Revert "Add SkRuntimeBlender class."

This reverts commit 6034941cc28a28a7c9fc79d6cb815fed188cdfb6.

Reason for revert: breaking MSVC build 

Original change's description:
> Add SkRuntimeBlender class.
> This class is returned by SkRuntimeEffect::makeBlender when a runtime
> blend is returned. SkRuntimeBlendBuilder is also added as a convenience
> class to simplify creation and uniform setup.
> Our ability to add tests is limited in this CL because the SkPaint does
> not contain an SkBlender yet. We do have one test which builds an
> SkBlender, but there's not much we can do with it. Testing will be
> bulked up in the next CL.
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> Bug: skia:12080
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