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* Copyright 2015 Google Inc.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef SkTraceMemoryDump_DEFINED
#define SkTraceMemoryDump_DEFINED
#include "include/core/SkTypes.h"
class SkDiscardableMemory;
* Interface for memory tracing.
* This interface is meant to be passed as argument to the memory dump methods of Skia objects.
* The implementation of this interface is provided by the embedder.
class SK_API SkTraceMemoryDump {
* Enum to specify the level of the requested details for the dump from the Skia objects.
enum LevelOfDetail {
// Dump only the minimal details to get the total memory usage (Usually just the totals).
// Dump the detailed breakdown of the objects in the caches.
* Appends a new memory dump (i.e. a row) to the trace memory infrastructure.
* If dumpName does not exist yet, a new one is created. Otherwise, a new column is appended to
* the previously created dump.
* Arguments:
* dumpName: an absolute, slash-separated, name for the item being dumped
* e.g., "skia/CacheX/EntryY".
* valueName: a string indicating the name of the column.
* e.g., "size", "active_size", "number_of_objects".
* This string is supposed to be long lived and is NOT copied.
* units: a string indicating the units for the value.
* e.g., "bytes", "objects".
* This string is supposed to be long lived and is NOT copied.
* value: the actual value being dumped.
virtual void dumpNumericValue(const char* dumpName,
const char* valueName,
const char* units,
uint64_t value) = 0;
virtual void dumpStringValue(const char* /*dumpName*/,
const char* /*valueName*/,
const char* /*value*/) { }
* Sets the memory backing for an existing dump.
* backingType and backingObjectId are used by the embedder to associate the memory dumped via
* dumpNumericValue with the corresponding dump that backs the memory.
virtual void setMemoryBacking(const char* dumpName,
const char* backingType,
const char* backingObjectId) = 0;
* Specialization for memory backed by discardable memory.
virtual void setDiscardableMemoryBacking(
const char* dumpName,
const SkDiscardableMemory& discardableMemoryObject) = 0;
* Returns the type of details requested in the dump. The granularity of the dump is supposed to
* match the LevelOfDetail argument. The level of detail must not affect the total size
* reported, but only granularity of the child entries.
virtual LevelOfDetail getRequestedDetails() const = 0;
* Returns true if we should dump wrapped objects. Wrapped objects come from outside Skia, and
* may be independently tracked there.
virtual bool shouldDumpWrappedObjects() const { return true; }
virtual ~SkTraceMemoryDump() { }