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2020-10-19 Roll ANGLE from b4fb7cc9ec8f to 2be35682cd67 (25 revisions)

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Test: Test: Test: Free Fire MECTest: Test: GLES31/functional_android_extension_pack_extensions_ext_texture_srgb_decodeTest: Test: GLES31/functional_debug_negative_coverage_*_srgb_decode_*Test: Test: GLES31/functional_state_query_sampler_*_srgb_decode_*Test: Test: GLES31/functional_state_query_texture_*_srgb_decode_*Test: Test: PUBG MECTest: Test: angle_end2end_testsTest: Test: angle_end2end_tests --gtest_filter=SRGBTextureTest.*Vulkan*Test: Test: dEQP.GLES31/functional_srgb_texture_decode_skip_decode_*
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