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* Copyright 2022 Google Inc.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef SkottieTextEditor_DEFINED
#define SkottieTextEditor_DEFINED
#include "modules/skottie/include/SkottieProperty.h"
#include "tools/skui/InputState.h"
#include "tools/skui/ModifierKey.h"
// A sample WYSIWYG text editor built using the GlyphDecorator API.
class SkottieTextEditor final : public skottie::GlyphDecorator {
explicit SkottieTextEditor(std::unique_ptr<skottie::TextPropertyHandle>&&);
~SkottieTextEditor() override;
void toggleEnabled();
void onDecorate(SkCanvas*, const GlyphInfo[], size_t) override;
bool onMouseInput(SkScalar x, SkScalar y, skui::InputState state, skui::ModifierKey);
struct GlyphData {
SkRect fDevBounds; // Glyph bounds mapped to device space.
size_t closestGlyph(const SkPoint& pt) const;
const std::unique_ptr<skottie::TextPropertyHandle> fTextProp;
std::vector<GlyphData> fGlyphData;
std::tuple<size_t, size_t> fSelection = {0, std::numeric_limits<size_t>::max()};
bool fEnabled = false;
bool fMouseDown = false;
#endif // SkottieTextEditor_DEFINED