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* Copyright 2006 The Android Open Source Project
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef SkUserConfig_DEFINED
#define SkUserConfig_DEFINED
/* SkTypes.h, the root of the public header files, includes this file
SkUserConfig.h after first initializing certain Skia defines, letting
this file change or augment those flags.
Below are optional defines that add, subtract, or change default behavior
in Skia. Your port can locally edit this file to enable/disable flags as
you choose, or these can be delared on your command line (i.e. -Dfoo).
By default, this include file will always default to having all of the flags
commented out, so including it will have no effect.
/* Skia has lots of debug-only code. Often this is just null checks or other
parameter checking, but sometimes it can be quite intrusive (e.g. check that
each 32bit pixel is in premultiplied form). This code can be very useful
during development, but will slow things down in a shipping product.
By default, these mutually exclusive flags are defined in SkTypes.h,
based on the presence or absence of NDEBUG, but that decision can be changed
//#define SK_DEBUG
//#define SK_RELEASE
/* To write debug messages to a console, skia will call SkDebugf(...) following
printf conventions (e.g. const char* format, ...). If you want to redirect
this to something other than printf, define yours here
//#define SkDebugf(...) MyFunction(__VA_ARGS__)
* To specify a different default font cache limit, define this. If this is
* undefined, skia will use a built-in value.
//#define SK_DEFAULT_FONT_CACHE_LIMIT (1024 * 1024)
* To specify the default size of the image cache, undefine this and set it to
* the desired value (in bytes). SkGraphics.h as a runtime API to set this
* value as well. If this is undefined, a built-in value will be used.
//#define SK_DEFAULT_IMAGE_CACHE_LIMIT (1024 * 1024)
/* Define this to set the upper limit for text to support LCD. Values that
are very large increase the cost in the font cache and draw slower, without
improving readability. If this is undefined, Skia will use its default
value (e.g. 48)
/* Change the kN32_SkColorType ordering to BGRA to work in X windows.
//#define SK_R32_SHIFT 16
/* Determines whether to build code that supports the GPU backend. Some classes
that are not GPU-specific, such as SkShader subclasses, have optional code
that is used allows them to interact with the GPU backend. If you'd like to
omit this code set SK_SUPPORT_GPU to 0. This also allows you to omit the gpu
directories from your include search path when you're not building the GPU
backend. Defaults to 1 (build the GPU code).
//#define SK_SUPPORT_GPU 1
/* Skia makes use of histogram logging macros to trace the frequency of
* events. By default, Skia provides no-op versions of these macros.
* Skia consumers can provide their own definitions of these macros to
* integrate with their histogram collection backend.
//#define SK_HISTOGRAM_BOOLEAN(name, value)
//#define SK_HISTOGRAM_ENUMERATION(name, value, boundary_value)