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* Copyright 2012 Google Inc.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef SkPathOpsQuad_DEFINED
#define SkPathOpsQuad_DEFINED
#include "SkPathOpsPoint.h"
struct SkDQuadPair {
const SkDQuad& first() const { return (const SkDQuad&) pts[0]; }
const SkDQuad& second() const { return (const SkDQuad&) pts[2]; }
SkDPoint pts[5];
struct SkDQuad {
SkDPoint fPts[3];
SkDQuad flip() const {
SkDQuad result = {{fPts[2], fPts[1], fPts[0]}};
return result;
void set(const SkPoint pts[3]) {
fPts[0] = pts[0];
fPts[1] = pts[1];
fPts[2] = pts[2];
const SkDPoint& operator[](int n) const { SkASSERT(n >= 0 && n < 3); return fPts[n]; }
SkDPoint& operator[](int n) { SkASSERT(n >= 0 && n < 3); return fPts[n]; }
static int AddValidTs(double s[], int realRoots, double* t);
void align(int endIndex, SkDPoint* dstPt) const;
SkDQuadPair chopAt(double t) const;
SkDVector dxdyAtT(double t) const;
static int FindExtrema(double a, double b, double c, double tValue[1]);
bool isLinear(int startIndex, int endIndex) const;
bool monotonicInY() const;
double nearestT(const SkDPoint&) const;
bool pointInHull(const SkDPoint&) const;
SkDPoint ptAtT(double t) const;
static int RootsReal(double A, double B, double C, double t[2]);
static int RootsValidT(const double A, const double B, const double C, double s[2]);
static void SetABC(const double* quad, double* a, double* b, double* c);
SkDQuad subDivide(double t1, double t2) const;
static SkDQuad SubDivide(const SkPoint a[3], double t1, double t2) {
SkDQuad quad;
return quad.subDivide(t1, t2);
SkDPoint subDivide(const SkDPoint& a, const SkDPoint& c, double t1, double t2) const;
static SkDPoint SubDivide(const SkPoint pts[3], const SkDPoint& a, const SkDPoint& c,
double t1, double t2) {
SkDQuad quad;
return quad.subDivide(a, c, t1, t2);
SkDCubic toCubic() const;
SkDPoint top(double startT, double endT) const;
// utilities callable by the user from the debugger when the implementation code is linked in
void dump() const;
void dumpComma(const char*) const;
// static double Tangent(const double* quadratic, double t); // uncalled