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* Copyright 2014 Google Inc.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#include "GrContextOptions.h"
#include "SkCommonFlags.h"
#include "SkExecutor.h"
#include "SkOnce.h"
#include "SkOSFile.h"
#include "SkOSPath.h"
DEFINE_bool(cpu, true, "master switch for running CPU-bound work.");
DEFINE_bool(dryRun, false,
"just print the tests that would be run, without actually running them.");
DEFINE_bool(gpu, true, "master switch for running GPU-bound work.");
DEFINE_string(images, "", "List of images and/or directories to decode. A directory with no images"
" is treated as a fatal error.");
DEFINE_string(colorImages, "", "List of images and/or directories to decode with color correction. "
"A directory with no images is treated as a fatal error.");
DEFINE_bool(simpleCodec, false, "Runs of a subset of the codec tests. "
"For DM, this means no scaling or subsetting, always using the "
"canvas color type. "
"For nanobench, this means always N32, Premul or Opaque.");
DEFINE_string2(match, m, nullptr,
"[~][^]substring[$] [...] of name to run.\n"
"Multiple matches may be separated by spaces.\n"
"~ causes a matching name to always be skipped\n"
"^ requires the start of the name to match\n"
"$ requires the end of the name to match\n"
"^ and $ requires an exact match\n"
"If a name does not match any list entry,\n"
"it is skipped unless some list entry starts with ~");
DEFINE_bool2(quiet, q, false, "if true, don't print status updates.");
DEFINE_bool(preAbandonGpuContext, false, "Test abandoning the GrContext before running the test.");
DEFINE_bool(abandonGpuContext, false, "Test abandoning the GrContext after running each test.");
DEFINE_bool(releaseAndAbandonGpuContext, false,
"Test releasing all gpu resources and abandoning the GrContext after running each "
DEFINE_bool(disableDriverCorrectnessWorkarounds, false, "Disables all GPU driver correctness "
DEFINE_string(skps, "/data/local/tmp/skps", "Directory to read skps from.");
DEFINE_string(jpgs, "/data/local/tmp/resources", "Directory to read jpgs from.");
DEFINE_string(lotties, "/data/local/tmp/lotties", "Directory to read (Bodymovin) jsons from.");
DEFINE_string(nimas, "/data/local/tmp/nimas", "Directory to read NIMA animations from.");
DEFINE_string(skps, "skps", "Directory to read skps from.");
DEFINE_string(jpgs, "jpgs", "Directory to read jpgs from.");
DEFINE_string(lotties, "lotties", "Directory to read (Bodymovin) jsons from.");
DEFINE_string(nimas, "nimas", "Directory to read NIMA animations from.");
DEFINE_int32(skpViewportSize, 1000, "Width & height of the viewport used to crop skp rendering.");
DEFINE_bool(nativeFonts, true, "If true, use native font manager and rendering. "
"If false, fonts will draw as portably as possible.");
DEFINE_string(svgs, "", "Directory to read SVGs from, or a single SVG file.");
DEFINE_int32_2(threads, j, -1, "Run threadsafe tests on a threadpool with this many extra threads, "
"defaulting to one extra thread per core.");
DEFINE_bool2(verbose, v, false, "enable verbose output from the test driver.");
DEFINE_bool2(veryVerbose, V, false, "tell individual tests to be verbose.");
DEFINE_string2(writePath, w, "", "If set, write bitmaps here as .pngs.");
DEFINE_string(key, "",
"Space-separated key/value pairs to add to JSON identifying this builder.");
DEFINE_string(properties, "",
"Space-separated key/value pairs to add to JSON identifying this run.");
DEFINE_bool2(pre_log, p, false, "Log before running each test. May be incomprehensible when threading");
DEFINE_bool(analyticAA, true, "If false, disable analytic anti-aliasing");
DEFINE_bool(forceAnalyticAA, false, "Force analytic anti-aliasing even if the path is complicated: "
"whether it's concave or convex, we consider a path complicated"
"if its number of points is comparable to its resolution.");
DEFINE_bool(deltaAA, false,
"If true, use delta anti-aliasing in suitable cases (it overrides forceAnalyticAA.");
DEFINE_bool(forceDeltaAA, false, "Force delta anti-aliasing for all paths.");
DEFINE_int32(backendTiles, 3, "Number of tiles in the experimental threaded backend.");
DEFINE_int32(backendThreads, 2, "Number of threads in the experimental threaded backend.");
bool CollectImages(SkCommandLineFlags::StringArray images, SkTArray<SkString>* output) {
static const char* const exts[] = {
"bmp", "gif", "jpg", "jpeg", "png", "webp", "ktx", "astc", "wbmp", "ico",
#if !defined(SK_BUILD_FOR_WIN)
"BMP", "GIF", "JPG", "JPEG", "PNG", "WEBP", "KTX", "ASTC", "WBMP", "ICO",
#if !defined(SK_BUILD_FOR_WIN)
"arw", "cr2", "dng", "nef", "nrw", "orf", "raf", "rw2", "pef", "srw",
#if !defined(SK_BUILD_FOR_WIN)
"ARW", "CR2", "DNG", "NEF", "NRW", "ORF", "RAF", "RW2", "PEF", "SRW",
for (int i = 0; i < images.count(); ++i) {
const char* flag = images[i];
if (!sk_exists(flag)) {
SkDebugf("%s does not exist!\n", flag);
return false;
if (sk_isdir(flag)) {
// If the value passed in is a directory, add all the images
bool foundAnImage = false;
for (const char* ext : exts) {
SkOSFile::Iter it(flag, ext);
SkString file;
while ( {
foundAnImage = true;
output->push_back() = SkOSPath::Join(flag, file.c_str());
if (!foundAnImage) {
SkDebugf("No supported images found in %s!\n", flag);
return false;
} else {
// Also add the value if it is a single image
output->push_back() = flag;
return true;
#include "SkCommonFlagsGpu.h"
DEFINE_int32(gpuThreads, 2, "Create this many extra threads to assist with GPU work, "
"including software path rendering. Defaults to two.");
DEFINE_bool(cachePathMasks, true, "Allows path mask textures to be cached in GPU configs.");
DEFINE_bool(noGS, false, "Disables support for geometry shaders.");
DEFINE_string(pr, "all",
"Set of enabled gpu path renderers. Defined as a list of: "
"[~]none [~]dashline [~]nvpr [~]ccpr [~]aahairline [~]aaconvex [~]aalinearizing "
"[~]small [~]tess] [~]all");
DEFINE_bool(disableExplicitAlloc, false, "Disable explicit allocation of GPU resources");
DEFINE_bool(reduceOpListSplitting, false, "Improve opList sorting");
void SetCtxOptionsFromCommonFlags(GrContextOptions* ctxOptions) {
static std::unique_ptr<SkExecutor> gGpuExecutor = (0 != FLAGS_gpuThreads)
? SkExecutor::MakeFIFOThreadPool(FLAGS_gpuThreads) : nullptr;
ctxOptions->fExecutor = gGpuExecutor.get();
ctxOptions->fAllowPathMaskCaching = FLAGS_cachePathMasks;
ctxOptions->fSuppressGeometryShaders = FLAGS_noGS;
ctxOptions->fGpuPathRenderers = CollectGpuPathRenderersFromFlags();
ctxOptions->fDisableDriverCorrectnessWorkarounds = FLAGS_disableDriverCorrectnessWorkarounds;
if (FLAGS_disableExplicitAlloc) {
ctxOptions->fExplicitlyAllocateGPUResources = GrContextOptions::Enable::kNo;
// Can't have sorting enabled when explicit allocation is disabled.
ctxOptions->fSortRenderTargets = GrContextOptions::Enable::kNo;
if (FLAGS_reduceOpListSplitting) {
ctxOptions->fReduceOpListSplitting = GrContextOptions::Enable::kYes;