Roll ANGLE from f2aa9d5da699 to b027dfeb83d0 (13 revisions)

2021-04-19 Revert "Vulkan: Suppress draw-time push constant VVL warnings.
2021-04-17 Suppress fifa mobile on intel/windows
2021-04-17 Tests: Add 3DMark Slingshot Test 2 trace
2021-04-17 Tests: Add 3DMark Slingshot Test 1 trace
2021-04-17 Vulkan: Remove inappropriate use of VK_NULL_HANDLE
2021-04-17 Vulkan: Add support for FBO with unequal sized attachments
2021-04-16 Vulkan: Add test for FBO with unequal sized attachments
2021-04-16 Skip failing test on AMD/Linux
2021-04-16 Reland "Reland "Add support for Linux GPU info with Vulkan backend""
2021-04-16 Migrate more scripts to python3
2021-04-16 Remove 3pp files in third_party/jdk.
2021-04-16 Vulkan: Handle non array type varying error case in TS
2021-04-16 Roll Chromium from cac0b331e3fc to 11d568cbfed1 (483 revisions)

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Test: Test: FramebufferTest_ES3.AttachmentWithUnequalDimensionsTest: Test: KHR-GLES32.core.tessellation_shader.compilation_and_linking_errors.te_non_arrayed_per_vertex_input_blocksTest: Test: angle_perftests --gtest_filter="*slingshot_test1*"Test: Test: angle_perftests --gtest_filter="*slingshot_test2*"Test: Test: python3 scripts/
Change-Id: Ie29de29aa0708d54d19b905df38177e97d0797e0
Reviewed-by: skia-autoroll <>
Commit-Queue: skia-autoroll <>
diff --git a/DEPS b/DEPS
index d4cb8e2..50ac9fa 100644
--- a/DEPS
+++ b/DEPS
@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@
 deps = {
   "buildtools"                            : "",
   "common"                                : "",
-  "third_party/externals/angle2"          : "",
+  "third_party/externals/angle2"          : "",
   "third_party/externals/brotli"          : "",
   "third_party/externals/d3d12allocator"  : "",
   # Dawn requires jinja2 and markupsafe for the code generator, and tint for SPIRV compilation.