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* Copyright 2013 Google Inc.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef SkError_DEFINED
#define SkError_DEFINED
/** \file SkError.h
enum SkError {
/** All is well
/** User argument passed to Skia function was invalid: NULL when that’s
* not allowed, out of numeric range, bad enum, or violating some
* other general precondition.
/** User tried to perform some operation in a state when the operation
* was not legal, or the operands make no sense (e.g., asking for
* pixels from an SkPictureCanvas). Other examples might be
* inset()’ing a rectangle to make it degenerate (negative width/height).
/** Probably not needed right now, but in the future we could have opaque
* handles for SkPictures floating around, and it would be a good idea
* to anticipate this kind of issue.
/** This is probably not possible because paint surely has defaults for
* everything, but perhaps a paint can get into a bad state somehow.
/** Skia was unable to allocate memory to perform some task.
/** Skia failed while trying to consume some external resource.
/** Something went wrong internally; could be resource exhaustion but
* will often be a bug.
/** Return the current per-thread error code. Error codes are "sticky"; they
* are not not reset by subsequent successful operations.
SkError SkGetLastError();
/** Clear the current per-thread error code back to kNoError_SkError.
void SkClearLastError();
/** Type for callback functions to be invoked whenever an error is registered.
* Callback functions take the error code being set, as well as a context
* argument that is provided when the callback is registered.
typedef void (*SkErrorCallbackFunction)(SkError, void *);
/** Set the current per-thread error callback.
* @param cb The callback function to be invoked. Passing NULL
* for cb will revert to the default error callback which
* does nothing on release builds, but on debug builds will
* print an informative error message to the screen.
* @param context An arbitrary pointer that will be passed to
* the provided callback function.
void SkSetErrorCallback(SkErrorCallbackFunction cb, void *context);
/** Get a human-readable description of the last (per-thread) error that
* occurred. The returned error message will include not only a human
* readable version of the error code, but also information about the
* conditions that led to the error itself.
const char *SkGetLastErrorString();
#endif /* SkError_DEFINED */