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* Copyright 2015 Google Inc.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef SkImage_Gpu_DEFINED
#define SkImage_Gpu_DEFINED
#include "include/private/SkSpinlock.h"
#include "src/core/SkImagePriv.h"
#include "src/gpu/GrGpuResourcePriv.h"
#include "src/gpu/GrSurfaceProxyPriv.h"
#include "src/gpu/GrSurfaceProxyView.h"
#include "src/image/SkImage_GpuBase.h"
class GrDirectContext;
class GrRecordingContext;
class GrTexture;
class SkBitmap;
class SkImage_Gpu final : public SkImage_GpuBase {
SkImage_Gpu(sk_sp<GrImageContext>, uint32_t uniqueID, GrSurfaceProxyView, SkColorType,
SkAlphaType, sk_sp<SkColorSpace>);
SkImage_Gpu(sk_sp<GrImageContext> context,
uint32_t uniqueID,
GrSurfaceProxyView view,
SkColorInfo info)
: SkImage_Gpu(std::move(context),
info.refColorSpace()) {}
static sk_sp<SkImage> MakeWithVolatileSrc(sk_sp<GrRecordingContext> rContext,
GrSurfaceProxyView volatileSrc,
SkColorInfo colorInfo);
~SkImage_Gpu() override;
// If this is image is a cached SkSurface snapshot then this method is called by the SkSurface
// before a write to check if the surface must make a copy to avoid modifying the image's
// contents.
bool surfaceMustCopyOnWrite(GrSurfaceProxy* surfaceProxy) const;
bool onHasMipmaps() const override;
GrSemaphoresSubmitted onFlush(GrDirectContext*, const GrFlushInfo&) override;
GrBackendTexture onGetBackendTexture(bool flushPendingGrContextIO,
GrSurfaceOrigin* origin) const final;
bool onIsTextureBacked() const override { return true; }
size_t onTextureSize() const override;
sk_sp<SkImage> onMakeColorTypeAndColorSpace(SkColorType, sk_sp<SkColorSpace>,
GrDirectContext*) const final;
sk_sp<SkImage> onReinterpretColorSpace(sk_sp<SkColorSpace>) const final;
void onAsyncRescaleAndReadPixels(const SkImageInfo&,
const SkIRect& srcRect,
ReadPixelsContext) override;
void onAsyncRescaleAndReadPixelsYUV420(SkYUVColorSpace,
const SkIRect& srcRect,
const SkISize& dstSize,
ReadPixelsContext) override;
void generatingSurfaceIsDeleted() override;
GrSurfaceProxyView volatileSrc,
sk_sp<GrSurfaceProxy> stableCopy,
sk_sp<GrRenderTask> copyTask,
int volatileSrcTargetCount,
std::tuple<GrSurfaceProxyView, GrColorType> onAsView(GrRecordingContext*,
GrImageTexGenPolicy) const override;
GrSurfaceProxyView makeView(GrRecordingContext*) const;
// Thread-safe wrapper around the proxies backing this image. Handles dynamically switching
// from a "volatile" proxy that may be overwritten (by an SkSurface that this image was snapped
// from) to a "stable" proxy that is a copy of the volatile proxy. It allows the image to cancel
// the copy if the stable proxy is never required because the contents of the volatile proxy
// were never mutated by the SkSurface during the image lifetime.
class ProxyChooser {
ProxyChooser(sk_sp<GrSurfaceProxy> stableProxy,
sk_sp<GrSurfaceProxy> volatileProxy,
sk_sp<GrRenderTask> copyTask,
int volatileProxyTargetCount);
ProxyChooser(sk_sp<GrSurfaceProxy> stableProxy);
// Checks if there is a volatile proxy that is safe to use. If so returns it, otherwise
// returns the stable proxy (and drops the volatile one if it exists).
sk_sp<GrSurfaceProxy> chooseProxy(GrRecordingContext* context) SK_EXCLUDES(fLock);
// Call when it is known copy is necessary.
sk_sp<GrSurfaceProxy> switchToStableProxy() SK_EXCLUDES(fLock);
// Call when it is known for sure copy won't be necessary.
sk_sp<GrSurfaceProxy> makeVolatileProxyStable() SK_EXCLUDES(fLock);
bool surfaceMustCopyOnWrite(GrSurfaceProxy* surfaceProxy) const SK_EXCLUDES(fLock);
// Queries that should be independent of which proxy is in use.
size_t gpuMemorySize() const SK_EXCLUDES(fLock);
GrMipmapped mipmapped() const SK_EXCLUDES(fLock);
#ifdef SK_DEBUG
GrBackendFormat backendFormat() SK_EXCLUDES(fLock);
mutable SkSpinlock fLock;
sk_sp<GrSurfaceProxy> fStableProxy SK_GUARDED_BY(fLock);
sk_sp<GrSurfaceProxy> fVolatileProxy SK_GUARDED_BY(fLock);
sk_sp<GrRenderTask> fVolatileToStableCopyTask;
// The number of GrRenderTasks targeting the volatile proxy at creation time. If the
// proxy's target count increases it indicates additional writes and we must switch
// to using the stable copy.
const int fVolatileProxyTargetCount = 0;
mutable ProxyChooser fChooser;
GrSwizzle fSwizzle;
GrSurfaceOrigin fOrigin;
using INHERITED = SkImage_GpuBase;