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// special-cased within the compiler - append takes various arguments depending on what kind of
// stage is being appended
sk_has_side_effects void append();
float abs(float x);
float sin(float x);
float cos(float y);
float tan(float x);
float sqrt(float x);
float clamp(float x, float min, float max);
float2 clamp(float2 x, float min, float max);
float3 clamp(float3 x, float min, float max);
float4 clamp(float4 x, float min, float max);
sk_has_side_effects void print(float x);
layout(builtin=10009) int sk_x;
layout(builtin=10010) int sk_y;
layout(builtin=10004) out half4 sk_OutColor;
half4 sample(fragmentProcessor fp);