title: ‘Testing on iOS’ linkTitle: ‘Testing on iOS’

Before setting Skia up for automated testing from the command line, please follow the instructions to run Skia tests (dm, nano-bench) with the mainstream iOS tool chain. See the quick start guide for ios.

iOS doesn't lend itself well to compiling and running from the command line. Below are instructions on how to install a set of tools that make this possible. To see how they are used in automated testing please see the bash scripts used by the buildbot recipes: https://github.com/google/skia/tree/master/platform_tools/ios/bin.


The key tools are

Follow these steps to install them:

  • Install Brew at http://brew.sh/
  • Install libimobiledevice (Note: All these are part of the libimobiledevice project but packaged/developed under different names. The cask extension to brew is necessary to install osxfuse and ifuse, which allows to mount the application directory on an iOS device).
brew install libimobiledevice
brew install ideviceinstaller
brew install caskroom/cask/brew-cask
brew install Caskroom/cask/osxfuse
brew install ifuse
  • Install node.js and ios-deploy
$ brew update
$ brew install node
$ npm install ios-deploy