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# Copyright 2018 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
import re
from . import util
def compile_fn(api, checkout_root, out_dir):
skia_dir = checkout_root.join('skia')
compiler = api.vars.builder_cfg.get('compiler')
configuration = api.vars.builder_cfg.get('configuration')
extra_tokens = api.vars.extra_tokens
os = api.vars.builder_cfg.get('os')
target_arch = api.vars.builder_cfg.get('target_arch')
assert compiler == 'Clang' # At this rate we might not ever support GCC.
extra_cflags = []
extra_ldflags = []
if configuration == 'Debug':
ndk_asset = 'android_ndk_linux'
ndk_path = ndk_asset
if 'Mac' in os:
ndk_asset = 'android_ndk_darwin'
ndk_path = ndk_asset
elif 'Win' in os:
ndk_asset = 'android_ndk_windows'
ndk_path = 'n'
quote = lambda x: '"%s"' % x
args = {
'ndk': quote(api.vars.workdir.join(ndk_path)),
'target_cpu': quote(target_arch),
'werror': 'true',
env = {}
extra_cflags.append('-DREBUILD_IF_CHANGED_ndk_version=%s' %, skia_dir))
if configuration != 'Debug':
args['is_debug'] = 'false'
if 'Dawn' in extra_tokens:
util.set_dawn_args_and_env(args, env, api, extra_tokens, skia_dir)
args['ndk_api'] = 26 #skia_use_gl=false, so use vulkan
if 'Vulkan' in extra_tokens and not 'Dawn' in extra_tokens:
args['ndk_api'] = 26
args['skia_enable_vulkan_debug_layers'] = 'false'
args['skia_use_gl'] = 'false'
args['skia_use_vulkan'] = 'true'
if 'ASAN' in extra_tokens:
args['sanitize'] = '"ASAN"'
if 'Graphite' in extra_tokens:
args['skia_enable_graphite'] = 'true'
if 'HWASAN' in extra_tokens:
args['sanitize'] = '"HWASAN"'
if 'Wuffs' in extra_tokens:
args['skia_use_wuffs'] = 'true'
if configuration == 'OptimizeForSize':
# build IDs are required for Bloaty if we want to use strip to ignore debug symbols.
'skia_use_runtime_icu': 'true',
'skia_enable_optimize_size': 'true',
'skia_use_jpeg_gainmaps': 'false',
# The 'FrameworkWorkarounds' bot is used to test special behavior that's
# normally enabled with SK_BUILD_FOR_ANDROID_FRAMEWORK.
if 'FrameworkWorkarounds' in extra_tokens:
# If an Android API level is specified, use that.
for t in extra_tokens:
m ='API(\d+)', t)
if m and len(m.groups()) == 1:
args['ndk_api'] = m.groups()[0]
if extra_cflags:
args['extra_cflags'] = repr(extra_cflags).replace("'", '"')
if extra_ldflags:
args['extra_ldflags'] = repr(extra_ldflags).replace("'", '"')
gn_args = ' '.join('%s=%s' % (k,v) for (k,v) in sorted(args.items()))
gn = skia_dir.join('bin', 'gn')
with api.context(cwd=skia_dir):, 'fetch-gn',
cmd=['python3', skia_dir.join('bin', 'fetch-gn')],
infra_step=True), 'fetch-ninja',
cmd=['python3', skia_dir.join('bin', 'fetch-ninja')],
with api.env(env):, 'gn gen',
cmd=[gn, 'gen', out_dir, '--args=' + gn_args]), 'ninja', cmd=['ninja', '-C', out_dir])
# The following only exists when building for OptimizeForSize
# This is the only target we currently measure:
def copy_build_products(api, src, dst):
"""Copy Android build products from src to dst."""
util.copy_listed_files(api, src, dst, ANDROID_BUILD_PRODUCTS_LIST)