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* Copyright 2019 Google Inc.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#include "src/gpu/ganesh/dawn/GrDawnProgramDataManager.h"
#include "src/gpu/ganesh/dawn/GrDawnGpu.h"
GrDawnProgramDataManager::GrDawnProgramDataManager(const UniformInfoArray& uniforms,
uint32_t uniformBufferSize)
: GrUniformDataManager(
// Dawn uses a std140-like layout for uniform data which requires certain types to
// have an alignment of 16. This layout will often involve padding to be inserted
// at the end of data last uniform entry as described in
// Dawn enforces buffers to appropriately sized to accommodate such padding, even
// if it involves trailing bytes that will never get written or read. We make sure
// that the buffers we bind for uniforms abide by this validation rule.
SkAlignTo(uniformBufferSize, 16)) {
memset(fUniformData.get(), 0, uniformBufferSize);
// We must add uniforms in same order is the UniformInfoArray so that UniformHandles already
// owned by other objects will still match up here.
int i = 0;
for (const auto& uniformInfo : uniforms.items()) {
Uniform& uniform = fUniforms[i];
uniform.fArrayCount = uniformInfo.fVariable.getArrayCount();
uniform.fType = uniformInfo.fVariable.getType();
uniform.fOffset = uniformInfo.fUBOOffset;
static wgpu::BindGroupEntry make_bind_group_entry(uint32_t binding, const wgpu::Buffer& buffer,
uint32_t offset, uint32_t size) {
wgpu::BindGroupEntry result;
result.binding = binding;
result.buffer = buffer;
result.offset = offset;
result.size = size;
result.sampler = nullptr;
result.textureView = nullptr;
return result;
wgpu::BindGroup GrDawnProgramDataManager::uploadUniformBuffers(GrDawnGpu* gpu,
wgpu::BindGroupLayout layout) {
if (fUniformsDirty && 0 != fUniformSize) {
std::vector<wgpu::BindGroupEntry> bindings;
GrDawnRingBuffer::Slice slice;
slice = gpu->allocateUniformRingBufferSlice(fUniformSize);
gpu->queue().WriteBuffer(slice.fBuffer, slice.fOffset, fUniformData.get(), fUniformSize);
slice.fBuffer, slice.fOffset,
wgpu::BindGroupDescriptor descriptor;
descriptor.layout = layout;
descriptor.entryCount = bindings.size();
descriptor.entries =;
fBindGroup = gpu->device().CreateBindGroup(&descriptor);
fUniformsDirty = false;
return fBindGroup;