SkQP (Skia Quality Program) is a component of the Android CTS (Compatablity Test Suite) that tests an Android device‘s GPU and OpenGLES & Vulkan drivers using Skia’s existing unit & rendering tests.

See for pre-build APKs.

How to build and run the SkQP tests

  1. Get the dependencies:

    • You will need Java JDK 8, git, and python.

    • Install Chromium's depot_tools. Add it to your PATH.

      git clone ''
      export PATH="${PWD}/depot_tools:${PATH}"
    • Install the Android NDK.

      ( cd ~; unzip ~/Downloads/android-ndk-*.zip )
      ANDROID_NDK=$(ls -d ~/android-ndk-*)   # Or wherever you installed the Android NDK.
    • Install the Android SDK. Set the ANDROID_HOME environment variable.

      mkdir ~/android-sdk
      ( cd ~/android-sdk; unzip ~/Downloads/sdk-tools-*.zip )
      yes | ~/android-sdk/tools/bin/sdkmanager --licenses
      export ANDROID_HOME=~/android-sdk  # Or wherever you installed the Android SDK.

      Put adb in your PATH.

      export PATH="${PATH}:${ANDROID_HOME}/platform-tools"
  2. Get the right version of Skia:

    git clone
    cd skia
    git checkout origin/skqp/dev  # or whatever release tag you need
  3. Build the APK:

  4. Build, install, and run.

    adb install -r out/skqp/skqp-universal-debug.apk
    adb logcat -c
    adb shell am instrument -w org.skia.skqp
  5. Monitor the output with:

    adb logcat TestRunner org.skia.skqp skia "*:S"

    Note the test's output path on the device. It will look something like this:

    01-23 15:22:12.688 27158 27173 I org.skia.skqp:
    output written to "/storage/emulated/0/Android/data/org.skia.skqp/files/output"
  6. Retrieve and view the report with:

    adb pull $OUTPUT_LOCATION /tmp/
    bin/sysopen /tmp/output/skqp_report/report.html

Running a single test

To run a single test, for example gles_aarectmodes:

adb shell am instrument -e class 'org.skia.skqp.SkQPRunner#gles_aarectmodes' -w org.skia.skqp

Unit tests can be run with the unitTest_ prefix:

adb shell am instrument -e class 'org.skia.skqp.SkQPRunner#unitTest_GrSurface -w org.skia.skqp

Run as a non-APK executable

  1. Follow steps 1-3 as above.

  2. Build the SkQP program, load files on the device, and run skqp:

    ninja -C out/skqp/arm skqp
    python tools/skqp/run_skqp_exe out/skqp/arm