Code Search

There are a number of ways to search the Skia codebase, each with advantages and disadvantages. redirects to Chromium code search restricted to the Skia portion of the Chromium tree. You can add a query after the slash; e.g. will search for “foo” within the Skia tree. Chromium code search provides cross-references.

For Googlers, there is also the option of the skia depot in internal Code Search. In addition to the main skia repo, internal Code Search indexes the buildbot, common, and skia_internal repos. However, cross-references and code analysis are not available.

The Github mirrors of the skia and skia-buildbot repos are useful for investigating history and blame, or for exploring release branches or other branches. However, the search functionality is fairly limited, cross-references are not available, and in history the original committer‘s username is replaced with that person’s Github username.

You can also navigate through the Skia repos on All commits appear here first.

Code search optionSearchXRefHistoryReposBranchesFreshness
cs.skia.orgregexpyesyesskiamasterlast DEPS roll
Internalregexpnoyesskia buildbot common internalmasterhours
Githubbasicnoyesskia buildbotallhour

Client code search

There is an internal tool for Googlers to make it easier to search the repos of Skia clients, e.g. Chromium, Android, and Mozilla. If you use it and have suggestions, please let dogben know.