Issue Tracking

The Skia Issue Tracker

Skia's Issue Tracker ( or is the primary bug database where we track all defect reports and feature requests.

When filing a new issue, please select the appropriate template, most likely “Defect report from user” or “Feature request”. Include an example fiddle or image. All issues will be triaged by our program manager and assigned to the appropriate functional team.

Skia issues in the Chromium Tracker

Skia bugs found in Chrome may be filed in the Chromium Tracker (

Triage for Chromium developers

  • To have an issue triaged by the Skia team, add Component:Internals>Skia.
  • For problems related to Skia rolls where an obvious owner cannot be found in the list of CLs, assign to the Skia Sheriff, listed at the top of and as a reviewer on the roll CL.
    • If the Sheriff cannot be assigned, cc them and assign the issue to hcm@.
  • For GPU specific issues, add label Hotlist-Ganesh.
  • For image encoding or decoding issues, add Component:Internals>Images>Codecs.