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Skia Graphics Release Notes
This file includes a list of high level updates for each milestone release.
* * *
Milestone 86
* Adds default flush() calls to SkSurface, SkImage, and GrContext. These calls do
a basic flush without a submit. If you haven't updated Skia in a couple release
and still have flush() calls in your code that you expect to do a flush and
submit, you should update all those to the previously added flushAndSubmit() calls
* Enable BackendSemaphores for the Direct3D backend.
* Added SkImage:asyncRescaleAndReadPixels and SkImage::asyncRescaleAndReadPixelsYUV420
* * *
Milestone 85
* Added GrContext::oomed() which reports whether Skia has seen a GL_OUT_OF_MEMORY
error from Open GL [ES] or VK_ERROR_OUT_OF_*_MEMORY from Vulkan.
* Add option on SkSurface::flush to pass in a GrBackendSurfaceMutableState which
we will set the gpu backend surface to be at the end of the flush.
* Add GrContext function to set mutable state on a backend surface. Currently this
is only used for setting vulkan VkImage layout and queue family.
* SkSurface factores that take GrBackendTexture or GrBackendRenderTarget now always
call the release proc (if provided) on failure. SkSurface::replaceBackendTexture
also calls the release proc on failure.
* SkSurface::asyncRescaleAndReadPixels and SkSurfaceasyncRescaleAndReadPixelsYUV420
now require explicit GrContext submit to guarantee finite time before callback
is invoked.
* Add VkSharingMode field to GrVkImageInfo.
* Move SkBitmapRegionDecoder into client_utils/android.
* SkCanvas.clear and SkCanvas.drawColor now accept SkColor4f in addition to SkColor.
* Remove SkSurface::MakeFromBackendTextureAsRenderTarget.
This factory existed to work around issues with GL_TEXTURE_RECTANGLE that existed
in Chrome's command buffer. Those issues have since been resolved. Use
SkSurface::MakeFromBackendTexutre or SkSurface::MakeFromBackendRenderTarget instead.
* Adds submittedProc callback to GrFlushInfo which will be called when the work
from the flush call is submitted to the GPU. This is specifically useful for knowing
when semahpores sent with the flush have been submitted and can be waiting on.
* GrContext submit is now required to be called in order to send GPU work to the
actual GPU. The flush calls simply produces 3D API specific objects that are ready
to be submitted (e.g. command buffers). For the GL backend, the flush will still
send commands to the driver. However, clients should still assume the must call
submit which is where any glFlush that is need for sync objects will be called. There,
are flushAndSubmit() functions of GrContext, SkSurface, and SkImage that will act
like the previous flush() functions. This will flush the work and immediately call
* Remove deprecated version of flush calls on GrContext and SkSurface.
* SkCanvas::drawVertices and drawPatch now support mapping an SkShader without explicit
texture coordinates. If they're not supplied, the local positions (vertex position or
patch cubic positions) will be directly used to sample the SkShader.
* * *
Milestone 84
* Add api on GrContext, updateBackendTexture that will upload new data to a
* Add GrContext getter to SkSurface.
* Deprecate GrContext and SkSurface flush() call and replace ith with flushAndSubmit().
This only effects the default flush call that takes no parameters.
* GrContext::createBackendTexture functions that initialize the texture no longer
guarantee that all the data has been uploaded and the gpu is done with the texture.
Instead the client can assume the upload work has been submitted to the gpu and they
must wait for that work to finish before deleting the texture. This can be done via
their own synchronization or by passing in a finish proc into the create calls which
will be called when it is safe to delete the texture (at least in terms of work
done during the create).
* Remove unused SkMaskFilter helpers: compbine, compose
Note: shadermaskfilter will likely be removed next (clipShader should serve)
* Add back SkCanvas::kPreserveLCDText_SaveLayerFlag to indicate that saveLayer()
will preserve LCD-text. All text in the layer must be drawn on opaque background
to ensure correct rendering.
* Add the new directory client_utils/ for code that is specific to a single client and
should be considered separate from Skia proper. Move SkFrontBufferedStream into the
subdir android/.
* SkBitmap and SkPixmap's erase() methods now treat their color parameters
consistently with the rest of Skia, with all SkColors and any untagged
SkColor4fs interpreted as sRGB, not as a color in the bitmap's color space.
SkPixmap::erase(SkColor4f) now takes an SkColorSpace, so you can pass
pixmap.colorSpace() if you want the old behavior.
* SkCamera.h and SkMatrix44.h are DEPRECATED.
Use SkM44 if you want to have 3d transformations.
* Changed Dilate and Erode image filters to take SkScalar for radius instead of int. While
the image filters themselves are defined in terms of discrete pixels, the radii provided by
the user are mapped through the CTM so taking ints forced over discretization. After mapping
through the CTM the radii are now rounded to pixels.
* Updated the contract of GrContext and SkSurface flush calls in regards to semaphores. Made it
clear that the caller is responsible for deleting any initialized semaphores after the flush
call regardless if we were able to submit them or not. Also, allows skia to only submit a
subset of the requested semaphores if we failed to create some.
* SkCanvas::drawVertices will now always fill the triangles specified by the vertices. Previously,
vertices with no colors and no (texture coordinates or shader) would be drawn in wireframe.
* * *
Milestone 83
* Remove localmatrix option from SkShaders::[Blend, Lerp]
* Fill out Direct3D parameters for backend textures and backend rendertargets.
* SkImage::makeTextureImage() takes an optional SkBudgeted param
* Made non-GL builds of GPU backend more robust.
* MoltenVK support removed. Use Metal backend instead.
* * *
Milestone 82
* Removed drawBitmap and related functions from SkDevice; all public drawBitmap functions on
SkCanvas automatically wrap the bitmap in an SkImage and call the equivalent drawImage function.
Drawing mutable SkBitmaps will now incur a mandatory copy. Switch to using SkImage directly or
mark the bitmap as immutable before drawing.
* Removed "volatile" flag from SkVertices. All SkVertices objects are assumed to be
volatile (the previous default behavior).
* Removed exotic legacy bitmap functions from SkCanvas (drawBitmapLattic, drawBitmapNine); the
exotic SkImage functions still exist.
* Make it possible to selectively turn on/off individual encoders/decoders,
using skia_use_(libpng/libjpeg_turbo/libwebp)(decode/encode).
* Removed GrGpuResource, GrSurface, and GrTexture from public api. These were not
meant to be public, and we now can move them into src. Also removed getTexture
function from SkImage.h
* Removed Bones from SkVertices
* Added a field to GrContextOptions that controls whether GL errors are checked after
GL calls that allocate textures, etc. It also controls checking for shader compile
success, and program linking success.
* Made SkDeferredDisplayList.h officially part of the public API (i.e., moved it to
include/core). Also added a ProgramIterator to SkDeferredDisplayList which allows
clients to pre-compile some of the shaders the DDL requires.
* Added two new helper methods to SkSurfaceCharacterization: createBackendFormat and
createFBO0. These make it easier for clients to create new surface characterizations that
differ only a little from an existing surface characterization.
* Removed SkTMax and SkTMin.
* Removed SkTClamp and SkClampMax.
* Removed SkScalarClampMax and SkScalarPin.
* Removed SkMax32 and SkMin32.
* Removed SkMaxScalar and SkMinScalar.
* SkColorSetA now warns if the result is unused.
* An SkImageInfo with a null SkColorSpace passed to SkCodec::getPixels() and
related calls is treated as a request to do no color correction at decode
* Add new APIs to add attributes to document structure node when
creating a tagged PDF.
* Remove CGFontRef parameter from SkCreateTypefaceFromCTFont.
Use CTFontManagerCreateFontDescriptorFromData instead of
CGFontCreateWithDataProvider to create CTFonts to avoid memory use issues.
* Added SkCodec:: and SkAndroidCodec::getICCProfile for reporting the native
ICC profile of an encoded image, even if it doesn't map to an SkColorSpace.
* SkSurface::ReplaceBackendTexture takes ContentChangeMode as a parameter,
which allow callers to specify whether retain a copy of the current content.
* Enforce the existing documentation in SkCanvas::saveLayer that it ignores
any mask filter on the restore SkPaint. The 'coverage' of a layer is
ill-defined, and masking should be handled by pre-clipping or using the
auxiliary clip mask image of the SaveLayerRec.
* * *
Milestone 81
* Added support for GL_NV_fence extension.
* Make SkImageInfo::validRowBytes require rowBytes to be pixel aligned. This
makes SkBitmap match the behavior of raster SkSurfaces in rejecting
non-aligned rowBytes.
* Added an SkImage::MakeRasterFromCompressed entry point. Also updated
SkImage::MakeFromCompressed to decompress the compressed image data if
the GPU doesn't support the specified compression type (i.e., macOS Metal
doesn't support BC1_RGB8_UNORM so such compressed images will always be
decompressed on that platform).
* Added support for BC1 RGBA compressed textures
* Added CachingHint to SkImage::makeRasterImage
* Added SkAnimatedImage::getCurrentFrame()
* Add support to create an SkSurface from an MTKView, with delayed acquisition of
the MTLDrawable.
Entry point: SkSurface::MakeFromMTKView
* Removed SkIRect::EmptyIRect(). Use SkIRect::MakeEmpty() instead.
* Moved SkRuntimeEffect to public API. This is the new (experimental) interface to custom SkSL
shaders and color filters.
* Added BC1 compressed format support. Metal and Vulkan seem to only support the BC
formats on desktop machines.
* Added compressed format support for backend texture creation API.
This adds the following new entry points:
The latter method comes in variants that allow color-initialized and
compressed texture data initialized.
* Added SkMatrix::MakeTrans(SkIVector)
* * *
Milestone 80
* For Vulkan backend, we now require that the VkDevice, Queue, and Instance outlive
either the destruction or abandoning of the GrContext. Additionally, all
GrBackendTextures created via GrContext::createBackendTexture calls must be deleted
before destroying or abandoning the GrContext.
* Removed SkSize& SkSize::operator=(const SkISize&)
* SkISize width() and height() now constexpr
* Added SkMatrix::MakeTrans(SkVector) and SkRect::makeOffset(SkVector).
* Added SkImageInfo::MakeA8(SkISize) and added optional color space parameter to
* Added dimensions() and getFrameCount() to SkAnimatedImage
* Removed SkMatrix44 version of toXYZD50 from SkColorSpace. Switched to skcms types in
transferFn, invTrasnferFn, and gamutTransformTo functions.
* Removed rotation and YUV support from SkColorMatrix
* Added kBT2020_SkYUVColorSpace. This is BT.2020's YCbCr conversion (non-constant-luminance).
* Remove old async read pixels APIs
* Expose SkBlendModeCoeff and SkBlendMode_AsCoeff for Porter-Duff blend modes.
* * *
Milestone 79
* SkTextBlob::Iter to discover the glyph indices and typefaces in each run
* Added support for PQ and HLG transfer functions to SkColorSpace.
* Added new api on GrContext ComputeImageSize. This replaces the hold static helper
* New versions of SkSurface async-rescale-and read APIs that allow client to extend
the lifetime of the result data. Old versions are deprecated.
* Add SkColorInfo. It's dimensionless SkImageInfo.
* Added SkPixmap-based createBackendTexture method to GrContext. This allows clients to create
backend resources (initialized with texture data) that Skia/Ganesh doesn't know about/track.
* Add explicit src and dst colorspace parameters to SkColorFilter::filterColor4f()
* Remove Vulkan/Metal float32 RGBA texture support
* Add SkSurface::MakeFromCAMetalLayer
* Added kAlpha_F16_SkColorType, kRG_F16_SkColorType and kRGBA_16161616_SkColorType.
This is intended to help support HDR YUV uses case (e.g., P010 and P016). As such,
the addition is focused on allowing creation of SkPixmaps and SkImages and not
SkSurfaces (i.e., who wants to render to render to these?)
* Start to move nested SkPath types (e.g. Direction, Verb) up to root level in SkPathTypes.h
* Remove isRectContour and ksNestedFillRects from public
* Added kRG_88_SkColorType. This is intended to help support YUV uses case (e.g., NV12).
As such, the addition is focused on allowing creation of SkPixmaps and SkImages and not
SkSurfaces (i.e., who wants to render to RG?)
* Make the size of program/pipeline caches configurable via
* Added kAlpha_16_SkColorType and kRG_1616_SkColorType. This is intended to help support HDR YUV
uses case (e.g., P010 and P016). As such, the addition is focused on allowing creation of
SkPixmaps and SkImages and not SkSurfaces (i.e., who wants to render to render to these?)
* Add GrContext::precompileShader to allow up-front compilation of previously-cached shaders.
* * *
Milestone 78
* SkDrawLooper is no longer supported in SkPaint or SkCanvas.
* SkPath::Iter::next() now ignores its consumDegenerates bools. Those will so
go away entirely
* SkImage: new factories: DecodeToRaster, DecodeToTexture
* SkImageFilter API refactor started:
- Provide new factory API in include/effects/SkImageFilters
- Consolidated enum types to use SkTileMode and SkColorChannel
- Hide filter implementation classes
- Hide previously public functions on SkImageFilter that were intended for
internal use only
* SkColorFilters::HSLAMatrix - new matrix color filter operating in HSLA
* Modify GrBackendFormat getters to not return internal pointers. Use an enum
class for GL formats.
* Expose GrContext::dump() when SK_ENABLE_DUMP_GPU is defined.
* Vulkan backend now supports YCbCr sampler for I420 Vulkan images that are
not backed by external images.
* Add SkCodec::SelectionPolicy for distinguishing between decoding a still
image or an image sequence for a container format that has both (e.g. HEIF).
* SkImage::makeTextureImage and SkImage::MakeCrossContextFromPixmap no longer
take an SkColorSpace parameter. It was unused.
* SkImage::reinterpretColorSpace - to reinterpret image contents in a new
color space.
* Removed SkImage::MakeCrossContextFromEncoded.
* Add Metal support for GrFence, GrSemaphore, and GrBackendSemaphore
* SkMallocPixelRef: remove MakeDirect and MakeWithProc from API.
* Remove 4-parameter variant of SkRect::join() and intersect(), and
noemptycheck variants of intersect().
* Remove unused sk_sp comparison operators.
* Add SkColor4f variant to experimental_DrawEdgeAAQuad for SkiaRenderer.
* Deprecated maxCount resource cache limit for Ganesh.
This hasn't been relevant for a long time.
* Changed GrContextOptions' fDisallowGLSLBinaryCaching to fShaderCacheStrategy,
and allow caching SkSL.
* Use GL_QCOM_TILED_RENDERING to explicitly discard stencil
* Added RELEASE_NOTES.txt file
* Implemented internal support for OpenGL tessellation.