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* Copyright 2011 Google Inc.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef SkAAClip_DEFINED
#define SkAAClip_DEFINED
#include "SkBlitter.h"
#include "SkRegion.h"
class SkAAClip {
SkAAClip(const SkAAClip&);
SkAAClip& operator=(const SkAAClip&);
friend bool operator==(const SkAAClip&, const SkAAClip&);
friend bool operator!=(const SkAAClip& a, const SkAAClip& b) {
return !(a == b);
void swap(SkAAClip&);
bool isEmpty() const { return NULL == fRunHead; }
const SkIRect& getBounds() const { return fBounds; }
// Returns true iff the clip is not empty, and is just a hard-edged rect (no partial alpha).
// If true, getBounds() can be used in place of this clip.
bool isRect() const;
bool setEmpty();
bool setRect(const SkIRect&);
bool setRect(const SkRect&, bool doAA = true);
bool setPath(const SkPath&, const SkRegion* clip = NULL, bool doAA = true);
bool setRegion(const SkRegion&);
bool set(const SkAAClip&);
bool op(const SkAAClip&, const SkAAClip&, SkRegion::Op);
// Helpers for op()
bool op(const SkIRect&, SkRegion::Op);
bool op(const SkRect&, SkRegion::Op, bool doAA);
bool op(const SkAAClip&, SkRegion::Op);
bool translate(int dx, int dy, SkAAClip* dst) const;
bool translate(int dx, int dy) {
return this->translate(dx, dy, this);
* Allocates a mask the size of the aaclip, and expands its data into
* the mask, using kA8_Format
void copyToMask(SkMask*) const;
// called internally
bool quickContains(int left, int top, int right, int bottom) const;
bool quickContains(const SkIRect& r) const {
return this->quickContains(r.fLeft, r.fTop, r.fRight, r.fBottom);
const uint8_t* findRow(int y, int* lastYForRow = NULL) const;
const uint8_t* findX(const uint8_t data[], int x, int* initialCount = NULL) const;
class Iter;
struct RunHead;
struct YOffset;
class Builder;
#ifdef SK_DEBUG
void validate() const;
void debug(bool compress_y=false) const;
void validate() const {}
void debug(bool compress_y=false) const {}
SkIRect fBounds;
RunHead* fRunHead;
void freeRuns();
bool trimBounds();
bool trimTopBottom();
bool trimLeftRight();
friend class Builder;
class BuilderBlitter;
friend class BuilderBlitter;
class SkAAClipBlitter : public SkBlitter {
SkAAClipBlitter() : fScanlineScratch(NULL) {}
virtual ~SkAAClipBlitter();
void init(SkBlitter* blitter, const SkAAClip* aaclip) {
SkASSERT(aaclip && !aaclip->isEmpty());
fBlitter = blitter;
fAAClip = aaclip;
fAAClipBounds = aaclip->getBounds();
virtual void blitH(int x, int y, int width) SK_OVERRIDE;
virtual void blitAntiH(int x, int y, const SkAlpha[],
const int16_t runs[]) SK_OVERRIDE;
virtual void blitV(int x, int y, int height, SkAlpha alpha) SK_OVERRIDE;
virtual void blitRect(int x, int y, int width, int height) SK_OVERRIDE;
virtual void blitMask(const SkMask&, const SkIRect& clip) SK_OVERRIDE;
virtual const SkBitmap* justAnOpaqueColor(uint32_t* value) SK_OVERRIDE;
SkBlitter* fBlitter;
const SkAAClip* fAAClip;
SkIRect fAAClipBounds;
// point into fScanlineScratch
int16_t* fRuns;
SkAlpha* fAA;
enum {
kSize = 32 * 32
SkAutoSMalloc<kSize> fGrayMaskScratch; // used for blitMask
void* fScanlineScratch; // enough for a mask at 32bit, or runs+aa
void ensureRunsAndAA();