CanvasKit version 0.31.0
Roll ANGLE from ae3f67ab4a3a to d27552f21f4e (10 revisions)

2021-11-16 Re-land: "Vulkan: Allow SystemInfo to pick ICD."
2021-11-16 Vulkan: SPIR-V Gen: Don't generate names for constants
2021-11-15 infra: Fix UBSAN build.
2021-11-15 Declare "role/configs.validator" binding.
2021-11-15 Roll Chromium from 06cb60827cd5 to 426f5c560740 (142 revisions)
2021-11-15 infra: Add Linux UBSAN/TSAN configs.
2021-11-15 infra: Add ASAN tests to CQ.
2021-11-15 Roll SwiftShader from 82d932bdfc41 to 6885768e737f (14 revisions)
2021-11-15 Roll vulkan-deps from 22e40c170f29 to 712bb5b10bcf (52 revisions)
2021-11-15 Roll Chromium from 6d25c1889eb7 to 06cb60827cd5 (1371 revisions)

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