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* Copyright 2012 Google Inc.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef SkImagePriv_DEFINED
#define SkImagePriv_DEFINED
#include "SkImage.h"
#include "SkSurface.h"
// Call this if you explicitly want to use/share this pixelRef in the image
extern sk_sp<SkImage> SkMakeImageFromPixelRef(const SkImageInfo&, SkPixelRef*,
const SkIPoint& pixelRefOrigin,
size_t rowBytes);
* Examines the bitmap to decide if it can share the existing pixelRef, or
* if it needs to make a deep-copy of the pixels.
* The bitmap's pixelref will be shared if either the bitmap is marked as
* immutable, or forceSharePixelRef is true. Shared pixel refs are also
* locked when kLocked_SharedPixelRefMode is specified.
* Passing kLocked_SharedPixelRefMode allows the image's peekPixels() method
* to succeed, but it will force any lazy decodes/generators to execute if
* they exist on the pixelref.
* It is illegal to call this with a texture-backed bitmap.
* If the bitmap's colortype cannot be converted into a corresponding
* SkImageInfo, or the bitmap's pixels cannot be accessed, this will return
* nullptr.
enum ForceCopyMode {
kYes_ForceCopyMode, // must copy the pixels even if the bitmap is immutable
extern sk_sp<SkImage> SkMakeImageFromRasterBitmap(const SkBitmap&,
ForceCopyMode = kNo_ForceCopyMode);
// Given an image created from SkNewImageFromBitmap, return its pixelref. This
// may be called to see if the surface and the image share the same pixelref,
// in which case the surface may need to perform a copy-on-write.
extern const SkPixelRef* SkBitmapImageGetPixelRef(const SkImage* rasterImage);
// When a texture is shared by a surface and an image its budgeted status is that of the
// surface. This function is used when the surface makes a new texture for itself in order
// for the orphaned image to determine whether the original texture counts against the
// budget or not.
extern void SkTextureImageApplyBudgetedDecision(SkImage* textureImage);
// Update the texture wrapped by an image created with NewTexture. This
// is called when a surface and image share the same GrTexture and the
// surface needs to perform a copy-on-write
extern void SkTextureImageSetTexture(SkImage* image, GrTexture* texture);
GrTexture* GrDeepCopyTexture(GrTexture* src, SkBudgeted);