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* Copyright 2019 Google LLC
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef GrProgramInfo_DEFINED
#define GrProgramInfo_DEFINED
#include "include/gpu/GrTypes.h"
#include "src/gpu/ganesh/GrGeometryProcessor.h"
#include "src/gpu/ganesh/GrPipeline.h"
class GrStencilSettings;
class GrProgramInfo {
GrProgramInfo(const GrCaps& caps,
const GrSurfaceProxyView& targetView,
bool usesMSAASurface,
const GrPipeline* pipeline,
const GrUserStencilSettings* userStencilSettings,
const GrGeometryProcessor* geomProc,
GrPrimitiveType primitiveType,
GrXferBarrierFlags renderPassXferBarriers,
GrLoadOp colorLoadOp);
int numSamples() const { return fNumSamples; }
int needsStencil() const { return fNeedsStencil; }
bool isStencilEnabled() const {
return fUserStencilSettings != &GrUserStencilSettings::kUnused ||
const GrUserStencilSettings* userStencilSettings() const { return fUserStencilSettings; }
// The backend format of the destination render target [proxy]
const GrBackendFormat& backendFormat() const { return fBackendFormat; }
GrSurfaceOrigin origin() const { return fOrigin; }
const GrPipeline& pipeline() const { return *fPipeline; }
const GrGeometryProcessor& geomProc() const { return *fGeomProc; }
GrPrimitiveType primitiveType() const { return fPrimitiveType; }
bool targetHasVkResolveAttachmentWithInput() const {
return fTargetHasVkResolveAttachmentWithInput;
int targetsNumSamples() const { return fTargetsNumSamples; }
GrXferBarrierFlags renderPassBarriers() const { return fRenderPassXferBarriers; }
GrLoadOp colorLoadOp() const { return fColorLoadOp; }
uint16_t primitiveTypeKey() const {
return (uint16_t) fPrimitiveType;
// For Dawn, Metal and Vulkan the number of stencil bits is known a priori so we can
// create the stencil settings here.
GrStencilSettings nonGLStencilSettings() const;
// Invokes the visitor function on all FP proxies in the pipeline. The caller is responsible
// to call the visitor on its own primProc proxies.
void visitFPProxies(const GrVisitProxyFunc& func) const { fPipeline->visitProxies(func); }
#ifdef SK_DEBUG
void validate(bool flushTime) const;
void checkAllInstantiated() const;
void checkMSAAAndMIPSAreResolved() const;
int fNumSamples;
bool fNeedsStencil;
GrBackendFormat fBackendFormat;
GrSurfaceOrigin fOrigin;
bool fTargetHasVkResolveAttachmentWithInput;
int fTargetsNumSamples;
const GrPipeline* fPipeline;
const GrUserStencilSettings* fUserStencilSettings;
const GrGeometryProcessor* fGeomProc;
GrPrimitiveType fPrimitiveType;
GrXferBarrierFlags fRenderPassXferBarriers;
GrLoadOp fColorLoadOp;