Roll ANGLE from 5d15e9c65433 to 2aa52da7e4c3 (14 revisions)

2022-09-25 Metal: Upload IOSurface data with staging buffers on AMD
2022-09-24 Roll Chromium from a63c34f9ead3 to c4be4c7e0a43 (867 revisions)
2022-09-24 Log additional info when "failed to record some samples"
2022-09-24 Roll third_party/jsoncpp.
2022-09-24 GLES1/Vulkan: Enable GL_EXT_multisample_compatibility
2022-09-24 GLES1: Move lighting to vertex shader
2022-09-24 Vulkan: Add missing part for supporting GBM Platform type
2022-09-24 GLES1: Fix material color update when COLOR_MATERIAL
2022-09-24 Add driverApiVersion in GPUDeviceInfo
2022-09-23 EGL: Implement eglCopyMetalSharedEventANGLE
2022-09-23 Roll vulkan-deps from c9e298759959 to 9af2b2b2ef97 (1 revision)
2022-09-23 Tests: Add Eve Echoes trace
2022-09-23 Roll SwiftShader from bd8f8a8fc544 to 0dd58092b204 (1 revision)
2022-09-23 Automatically query status of features for tests

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Test: Test: angle_end2end_tests --gtest_filter=EGLSyncTestMetalSharedEvent.*
Test: Test: angle_perftests --gtest_filter="*eve_echoes*"
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