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* Copyright 2006 The Android Open Source Project
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef SkBitmapProcShader_DEFINED
#define SkBitmapProcShader_DEFINED
#include "src/core/SkImagePriv.h"
#include "src/shaders/SkShaderBase.h"
class SkImage_Base;
class SkBitmapProcLegacyShader : public SkShaderBase {
friend class SkImageShader;
static Context* MakeContext(const SkShaderBase&, SkTileMode tmx, SkTileMode tmy,
const SkImage_Base*, const ContextRec&, SkArenaAlloc* alloc);
typedef SkShaderBase INHERITED;