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* Copyright 2013 Google Inc.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef GLTestContext_DEFINED
#define GLTestContext_DEFINED
#include "include/gpu/gl/GrGLInterface.h"
#include "tools/gpu/TestContext.h"
namespace sk_gpu_test {
* An offscreen OpenGL context. Provides a GrGLInterface struct of function pointers for the context
* This class is intended for Skia's internal testing needs and not for general use.
class GLTestContext : public TestContext {
~GLTestContext() override;
virtual GrBackendApi backend() override { return GrBackendApi::kOpenGL; }
bool isValid() const { return SkToBool(this->gl()); }
const GrGLInterface* gl() const { return fGL.get(); }
/** Used for testing EGLImage integration. Take a GL_TEXTURE_2D and wraps it in an EGL Image */
virtual GrEGLImage texture2DToEGLImage(GrGLuint /*texID*/) const { return nullptr; }
virtual void destroyEGLImage(GrEGLImage) const { }
/** Used for testing GL_TEXTURE_RECTANGLE integration. */
GrGLuint createTextureRectangle(int width, int height, GrGLenum internalFormat,
GrGLenum externalFormat, GrGLenum externalType, GrGLvoid* data);
* Used for testing EGLImage integration. Takes a EGLImage and wraps it in a
virtual GrGLuint eglImageToExternalTexture(GrEGLImage) const { return 0; }
void testAbandon() override;
/** Ensures all work is submitted to the GPU for execution. */
void submit() override;
/** Wait until all GPU work is finished. */
void finish() override;
* Creates a new GL context of the same type and makes the returned context current
* (if not null).
virtual std::unique_ptr<GLTestContext> makeNew() const { return nullptr; }
template<typename Ret, typename... Args>
void getGLProcAddress(Ret(GR_GL_FUNCTION_TYPE** out)(Args...),
const char* name, const char* ext = nullptr) const {
using Proc = Ret(GR_GL_FUNCTION_TYPE*)(Args...);
if (!SkStrStartsWith(name, "gl")) {
SK_ABORT("getGLProcAddress: proc name must have 'gl' prefix");
*out = nullptr;
} else if (ext) {
SkString fullname(name);
*out = reinterpret_cast<Proc>(this->onPlatformGetProcAddress(fullname.c_str()));
} else {
*out = reinterpret_cast<Proc>(this->onPlatformGetProcAddress(name));
sk_sp<GrContext> makeGrContext(const GrContextOptions& options) override;
* Methods that sublcasses must call from their constructors and destructors.
void init(sk_sp<const GrGLInterface>, std::unique_ptr<FenceSync> = nullptr);
void teardown() override;
virtual GrGLFuncPtr onPlatformGetProcAddress(const char *) const = 0;
/** Subclass provides the gl interface object if construction was
* successful. */
sk_sp<const GrGLInterface> fGL;
typedef TestContext INHERITED;
* Creates platform-dependent GL context object. The shareContext parameter is in an optional
* context with which to share display lists. This should be a pointer to an GLTestContext created
* with SkCreatePlatformGLTestContext. NULL indicates that no sharing is to take place. Returns a
* valid gl context object or NULL if such can not be created.
GLTestContext* CreatePlatformGLTestContext(GrGLStandard forcedGpuAPI,
GLTestContext *shareContext = nullptr);
} // namespace sk_gpu_test