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* Copyright 2019 Google LLC
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#include "include/core/SkRefCnt.h"
#include "include/gpu/gl/GrGLTypes.h"
#ifndef GrGLTypesPriv_DEFINED
#define GrGLTypesPriv_DEFINED
static constexpr int kGrGLFormatCount = static_cast<int>(GrGLFormat::kLast) + 1;
class GrGLTextureParameters : public SkNVRefCnt<GrGLTextureParameters> {
// We currently consider texture parameters invalid on all textures
// GrContext::resetContext(). We use this type to track whether instances of
// GrGLTextureParameters were updated before or after the most recent resetContext(). At 10
// resets / frame and 60fps a 64bit timestamp will overflow in about a billion years.
// TODO: Require clients to use GrBackendTexture::glTextureParametersModified() to invalidate
// texture parameters and get rid of timestamp checking.
using ResetTimestamp = uint64_t;
// This initializes the params to have an expired timestamp. They'll be considered invalid the
// first time the texture is used unless set() is called.
GrGLTextureParameters() = default;
// This is texture parameter state that is overridden when a non-zero sampler object is bound.
struct SamplerOverriddenState {
void invalidate();
GrGLenum fMinFilter;
GrGLenum fMagFilter;
GrGLenum fWrapS;
GrGLenum fWrapT;
GrGLfloat fMinLOD;
GrGLfloat fMaxLOD;
// We always want the border color to be transparent black, so no need to store 4 floats.
// Just track if it's been invalidated and no longer the default
bool fBorderColorInvalid;
// Texture parameter state that is not overridden by a bound sampler object.
struct NonsamplerState {
void invalidate();
uint32_t fSwizzleKey;
GrGLint fBaseMipMapLevel;
GrGLint fMaxMipMapLevel;
void invalidate();
ResetTimestamp resetTimestamp() const { return fResetTimestamp; }
const SamplerOverriddenState& samplerOverriddenState() const { return fSamplerOverriddenState; }
const NonsamplerState& nonsamplerState() const { return fNonsamplerState; }
// SamplerOverriddenState is optional because we don't track it when we're using sampler
// objects.
void set(const SamplerOverriddenState* samplerState,
const NonsamplerState& nonsamplerState,
ResetTimestamp currTimestamp);
static constexpr ResetTimestamp kExpiredTimestamp = 0;
SamplerOverriddenState fSamplerOverriddenState;
NonsamplerState fNonsamplerState;
ResetTimestamp fResetTimestamp = kExpiredTimestamp;
class GrGLBackendTextureInfo {
GrGLBackendTextureInfo(const GrGLTextureInfo& info, GrGLTextureParameters* params)
: fInfo(info), fParams(params) {}
GrGLBackendTextureInfo(const GrGLBackendTextureInfo&) = delete;
GrGLBackendTextureInfo& operator=(const GrGLBackendTextureInfo&) = delete;
const GrGLTextureInfo& info() const { return fInfo; }
GrGLTextureParameters* parameters() const { return fParams; }
sk_sp<GrGLTextureParameters> refParameters() const { return sk_ref_sp(fParams); }
void cleanup();
void assign(const GrGLBackendTextureInfo&, bool thisIsValid);
GrGLTextureInfo fInfo;
GrGLTextureParameters* fParams;