lohit-gujarati.conf. It's covered by 25-unhint-nonlatin.conf now.
Oops, fix
Remove 25-unhint-nonlatin.conf from default configuration by not linking it.
Fix documented conf-file naming format in README
Remove list of available conf files from README.
Simplify/improve 30-metric-aliases.conf
Keith Packard (25):
Also check configDirs mtimes in FcConfigUptoDate
Respect "binding" attribute in <alias> entries.
Correct documentation for FcAtomicLock (Bug 12947).
Remove fcprivate.h, move the remaining macros to fcint.h.
Correct documentation for FcConfigUptoDate (bug 12948).
Document skipping of fonts from FcFileScan/FcDirScan.
Make file_stat argument to FcDirCacheLoadFile optional.
Clean up exported names in fontconfig.h.
Track line numbers in sgml edit tool input.
Typo error in function name: Inverval -> interval
Don't check cache file time stamps when cleaning cache dir.
Use FcLangDifferentTerritory instead of FcLangDifferentCountry.
Verify documentation covers exposed symbols.
Document previously undocumented functions. (bug 12963)
Update documentation for FcStrCopyFilename (bug 12964).
Update documentation for stale FcConfigGetConfig function.
Have FcConfigSetCurrent accept the current configuration and simply return
Remove references to FcConfigParse and FcConfigLoad.
Replace incorrect documentation uses of 'char' with 'FcChar8' (bug 13002).
Fix formatting syntax in doc/fccache.fncs
Generate fccache.sgml, fcdircache.sgml and fclangset.sgml.
Formatting syntax mistake in doc/fclangset.fncs.
Link new function documentation into the fontconfig-devel.sgml
Ignore new generated documentation
Export FcConfig{G,S}etRescanInverval from .so, mark as deprecated.
2.4.91 (2.5 RC1)
Behdad Esfahbod (1):
Update CaseFolding.txt to Unicode 5.1.0
Dwayne Bailey (1):
Add/fix *.orth files for South African languages
Hideki Yamane (1):
Handle Japanese fonts better. (debian bug #435971)
Keith Packard (32):
rehash increment could be zero, causing rehash infinite loop.
Work around FreeType bug when glyph name buffer is too small.
Free temporary string in FcDirCacheUnlink (Bug #11758)
Fix ChangeLog generation to avoid circular make dependency
Store font directory mtime in cache file.
Comment about mmaping cache files was misleading.
Make FC_FULLNAME include all fullname entries, elide nothing. [bug 12827]
Remove unneeded call to access(2) in fc-cache.
Improve verbose messages from fc-cache.
Verbose message about cleaning directories was imprecise
Don't use X_OK bit when checking for writable directories (bug 12438)
Have fc-cache remove invalid cache files from cache directories.
FcConfigParseAndLoad doc was missing the last param.
Place language name in constant array instead of pointer.
Must not insert cache into hash table before completely validating.
Eliminate relocations for glyph name table.
Eliminate relocations from FcCodePageRange structure (bug 10982).
Leave generated headers out of distribution (bug 12734).
Move <cachedir> elements to the end of fonts.conf.
Add BRAILLE PATTERN BLANK to list of blank glyphs.
Replace makealias pattern with something supported by POSIX grep (bug 11083)
FcInit should return FcFalse when FcInitLoadConfigAndFonts fails. (bug 10976)
There is no U+1257 (bug 10899).
Spelling errors in documentation. (bug 10879).
Oops. Left debugging printf in previous commit.
Handle UltraBlack weight.
Fix parallel build in fontconfig/docs (bug 10481).
Distribute man source files for command line programs (bug 9678).
Ensure weight/slant values present even when style is supplied (bug 9313).
fontconfig needs configure option to use gnu iconv (bug 4083).
Match 'ultra' on word boundaries to detect ultra bold fonts. (bug 2511)
Build fix for Solaris 10 with GCC.
Mike FABIAN (1):
Avoid crashes if config files contain junk.
Stephan Kulow (1):
Make FcPatternDuplicate copy the binding instead of always using Strong.
Tilman Sauerbeck (2):
Store FcNoticeFoundries in read-only memory.
Store FcVendorFoundries in read-only memory.
Han-Wen Nienhuys:
FcStrCanonFileName buggy for mingw. (bug 8311)
More fixes for Win32 building (bug 8311)
Kean Johnston:
Don't use varargs CPP macros in fccache.c. (bug 8733)
Keith Packard:
Remove documentation for non-existant FcConfigNormalizeFontDir.
Build fontconfig.def from header files when needed.
Detect and use available random number generator (bug 8308)
Add sparc64 architecture string.
FcStrCanonAbsoluteFilename should be static.
Use explicit platform/nameid order when scanning ttf files.
Warn (and recover) from config file without <cachedir> elements.
Avoid writing uninitialized structure pad bytes to cache files.
Fix grep pattern in makealias to work on non-Gnu grep (bug 8368).
Add FcFreeTypeQueryFace external API. Bug #7311.
Segfault scanning non-font files. Disallow scan edit of user vars. (#8767)
Add space between type and formal in devel man pages (bug 8935)
Do not clean cache files for different architectures
Peter Breitenlohner:
A VPATH build of fontconfig-2.4.1 fails for various reasons. Bug 8933.
Use <literal> instead of <sgmltag> when documenting fonts.conf. Bug 8935.
Fix fc-cat documentation (bug 8935).
Keith Packard:
Update installation notes for 2.4 base.
Add ppc64 signature. Bug 8227
Add signatures for m68k and mipsel (thanks debian buildd)
Add warning flags to fc-cache build. Clean up warnings in fc-cache.
Reimplement FcConfigAppFontAddDir; function was lost in 2.4.0.
David Turner:
Replace character discovery loop with simpler, faster version.
James Cloos:
Move files from conf.d to conf.avail
Standardize conf.avail number prefixing convention
Support all five possibilities for sub-pixel
Move user and local conf file loading into conf.avail files
Number the remaining conf.avail files
Update to match conf.avail changes
Replace load of conf.d in
Make room for chunks from fonts.conf in conf.avail
Re-order old conf.d files
Move some section from fonts.conf into conf.avail files
Update files
Make conf.avail and conf.d work
Keith Packard:
Create fc_cachedir at install time. Bug 8157.
Reference patterns in FcCacheCopySet.
Replace gnu-specific sed command with simple grep.
Attempt to fix makealias usage for build on Mac OS X.
Accept locale environment variables that do not contain territory.
Merge branch 'jhcloos'
Insert newly created caches into reference data structure.
Add XML headers to new conf files. Move link make commands to conf.avail dir
Rename conf.avail to conf.d
Fix conf.d directory sorting.
Include cachedir in fonts.dtd.
Don't display tests for DESTDIR on make install.
Split much of the configuration into separate files. Renumber files
Carl Worth:
Rename FcPatternThawAll to FcPatternFini.
Add a configuration file that disables hinting for the Lohit Gujarati font
Keith Packard:
Various GCC 4 cleanups for signed vs unsigned char
Finish INSTALL changes. .gitignore ChangeLog
Merge branch 'fc-2_4_branch' to master
Remove all .cvsignore files
Hide private functions in shared library. Export functionality for utilities.
Hide FreeType glue code from library ABI.
Can't typecheck values for objects with no known type.
Leave cache files mapped permanently.
Reference count cache objects.
Make cache reference counting more efficient.
Oops, fc-lang broke when I added cache referencing.
Correct reference count when sharing cache file objects.
Eliminate .so PLT entries for local symbols. (thanks to Arjan van de Ven)
Update architecture signatures for x86-64 and ppc.
Parallel build fix for fcalias.h and fcaliastail.h
Charset hashing depended on uniqueness of leaves.
Patrick Lam:
file was initially added on branch fc-2_4_branch.
Modify config file to use Greek fonts before Asian fonts with Greek glyphs.
Use libtool -no-undefined flag on all platforms.
file ftglue.c was initially added on branch fc-2_4_branch.
2005-11-23 Frederic Crozat <>: reviewed by: plam
file 10-fonts-persian.conf was initially added on branch fc-2_4_branch.
Sort directory entries while scanning them from disk; prevents Heisenbugs
file ln.orth was initially added on branch fc-2_4_branch.
Fix typos in orth files. Reported by Denis Jacquerye.
On Windows, unlink before rename. Reported by Tim Evans.
file fc-match.sgml was initially added on branch fc-2_4_branch.
Keith Packard:
Make path names in cache files absolute (NB, cache format change) Stop
Eliminate pattern freezing
Add .gitignore
Construct short architecture name from architecture signature.
Write caches to first directory with permission. Valid cache in FcDirCacheOpen.
Eliminate NormalizeDir. Eliminate gratuitous stat/access calls per dir.
Add architecture to cache filename.
Eliminate global cache. Eliminate multi-arch cache code.
Fix up fc-cache and fc-cat for no global cache changes.
Eliminate ./ and ../ elements from font directory names when scanning.
Regenerate x86 line in fcarch.tmpl.h to match change in cache data.
Add x86-64 architecture and signature.
During test run, remove cache directory to avoid stale cache usage.
Add ppc architecture
Revert to original FcFontSetMatch algorithm to avoid losing fonts.
Rework cache files to use offsets for all data structures.
Fix build problems caused by cache rework.
FcCharSetSerialize was using wrong offset for leaves. Make fc-cat work.
Rework Object name database to unify typechecking and object lookup.
Skip broken caches. Cache files are auto-written, don't rewrite in fc-cache.
Fix fc-cat again. Sigh.
Use intptr_t instead of off_t inside FcCache structure.
Serialized value lists were only including one value.
Automatically remove invalid cache files.
With no args, fc-cat now dumps all directories.
Revert ABI changes from version 2.3
Change $(pkgcachedir) to $(fc_cachedir) in fc-cat and fc-cache
Allow FcTypeLangSet to match either FcTypeLangSet or FcTypeString.
Remove stale architecture signatures.
Pass directory information around in FcCache structure. Freeze charsets.
Fix fc-lang to use new charset freezer API.
Fontset pattern references are relative to fontset, not array.
Add some ignores
Only rebuild caches for system fonts at make install time.
Fix memory leaks in fc-cache directory cleaning code.
Add @EXPAT_LIBS@ to Libs.private in fontconfig.pc (bug 7683)
Avoid #warning directives on non-GCC compilers. (bug 7683)
Chinese/Macau needs the Hong Kong orthography instead of Taiwan (bug 7884)
Add Assamese orthography (as.orth). Bug #8050
Really only rebuild caches for system fonts at make install time.
Fonts matching lang not territory should satisfy sort pattern lang.
Prefer Bitstream Vera to DejaVu families.
Guess that mac roman names with lots of high bits are actually SJIS.
Document FC_DEBUG values (bug 6393). Document name \ escape syntax.
Move Free family names to bottom of respective aliases. (bug 7429)
Unify directory canonicalization into FcStrAddFilename.
Allow font caches to contain newer version numbers
Add FcMatchScan to resolve Delicious font matching issues (bug #6769)
Fix missing initialization/destruction of new 'scan' target subst list.
Don't segfault when string values can't be parsed as charsets or langsets.
Using uninitialized (and wrong) variable in FcStrCopyFilename.
Oops; missed the 60-delicious.conf file.
Patrick Lam:
Keith Packard <>
2006-04-27 Paolo Borelli ( reviewed by: plam
2006-05-31 Yong Li ( reviewed by: plam, Bedhad Esfahbod
2006-07-19 Jon Burgess ( reviewed by: plam
2006-08-04 Keith Packard ( reviewed by: plam
Match 'Standard Symbols L' for 'Symbol'. Add URW fonts as aliases for
all of the PostScript fonts. (reported by Miguel Rodriguez). Fix a
number of Coverity defects (Frederic Crozat). Speed up FcFontSort
(fix suggested by Kenichi Handa). Fix error with charsets. Survive
missing docbook2pdf. Compile on HP-UX, AIX, SGI and Windows (Cygwin,
MinGW). Fix intel compiler warnings. Fix multiarch support (don't
destroy multiarch files!) Require pkg-config. (Thanks Behdad; better
solution wanted for libxml2 detection!) Fix typos in orth files and
add orth for Lingala (reported by Denis Jacquerye). Remove debian/
directory. Add a configuration file that disables hinting for the
Lohit Gujarati font (since the hinting distorts some glyphs quite
badly). Sort directory entries while scanning them from disk;
prevents Heisenbugs due to file ordering in a directory (due to Egmont
Koblinger). Fix Wine's problem with finding fonts. (Reported by
Bernhard Rosenkraenzer.) Fix the issues with GNU libiconv vs. libc
iconv (which especially appear on Solarii); patch by Behdad Esfahbod,
approach suggested by Tim Mooney.
fc-cat can take directories as input and creates old-style fonts.cache
fc-cache takes -r --really-force which blows away all old caches and
Robustness fixes, integer overflow fixes (notably to cache handling
code), toast broken global cache files.
Change binary format to make it compatible with static langset
information (thanks to Takashi Iwai).
Open hashed caches before fonts.cache-2 (Takashi Iwai).
Fix FcFontSetMatch's algorithm, which used to unjustly kill fonts for
not declaring certain elements (Takashi Iwai).
Fix matching bug when multiple elements match; don't use
the sum of all scores, but the best score (James Su).
Make fc-lang more friendly to Windows systems.
Remove archaic chars from Georgian charset; add Euro character to
charsets for European languages.
Fix treatment of broken PCF fonts that don't declare family names.
Pass O_BINARY to open if appropriate (reported by Doodle).
Normalize font directories to the form in which they appear in
config files.
Add a record of the cached directory to the cache file.
Perf optimizations (Dirk Mueller; some reported by Michael Meeks.)
Don't loop infinitely on recursive symlinks.
Make 'make distcheck' work with automake 1.6.3.
Replace 'stamp' target with mkinstalldirs.
Don't stop scanning if a directory in fonts.conf doesn't exist,
because subsequent directories might exist.
Put directory names into global cache (reported by Ronny V. Vindenes).
Treat zh-hk fonts differently from zh-tw fonts. This patch may cause
fontconfig to treat A-X fonts differently from A-Y fonts; please mail
the fontconfig list if this causes any problems.
Fix for unaligned memory accesses (Andreas Schwab).
Fix treatment of cache directory as read from cache file; don't use
string equality to determine if we have the right file, use inode
Properly skip past dir caches that contain zero fonts, as occurs
in global caches (reported by Mike Fabian).
Print out full pathname in fc-match -v (reported by Frederic Crozat).
Fix bug where fc-match crashes when given __DUMMY__ property to
match on.
Create cache files in /var/cache/fontconfig with hashed filenames, if
possible, for added FHS compliance.
Make fc-cat read both per-directory and global cache files.
Add config file for Persian fonts from Sharif FarsiWeb, Inc.
Major performance improvements by Dirk Mueller, Stephen Kulow, and Michael Matz at SuSE: in particular, speed up FcFontSetMatch, and inline many functions.
Fix treatment of globs in config files, broken since 2.3.2 and discovered by Mathias Clasen.
Don't use freetype internal headers (patch by Matthias Clasen).
Further space improvements: create langsets statically, so that they can live in .rodata.
Properly align mmapped data structures to make e.g. ia64 happy.
Bug fixes.
Fix corrupted caches bugs from 2.3.91 (reported by Mike Fabian).
Store only basename in the cache, reconstitute on demand
(reported by James Cloos).
Change the rule for artificial emboldening in This
enables the support for artificial emboldening included in cairo
(patch by Zhe Su).
Add FC_EMBEDDED_BITMAP object type to tell Xft/Cairo whether
to load embedded bitmaps or not (patch by Jinghua Luo).
Fix GCC4 warnings (some by Behdad Esfahbod).
Support localized font family and style names; this has been reported
to break old apps like xfd, but modern (gtk+/qt/mozilla) apps work
fine (patch by Zhe Su).
Prevent fc-list from escaping strings when printing them (reported by
Matthias Clasen).
Add valist sentinel markup for FcObjectSetBuild and
FcPatternBuild (patch by Marcus Meissner).
Add consts to variables so as to move arrays into .rodata (patch by
Ross Burton).
Modify config file to use Greek fonts before Asian fonts with
Greek glyphs. (patch by Simos Xenitellis).
Use libtool -no-undefined flag on all platforms (patch by Christian
Use libxml2 if requested or if expat not available. (Mathias Hasselmann)
Fix multi-arch cache files: compute the position for the
block to be added using info from OrigFile, not NewFile. (plam)
Cast results of sizeof() to unsigned int to get rid of
warnings on x86_64 (reported by Matthias Clasen).
Use FcAtomic to rewrite cache files; don't unlink the fonts.cache-2
file even if there's no data to write; just write an empty cache file.
(Reported by Lubos Lunak)
Allocate room for the subdirectory names in each directory cache.
(Reported by James Cloos)
Development release of mmap patch: load pattern information
directly from cache files. (Patrick Lam)
Patch memory leaks in using iconv. (Reported by Chris Capoccia)
Patch memory leaks in fc-cache. (Reported by Chris Capoccia)
Fetch bitmap glyphs to get widths during font evaluation. (keithp)
Share strings through FcObjectStaticName (Ross Burton)
Windows build updates (Tor Lillqvist)
Be more careful about broken GSUB/GPOS tables (Manish Singh)
Include debian packaging stuff in CVS (Josselin Mouette)
Add more conf.d examples (Keith Packard)
Make manuals build again (Keith Packard)
Johap -> Johab (Funda Wang)
Fix memory leak of patterns rejected by configuration (#2518)
Create prototype /etc/fonts/conf.d directory and populate it with a few
sample files. These samples are unused as the file names don't start with
Update documentation.
Verify cache for FC_FILE and FC_FAMILY in every entry (#2219)
Update blanks list from recent Unicode docs (#86)
Various small build fixes (#280, #2278,
Documentation fixes (#2085, #2284, #2285)
Add polite typechecking to config file loader (#229)
Share object name strings (Michael Meeks)
Eliminate a couple of codepoints from Russian orthography (John Thacker)
Add synthetic emboldening configuration changes (Jakub Pavelek)
Change FcFontSetSort to ignore language after fonts with the requested
languages have been found. (Owen Taylor)
Add some RedHat font configuration changes (Owen Tayler).
Add full Unicode case folding support to case-ignoring string functions
(Keith Packard)
Remove Han characters from Korean orthography (Tor Andersson)
Fc-cache sleeps before exiting to ensure filesystem timestamps are well
Added Punjai orthography.
The timestamp in fonts.conf is gone now. Too many problems.
The default font path includes all of the X fonts; use selectfont/rejectfont
to eliminate bitmaps, as shown in the sample local.conf file.
<include> configuration elements may now reference a directory. Files
in that directory matching [0-9]* are loaded in UTF-8 collating sequence order.
<selectfont> configuration added to control which fonts are used.
fontformat font pattern elements built from the FT_Get_X11_Font_Format
function in newer versions of FreeType.
'capability' list constructed from gsub/gpos and silf values in TrueType
Multi-lingual names (style, family, fullname) extracted and stored with
parallel <foo>lang properties marking language.
Fix FcConfigUpToDate to actually check all font directories and eliminate
a typo which completely prevented it from working (Lubos Lunak
Remove comma at end of FcResult enum definition for picky compilers.
Add FcResultOutOfMemory so FcFontSetMatch can return accurate error.
Replace MIN/MAX/ABS macros which happened to be in old FreeType releases
with FC_MIN/FC_MAX/FC_ABS macros owned by fontconfig.
The 2.2.93 release was prepared with a broken libtool which created
the shared library without the '.so' in the file names.
This is the third prerelease of fontconfig 2.3. Significant changes from
2.2.92 are:
o Use new FreeType #include syntax
o use y_ppem field instead of 'height' in bitmap sizes rec -
FreeType changed the semantics. Still uses height for
older versions of FreeType
o Don't construct program manuals unless docbook is available
o make distcheck work
o Switch to SGML manuals
o Add FC_DUAL width spacing value
o Add FcFini to close out fontconfig and release all memory
This is the third public release of fontconfig, a font configuration and
customization library. Fontconfig is designed to locate fonts within the
system and select them according to requirements specified by applications.
Fontconfig is not a rasterization library, nor does it impose a particular
rasterization library on the application. The X-specific library
'Xft' uses fontconfig along with freetype to specify and rasterize fonts.
Keith Packard