Reproducing Skia Fuzzes

We assume that you can build Skia. Many fuzzes only reproduce when building with ASAN or MSAN; see those instructions for more details.

All that is needed to reproduce a fuzz downloaded from ClusterFuzz, oss-fuzz or is to run something like:

out/ASAN/fuzz -b /path/to/downloaded/testcase

The fuzz binary will try its best to guess what the type/name should be based on the name of the testcase. Manually providing type and name is also supported, like:

out/ASAN/fuzz -t filter_fuzz -b /path/to/downloaded/testcase
out/ASAN/fuzz -t api -n RasterN32Canvas -b /path/to/downloaded/testcase

To enumerate all supported types and names, run the following:

out/ASAN/fuzz --help  # will list all types
out/ASAN/fuzz -t api  # will list all names