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# Copyright 2018 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""Shared utilities for the build recipe module."""
# This lists the products we want to isolate as outputs for future steps.
def py_to_gn(val):
"""Convert val to a string that can be used as GN args."""
if isinstance(val, bool):
return 'true' if val else 'false'
elif '%s' % val == val:
# TODO(dogben): Handle quoting "$\
return '"%s"' % val
elif isinstance(val, (list, tuple)):
return '[%s]' % (','.join(py_to_gn(x) for x in val))
elif isinstance(val, dict):
gn = ' '.join(
'%s=%s' % (k, py_to_gn(v)) for (k, v) in sorted(val.items()))
return gn
else: # pragma: nocover
raise Exception('Converting %s to gn is not implemented.' % type(val))
def copy_listed_files(api, src, dst, product_list):
"""Copy listed files src to dst."""
script ='')
name='copy build products',
cmd=['python3', script, src, dst, ','.join(product_list)],
def set_dawn_args_and_env(args, env, api, extra_tokens, skia_dir):
"""Add to ``args`` and ``env`` the gn args and environment vars needed to
make a build targeting Dawn."""
args['skia_use_dawn'] = 'true'
args['skia_use_gl'] = 'false'
# Set dawn specific args to limit which backends are built
args['dawn_enable_d3d11'] = 'false'
args['dawn_enable_d3d12'] = 'false'
args['dawn_enable_metal'] = 'false'
args['dawn_enable_desktop_gl'] = 'false'
args['dawn_enable_opengles'] = 'false'
args['dawn_enable_vulkan'] = 'false'
if 'D3D11' in extra_tokens:
args['dawn_enable_d3d11'] = 'true'
if 'D3D12' in extra_tokens:
args['dawn_enable_d3d12'] = 'true'
if 'Metal' in extra_tokens:
args['dawn_enable_metal'] = 'true'
if 'Vulkan' in extra_tokens:
args['dawn_enable_vulkan'] = 'true'
env['PYTHONPATH'] = api.path.pathsep.join([
str(skia_dir.join('third_party', 'externals')), '%%(PYTHONPATH)s'])