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Skia Release Notes

This directory contains release notes for the upcoming milestone.

All Markdown (*.md) files in this directory are treated as release notes - except this file ( As part of the release process, the contents of these files will be inserted into, and these files will be deleted.

The release branch tool, which automatically does this aggregation, is described more thoroughly in

Markdown Support

Notes are free to use nearly all of the Markdown language. However, because they will be inserted into a larger release note file, certain guidelines should be followed.

  1. Do not reference any local files in the relnotes directory.

    So nothing like ![Tooltip](image.png).

    References to URLs are allowed.

  2. Do not use headings. Milestones in the top level release notes file ( use a single heading per milestone.

  3. Do not use start your note with an asterisk or other leading marks. These are automatically inserted by the script.

  4. Horizontal rules will automatically be inserted between milestones when the release notes are generated