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* Copyright 2012 Google Inc.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef GrShaderCaps_DEFINED
#define GrShaderCaps_DEFINED
#include "include/core/SkRefCnt.h"
#include "src/gpu/glsl/GrGLSL.h"
#include "src/sksl/SkSLUtil.h"
struct GrContextOptions;
class SkJSONWriter;
struct GrShaderCaps : SkSL::ShaderCaps {
GrShaderCaps() {}
// TODO: Remove these unnecessary accessors
void dumpJSON(SkJSONWriter*) const;
bool supportsDistanceFieldText() const { return fShaderDerivativeSupport; }
bool dstReadInShaderSupport() const { return fDstReadInShaderSupport; }
bool dualSourceBlendingSupport() const { return fDualSourceBlendingSupport; }
const char* fbFetchExtensionString() const { return fFBFetchExtensionString; }
bool preferFlatInterpolation() const { return fPreferFlatInterpolation; }
bool vertexIDSupport() const { return fVertexIDSupport; }
// isinf() is defined, and floating point infinities are handled according to IEEE standards.
bool infinitySupport() const { return fInfinitySupport; }
// Returns true if `expr` in `myArray[expr]` can be any integer expression. If false, `expr`
// must be a constant-index-expression as defined in the OpenGL ES2 specification, Appendix A.5.
bool nonconstantArrayIndexSupport() const {
return fNonconstantArrayIndexSupport;
// frexp(), ldexp(), findMSB(), findLSB().
bool bitManipulationSupport() const { return fBitManipulationSupport; }
bool halfIs32Bits() const { return fHalfIs32Bits; }
bool hasLowFragmentPrecision() const { return fHasLowFragmentPrecision; }
// Use a reduced set of rendering algorithms or less optimal effects in order to
// reduce the number of unique shaders generated.
bool reducedShaderMode() const { return fReducedShaderMode; }
* SkSL ES3 requires support for derivatives, nonsquare matrices and bitwise integer operations.
bool supportsSkSLES3() const {
return fShaderDerivativeSupport && fNonsquareMatrixSupport && fIntegerSupport &&
fGLSLGeneration >= SkSL::GLSLGeneration::k330;
// SkSL only.
bool colorSpaceMathNeedsFloat() const { return fColorSpaceMathNeedsFloat; }
bool requiresLocalOutputColorForFBFetch() const { return fRequiresLocalOutputColorForFBFetch; }
bool mustObfuscateUniformColor() const { return fMustObfuscateUniformColor; }
// On Nexus 6, the GL context can get lost if a shader does not write a value to gl_FragColor.
bool mustWriteToFragColor() const { return fMustWriteToFragColor; }
// Some GPUs produce poor results when enabling Metal's fastmath option
bool canUseFastMath() const { return fCanUseFastMath; }
// When we have the option of using either dFdx or dfDy in a shader, this returns whether we
// should avoid using dFdx. We have found some drivers have bugs or lower precision when using
// dFdx.
bool avoidDfDxForGradientsWhenPossible() const { return fAvoidDfDxForGradientsWhenPossible; }
// This returns the name of an extension that must be enabled in the shader, if such a thing is
// required in order to use a secondary output in the shader. This returns a nullptr if no such
// extension is required. However, the return value of this function does not say whether dual
// source blending is supported.
const char* secondaryOutputExtensionString() const { return fSecondaryOutputExtensionString; }
const char* noperspectiveInterpolationExtensionString() const {
return fNoPerspectiveInterpolationExtensionString;
const char* sampleVariablesExtensionString() const {
return fSampleVariablesExtensionString;
const char* tessellationExtensionString() const {
return fTessellationExtensionString;
int maxFragmentSamplers() const { return fMaxFragmentSamplers; }
// Maximum number of segments a tessellation edge can be divided into.
int maxTessellationSegments() const { return fMaxTessellationSegments; }
bool tessellationSupport() const { return SkToBool(fMaxTessellationSegments);}
void applyOptionsOverrides(const GrContextOptions& options);
bool fDstReadInShaderSupport = false;
bool fDualSourceBlendingSupport = false;
bool fPreferFlatInterpolation = false;
bool fVertexIDSupport = false;
bool fInfinitySupport = false;
bool fNonconstantArrayIndexSupport = false;
bool fBitManipulationSupport = false;
bool fHalfIs32Bits = false;
bool fHasLowFragmentPrecision = false;
bool fReducedShaderMode = false;
// Used for specific driver bug work arounds
bool fRequiresLocalOutputColorForFBFetch = false;
bool fMustObfuscateUniformColor = false;
bool fMustWriteToFragColor = false;
bool fColorSpaceMathNeedsFloat = false;
bool fCanUseFastMath = false;
bool fAvoidDfDxForGradientsWhenPossible = false;
const char* fSecondaryOutputExtensionString = nullptr;
const char* fNoPerspectiveInterpolationExtensionString = nullptr;
const char* fSampleVariablesExtensionString = nullptr;
const char* fTessellationExtensionString = nullptr;
const char* fFBFetchExtensionString = nullptr;
int fMaxFragmentSamplers = 0;
int fMaxTessellationSegments = 0;