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* Copyright 2013 Google Inc.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#include "SkFontConfigInterface.h"
#include "SkFontHost_FreeType_common.h"
#include "SkStream.h"
#include "SkTypefaceCache.h"
class SkFontDescriptor;
class FontConfigTypeface : public SkTypeface_FreeType {
SkFontConfigInterface::FontIdentity fIdentity;
SkString fFamilyName;
SkStream* fLocalStream;
static FontConfigTypeface* Create(Style style,
const SkFontConfigInterface::FontIdentity& fi,
const SkString& familyName) {
return SkNEW_ARGS(FontConfigTypeface, (style, fi, familyName));
static FontConfigTypeface* Create(Style style, bool fixedWidth, SkStream* localStream) {
return SkNEW_ARGS(FontConfigTypeface, (style, fixedWidth, localStream));
virtual ~FontConfigTypeface() {
const SkFontConfigInterface::FontIdentity& getIdentity() const {
return fIdentity;
const char* getFamilyName() const { return fFamilyName.c_str(); }
SkStream* getLocalStream() const { return fLocalStream; }
bool isFamilyName(const char* name) const {
return fFamilyName.equals(name);
static SkTypeface* LegacyCreateTypeface(const SkTypeface* family,
const char familyName[],
friend class SkFontHost; // hack until we can make public versions
FontConfigTypeface(Style style,
const SkFontConfigInterface::FontIdentity& fi,
const SkString& familyName)
: INHERITED(style, SkTypefaceCache::NewFontID(), false)
, fIdentity(fi)
, fFamilyName(familyName)
, fLocalStream(NULL) {}
FontConfigTypeface(Style style, bool fixedWidth, SkStream* localStream)
: INHERITED(style, SkTypefaceCache::NewFontID(), fixedWidth) {
// we default to empty fFamilyName and fIdentity
fLocalStream = localStream;
virtual void onGetFontDescriptor(SkFontDescriptor*, bool*) const SK_OVERRIDE;
virtual SkStream* onOpenStream(int* ttcIndex) const SK_OVERRIDE;
typedef SkTypeface_FreeType INHERITED;