Chromium Command Buffer

It is possible to run Skia‘s correctness tool, dm, and benchmarking tool, nanobench, on top of the GL ES interface provided by Chromium’s command buffer.

The Skia tools are always built with this support. They dynamically load the command buffer as a shared library and thus no GYP/GN flags are required.

The command buffer standalone shared library is built in a Chromium checkout by building the command_buffer_gles2 target. The command buffer should be built with the is_component_build in GN set to false. This will produce a .so, .dylib, or .dll depending on the target OS. This should be copied alongside the dm or nanobench executable built from a Skia repository.

Both tools have a commandbuffer config which can be used with the --config option to the tool and will run the tests or benchmarks using the command buffer library. Unit tests in dm always run on all appropriate and available backends regardless of the --config flag.