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* Copyright 2016 Google Inc.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#include "include/private/SkSLProgramElement.h"
#include "src/sksl/ir/SkSLBlock.h"
#include "src/sksl/ir/SkSLFunctionDeclaration.h"
namespace SkSL {
struct ASTNode;
* A function definition (a declaration plus an associated block of code).
class FunctionDefinition final : public ProgramElement {
static constexpr Kind kProgramElementKind = Kind::kFunction;
FunctionDefinition(int offset,
const FunctionDeclaration* declaration, bool builtin,
std::unique_ptr<Statement> body,
std::unordered_set<const FunctionDeclaration*> referencedIntrinsics = {})
: INHERITED(offset, kProgramElementKind)
, fDeclaration(declaration)
, fBuiltin(builtin)
, fBody(std::move(body))
, fReferencedIntrinsics(std::move(referencedIntrinsics))
, fSource(nullptr) {}
const FunctionDeclaration& declaration() const {
return *fDeclaration;
bool isBuiltin() const {
return fBuiltin;
std::unique_ptr<Statement>& body() {
return fBody;
const std::unique_ptr<Statement>& body() const {
return fBody;
const std::unordered_set<const FunctionDeclaration*>& referencedIntrinsics() const {
return fReferencedIntrinsics;
const ASTNode* source() const {
return fSource;
void setSource(const ASTNode* source) {
fSource = source;
std::unique_ptr<ProgramElement> clone() const override {
return std::make_unique<FunctionDefinition>(fOffset, &this->declaration(),
/*builtin=*/false, this->body()->clone(),
String description() const override {
return this->declaration().description() + " " + this->body()->description();
const FunctionDeclaration* fDeclaration;
bool fBuiltin;
std::unique_ptr<Statement> fBody;
// We track intrinsic functions we reference so that we can ensure that all of them end up
// copied into the final output.
std::unordered_set<const FunctionDeclaration*> fReferencedIntrinsics;
// This pointer may be null, and even when non-null is not guaranteed to remain valid for
// the entire lifespan of this object. The parse tree's lifespan is normally controlled by
// IRGenerator, so the IRGenerator being destroyed or being used to compile another file
// will invalidate this pointer.
const ASTNode* fSource;
using INHERITED = ProgramElement;
} // namespace SkSL