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* Copyright 2015 Google Inc.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef SkImageCacherator_DEFINED
#define SkImageCacherator_DEFINED
#include "SkImageGenerator.h"
#include "SkMutex.h"
#include "SkTemplates.h"
class GrCaps;
class GrContext;
class GrSamplerParams;
class GrUniqueKey;
class SkBitmap;
class SkImage;
* Internal class to manage caching the output of an ImageGenerator.
class SkImageCacherator {
// Takes ownership of the generator
static SkImageCacherator* NewFromGenerator(SkImageGenerator*, const SkIRect* subset = nullptr);
const SkImageInfo& info() const { return fInfo; }
uint32_t uniqueID() const { return fUniqueIDs[kLegacy_CachedFormat]; }
enum CachedFormat {
kLegacy_CachedFormat, // The format from the generator, with any color space stripped out
kAsIs_CachedFormat, // The format from the generator, with no modification
kLinearF16_CachedFormat, // Half float RGBA with linear gamma
kSRGB8888_CachedFormat, // sRGB bytes
* On success (true), bitmap will point to the pixels for this generator. If this returns
* false, the bitmap will be reset to empty.
* If not NULL, the client will be notified (->notifyAddedToCache()) when resources are
* added to the cache on its behalf.
bool lockAsBitmap(SkBitmap*, const SkImage* client, SkColorSpace* dstColorSpace,
SkImage::CachingHint = SkImage::kAllow_CachingHint);
* Returns a ref() on the texture produced by this generator. The caller must call unref()
* when it is done. Will return nullptr on failure.
* If not NULL, the client will be notified (->notifyAddedToCache()) when resources are
* added to the cache on its behalf.
* The caller is responsible for calling texture->unref() when they are done.
GrTexture* lockAsTexture(GrContext*, const GrSamplerParams&, SkColorSpace* dstColorSpace,
sk_sp<SkColorSpace>* texColorSpace, const SkImage* client,
SkImage::CachingHint = SkImage::kAllow_CachingHint);
* If the underlying src naturally is represented by an encoded blob (in SkData), this returns
* a ref to that data. If not, it returns null.
* If a GrContext is specified, then the caller is only interested in gpu-specific encoded
* formats, so others (e.g. PNG) can just return nullptr.
SkData* refEncoded(GrContext*);
// Only return true if the generate has already been cached.
bool lockAsBitmapOnlyIfAlreadyCached(SkBitmap*, CachedFormat);
// Call the underlying generator directly
bool directGeneratePixels(const SkImageInfo& dstInfo, void* dstPixels, size_t dstRB,
int srcX, int srcY);
bool directAccessScaledImage(const SkRect& srcRect, const SkMatrix& totalMatrix,
SkFilterQuality, SkImageGenerator::ScaledImageRec*);
// Ref-counted tuple(SkImageGenerator, SkMutex) which allows sharing of one generator
// among several cacherators.
class SharedGenerator final : public SkNVRefCnt<SharedGenerator> {
static sk_sp<SharedGenerator> Make(SkImageGenerator* gen) {
return gen ? sk_sp<SharedGenerator>(new SharedGenerator(gen)) : nullptr;
explicit SharedGenerator(SkImageGenerator* gen) : fGenerator(gen) { SkASSERT(gen); }
friend class ScopedGenerator;
friend class SkImageCacherator;
std::unique_ptr<SkImageGenerator> fGenerator;
SkMutex fMutex;
class ScopedGenerator;
struct Validator {
Validator(sk_sp<SharedGenerator>, const SkIRect* subset);
operator bool() const { return fSharedGenerator.get(); }
sk_sp<SharedGenerator> fSharedGenerator;
SkImageInfo fInfo;
SkIPoint fOrigin;
uint32_t fUniqueID;
CachedFormat chooseCacheFormat(SkColorSpace* dstColorSpace, const GrCaps* = nullptr);
SkImageInfo buildCacheInfo(CachedFormat);
bool generateBitmap(SkBitmap*, const SkImageInfo&);
bool tryLockAsBitmap(SkBitmap*, const SkImage*, SkImage::CachingHint, CachedFormat,
const SkImageInfo&);
// Returns the texture. If the cacherator is generating the texture and wants to cache it,
// it should use the passed in key (if the key is valid).
GrTexture* lockTexture(GrContext*, const GrUniqueKey& key, const SkImage* client,
SkImage::CachingHint, bool willBeMipped, SkColorSpace* dstColorSpace);
// Returns the color space of the texture that would be returned if you called lockTexture.
// Separate code path to allow querying of the color space for textures that cached (even
// externally).
sk_sp<SkColorSpace> getColorSpace(GrContext*, SkColorSpace* dstColorSpace);
void makeCacheKeyFromOrigKey(const GrUniqueKey& origKey, CachedFormat, GrUniqueKey* cacheKey);
sk_sp<SharedGenerator> fSharedGenerator;
const SkImageInfo fInfo;
const SkIPoint fOrigin;
uint32_t fUniqueIDs[kNumCachedFormats];
friend class GrImageTextureMaker;
friend class SkImage;
friend class SkImage_Generator;