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"""This module defines the cipd_install repository rule.
The cipd_install rule is a wrapper around http_archive to download the CIPD
package at the specified version over HTTPS. This does not require depot_tools nor a cipd binary
on the host machine.
load("@bazel_tools//tools/build_defs/repo:http.bzl", "http_archive")
def cipd_install(
build_file = None,
build_file_content = None,
postinstall_cmds_posix = None,
postinstall_cmds_win = None):
"""Download and extract the zipped archive from CIPD, making it available for Bazel rules.
name: The name of the Bazel "repository" created. For example, if name is "alpha_beta",
the full Bazel label will start with "@alpha_beta//".
cipd_package: The full name of the CIPD package. This is a "path" from the root of CIPD.
This should be a publicly accessible package, as authentication is not
sha256: The sha256 hash of the zip archive downloaded from CIPD. This should match the
official CIPD website.
tag: Represents the version of the CIPD package to download, e.g. "git_package:abc123...".
build_file: The file to use as the BUILD.bazel file for this repository. Such build files
typically contain "exports_files" and/or "filegroup" rules. Since CIPD packages do not
include BUILD.bazel files, we must provide our own. Either build_file or
build_file_content can be specified, but not both.
build_file_content: The content for the BUILD file for this repository. Either build_file
or build_file_content can be specified, but not both.
postinstall_cmds_posix: Optional Bash commands to run on Mac/Linux after download.
postinstall_cmds_win: Optional Powershell commands to run on Windows after download.
cipd_url = ""
cipd_url += cipd_package
cipd_url += "/+/"
cipd_url += tag
mirror_url = ""
mirror_url += sha256
mirror_url += ".zip"
name = name,
sha256 = sha256,
urls = [
type = "zip",
build_file = build_file,
build_file_content = build_file_content,
patch_cmds = postinstall_cmds_posix,
patch_cmds_win = postinstall_cmds_win,