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* Copyright 2006 The Android Open Source Project
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef SkAnimateBase_DEFINED
#define SkAnimateBase_DEFINED
#include "SkDisplayable.h"
#include "SkMath.h"
#include "SkMemberInfo.h"
#include "SkTypedArray.h"
class SkApply;
class SkDrawable;
class SkAnimateBase : public SkDisplayable {
virtual ~SkAnimateBase();
virtual int components();
virtual SkDisplayable* deepCopy(SkAnimateMaker* );
virtual void dirty();
virtual void dump(SkAnimateMaker* );
int entries() { return fValues.count() / components(); }
virtual bool hasExecute() const;
bool isDynamic() const { return SkToBool(fDynamic); }
virtual SkDisplayable* getParent() const;
virtual bool getProperty(int index, SkScriptValue* value) const;
SkMSec getStart() const { return fStart; }
SkOperand* getValues() { return fValues.begin(); }
SkDisplayTypes getValuesType() { return fValues.getType(); }
virtual void onEndElement(SkAnimateMaker& );
void packARGB(SkScalar [], int count, SkTDOperandArray* );
virtual void refresh(SkAnimateMaker& );
void setChanged(bool changed) { fChanged = changed; }
void setHasEndEvent() { fHasEndEvent = true; }
virtual bool setParent(SkDisplayable* );
virtual bool setProperty(int index, SkScriptValue& value);
void setTarget(SkAnimateMaker& );
virtual bool targetNeedsInitialization() const;
SkMSec begin;
SkTDScalarArray blend;
SkMSec dur;
// !!! make field part of a union with fFieldInfo, or fValues, something known later?
SkString field; // temporary; once target is known, this is reset
SkString formula;
SkString from;
SkString lval;
SkScalar repeat;
SkString target; // temporary; once target is known, this is reset
SkString to;
SkApply* fApply;
const SkMemberInfo* fFieldInfo;
int fFieldOffset;
SkMSec fStart; // corrected time when this apply was enabled
SkDrawable* fTarget;
SkTypedArray fValues;
unsigned fChanged : 1; // true when value referenced by script has changed
unsigned fDelayed : 1; // enabled, but undrawn pending delay
unsigned fDynamic : 1;
unsigned fHasEndEvent : 1;
unsigned fHasValues : 1; // set if 'values' passed instead of 'to'
unsigned fMirror : 1;
unsigned fReset : 1;
unsigned fResetPending : 1;
unsigned fTargetIsScope : 1;
typedef SkDisplayable INHERITED;
friend class SkActive;
friend class SkApply;
friend class SkDisplayList;
#endif // SkAnimateBase_DEFINED