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Skia Graphics Release Notes
This file includes a list of high level updates for each milestone release.
Milestone 78
* Added RELEASE_NOTES.txt file
* SkDrawLooper is no longer supported in SkPaint or SkCanvas.
* SkPath::Iter::next() now ignores its consumDegenerates bools. Those will so go away entirely
* SkImage: new factories: DecodeToRaster, DecodeToTexture
* SkImageFilter API refactor started:
- Provide new factory API in include/effects/SkImageFilters
- Consolidated enum types to use SkTileMode and SkColorChannel
- Hide filter implementation classes
- Hide previously public functions on SkImageFilter that were intended for internal use only
* SkColorFilters::HSLAMatrix - new matrix color filter operating in HSLA space.
* Modify GrBackendFormat getters to not return internal pointers. Use an enum class for GL formats.
* Expose GrContext::dump() when SK_ENABLE_DUMP_GPU is defined.
* Vulkan backend now supports YCbCr sampler for I420 Vulkan images that are not
backed by external images.
* Add SkCodec::SelectionPolicy for distinguishing between decoding a still image
or an image sequence for a container format that has both (e.g. HEIF).
* SkImage::makeTextureImage and SkImage::MakeCrossContextFromPixmap no longer take an
SkColorSpace parameter. It was unused.
* SkImage::reinterpretColorSpace - to reinterpret image contents in a new color space.
* Removed SkImage::MakeCrossContextFromEncoded.