Bazel Project Exporter

Skia's authoritative build system is moving to Bazel. For users needing to use other build system, this tool will export a subset of the Bazel build targets to other build systems.

This is not meant for any purpose beyond development.

Bazel to CMake

At the root level of the Skia workspace:

bazel build //bazel/exporter_tool
bazel-bin/bazel/exporter_tool/exporter_tool_/exporter_tool -proj_name=Skia -rule='//:skia_public'

This will write to a single CMakeLists.txt file a valid CMake project with targets to build the artifacts covered by the Bazel //:skia_public target and all dependent targets.

Current limitations

  • External dependencies are not supported.
  • Only the //:skia_public rule is supported. Other rules may work.