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* Copyright 2010 Google Inc.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef SkStrikeCache_DEFINED
#define SkStrikeCache_DEFINED
#include <unordered_map>
#include <unordered_set>
#include "SkDescriptor.h"
#include "SkSpinlock.h"
#include "SkTemplates.h"
class SkGlyphCache;
class SkTraceMemoryDump;
#define SK_DEFAULT_FONT_CACHE_LIMIT (2 * 1024 * 1024)
class SkStrikePinner {
virtual ~SkStrikePinner() = default;
virtual bool canDelete() = 0;
class SkStrikeCache {
struct Node;
SkStrikeCache() = default;
class ExclusiveStrikePtr {
explicit ExclusiveStrikePtr(Node*);
ExclusiveStrikePtr(const ExclusiveStrikePtr&) = delete;
ExclusiveStrikePtr& operator = (const ExclusiveStrikePtr&) = delete;
ExclusiveStrikePtr& operator = (ExclusiveStrikePtr&&);
SkGlyphCache* get() const;
SkGlyphCache* operator -> () const;
SkGlyphCache& operator * () const;
explicit operator bool () const;
friend bool operator == (const ExclusiveStrikePtr&, const ExclusiveStrikePtr&);
friend bool operator == (const ExclusiveStrikePtr&, decltype(nullptr));
friend bool operator == (decltype(nullptr), const ExclusiveStrikePtr&);
Node* fNode;
static ExclusiveStrikePtr FindStrikeExclusive(const SkDescriptor&);
static bool DesperationSearchForImage(const SkDescriptor& desc,
SkGlyph* glyph,
SkGlyphCache* targetCache);
static bool DesperationSearchForPath(
const SkDescriptor& desc, SkGlyphID glyphID, SkPath* path);
static ExclusiveStrikePtr CreateStrikeExclusive(
const SkDescriptor& desc,
std::unique_ptr<SkScalerContext> scaler,
SkPaint::FontMetrics* maybeMetrics = nullptr,
std::unique_ptr<SkStrikePinner> = nullptr);
static ExclusiveStrikePtr FindOrCreateStrikeExclusive(
const SkDescriptor& desc,
const SkScalerContextEffects& effects,
const SkTypeface& typeface);
static ExclusiveStrikePtr FindOrCreateStrikeExclusive(
const SkPaint& paint,
const SkSurfaceProps* surfaceProps,
SkScalerContextFlags scalerContextFlags,
const SkMatrix* deviceMatrix);
static ExclusiveStrikePtr FindOrCreateStrikeExclusive(const SkPaint& paint);
static std::unique_ptr<SkScalerContext> CreateScalerContext(
const SkDescriptor&, const SkScalerContextEffects&, const SkTypeface&);
static void PurgeAll();
static void Validate();
static void Dump();
// Dump memory usage statistics of all the attaches caches in the process using the
// SkTraceMemoryDump interface.
static void DumpMemoryStatistics(SkTraceMemoryDump* dump);
// call when a glyphcache is available for caching (i.e. not in use)
void attachNode(Node* node);
ExclusiveStrikePtr findStrikeExclusive(const SkDescriptor&);
// Routines to find suitable data when working in a remote cache situation. These are
// suitable as substitutes for similar calls in SkScalerContext.
bool desperationSearchForImage(const SkDescriptor& desc,
SkGlyph* glyph,
SkGlyphCache* targetCache);
bool desperationSearchForPath(const SkDescriptor& desc, SkGlyphID glyphID, SkPath* path);
void purgeAll(); // does not change budget
int getCacheCountLimit() const;
int setCacheCountLimit(int limit);
int getCacheCountUsed() const;
size_t getCacheSizeLimit() const;
size_t setCacheSizeLimit(size_t limit);
size_t getTotalMemoryUsed() const;
int getCachePointSizeLimit() const;
int setCachePointSizeLimit(int limit);
#ifdef SK_DEBUG
void validate() const;
void validate() const {}
static void Attach(Node* node);
// The following methods can only be called when mutex is already held.
Node* internalGetHead() const { return fHead; }
Node* internalGetTail() const { return fTail; }
void internalDetachCache(Node*);
void internalAttachToHead(Node*);
// Checkout budgets, modulated by the specified min-bytes-needed-to-purge,
// and attempt to purge caches to match.
// Returns number of bytes freed.
size_t internalPurge(size_t minBytesNeeded = 0);
void forEachStrike(std::function<void(const SkGlyphCache&)> visitor) const;
mutable SkSpinlock fLock;
Node* fHead{nullptr};
Node* fTail{nullptr};
size_t fTotalMemoryUsed{0};
size_t fCacheSizeLimit{SK_DEFAULT_FONT_CACHE_LIMIT};
int32_t fCacheCount{0};
using SkExclusiveStrikePtr = SkStrikeCache::ExclusiveStrikePtr;
#endif // SkStrikeCache_DEFINED