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* Copyright 2017 Google Inc.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef GrSurfaceProxyPriv_DEFINED
#define GrSurfaceProxyPriv_DEFINED
#include "GrSurfaceProxy.h"
#include "GrResourceProvider.h"
/** Class that adds methods to GrSurfaceProxy that are only intended for use internal to Skia.
This class is purely a privileged window into GrSurfaceProxy. It should never have additional
data members or virtual methods. */
class GrSurfaceProxyPriv {
// Beware! Woe betide anyone whosoever calls this method.
// The refs on proxies and their backing GrSurfaces shift around based on whether the proxy
// is instantiated or not. Additionally, the lifetime of a proxy (and a GrSurface) also
// depends on the read and write refs (So this method can validly return 0).
int32_t getProxyRefCnt() const { return fProxy->getProxyRefCnt(); }
void computeScratchKey(GrScratchKey* key) const { return fProxy->computeScratchKey(key); }
// Create a GrSurface-derived class that meets the requirements (i.e, desc, renderability)
// of the GrSurfaceProxy.
sk_sp<GrSurface> createSurface(GrResourceProvider* resourceProvider) const {
return fProxy->createSurface(resourceProvider);
// Assign this proxy the provided GrSurface as its backing surface
void assign(sk_sp<GrSurface> surface) { fProxy->assign(std::move(surface)); }
bool requiresNoPendingIO() const {
return fProxy->fSurfaceFlags & GrInternalSurfaceFlags::kNoPendingIO;
// Don't abuse this call!!!!!!!
bool isExact() const { return SkBackingFit::kExact == fProxy->fFit; }
// Don't. Just don't.
void exactify();
bool doLazyInstantiation(GrResourceProvider*);
GrSurfaceProxy::LazyInstantiationType lazyInstantiationType() const {
return fProxy->fLazyInstantiationType;
bool isSafeToDeinstantiate() const {
return SkToBool(fProxy->fTarget) && SkToBool(fProxy->fLazyInstantiateCallback) &&
GrSurfaceProxy::LazyInstantiationType::kDeinstantiate == lazyInstantiationType();
static bool SK_WARN_UNUSED_RESULT AttachStencilIfNeeded(GrResourceProvider*, GrSurface*,
bool needsStencil);
explicit GrSurfaceProxyPriv(GrSurfaceProxy* proxy) : fProxy(proxy) {}
GrSurfaceProxyPriv(const GrSurfaceProxyPriv&) {} // unimpl
GrSurfaceProxyPriv& operator=(const GrSurfaceProxyPriv&); // unimpl
// No taking addresses of this type.
const GrSurfaceProxyPriv* operator&() const;
GrSurfaceProxyPriv* operator&();
GrSurfaceProxy* fProxy;
friend class GrSurfaceProxy; // to construct/copy this type.
inline GrSurfaceProxyPriv GrSurfaceProxy::priv() { return GrSurfaceProxyPriv(this); }
inline const GrSurfaceProxyPriv GrSurfaceProxy::priv () const {
return GrSurfaceProxyPriv(const_cast<GrSurfaceProxy*>(this));