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* Copyright 2023 Google Inc.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef SkRasterPipelineOpContexts_DEFINED
#define SkRasterPipelineOpContexts_DEFINED
// The largest number of pixels we handle at a time. We have a separate value for the largest number
// of pixels we handle in the highp pipeline. Many of the context structs in this file are only used
// by stages that have no lowp implementation. They can therefore use the (smaller) highp value to
// save memory in the arena.
inline static constexpr int SkRasterPipeline_kMaxStride = 16;
inline static constexpr int SkRasterPipeline_kMaxStride_highp = 8;
// These structs hold the context data for many of the Raster Pipeline ops.
struct SkRasterPipeline_MemoryCtx {
void* pixels;
int stride;
struct SkRasterPipeline_GatherCtx {
const void* pixels;
int stride;
float width;
float height;
float weights[16]; // for bicubic and bicubic_clamp_8888
// Controls whether pixel i-1 or i is selected when floating point sample position is exactly i.
bool roundDownAtInteger = false;
// State shared by save_xy, accumulate, and bilinear_* / bicubic_*.
struct SkRasterPipeline_SamplerCtx {
float x[SkRasterPipeline_kMaxStride_highp];
float y[SkRasterPipeline_kMaxStride_highp];
float fx[SkRasterPipeline_kMaxStride_highp];
float fy[SkRasterPipeline_kMaxStride_highp];
float scalex[SkRasterPipeline_kMaxStride_highp];
float scaley[SkRasterPipeline_kMaxStride_highp];
// for bicubic_[np][13][xy]
float weights[16];
float wx[4][SkRasterPipeline_kMaxStride_highp];
float wy[4][SkRasterPipeline_kMaxStride_highp];
struct SkRasterPipeline_TileCtx {
float scale;
float invScale; // cache of 1/scale
// When in the reflection portion of mirror tiling we need to snap the opposite direction
// at integer sample points than when in the forward direction. This controls which way we bias
// in the reflection. It should be 1 if SkRasterPipeline_GatherCtx::roundDownAtInteger is true
// and otherwise -1.
int mirrorBiasDir = -1;
struct SkRasterPipeline_DecalTileCtx {
uint32_t mask[SkRasterPipeline_kMaxStride];
float limit_x;
float limit_y;
// These control which edge of the interval is included (i.e. closed interval at 0 or at limit).
// They should be set to limit_x and limit_y if SkRasterPipeline_GatherCtx::roundDownAtInteger
// is true and otherwise zero.
float inclusiveEdge_x = 0;
float inclusiveEdge_y = 0;
struct SkRasterPipeline_CallbackCtx {
void (*fn)(SkRasterPipeline_CallbackCtx* self,
int active_pixels /*<= SkRasterPipeline_kMaxStride_highp*/);
// When called, fn() will have our active pixels available in rgba.
// When fn() returns, the pipeline will read back those active pixels from read_from.
float rgba[4*SkRasterPipeline_kMaxStride_highp];
float* read_from = rgba;
// state shared by stack_checkpoint and stack_rewind
struct SkRasterPipelineStage;
struct SkRasterPipeline_RewindCtx {
float r[SkRasterPipeline_kMaxStride_highp];
float g[SkRasterPipeline_kMaxStride_highp];
float b[SkRasterPipeline_kMaxStride_highp];
float a[SkRasterPipeline_kMaxStride_highp];
float dr[SkRasterPipeline_kMaxStride_highp];
float dg[SkRasterPipeline_kMaxStride_highp];
float db[SkRasterPipeline_kMaxStride_highp];
float da[SkRasterPipeline_kMaxStride_highp];
SkRasterPipelineStage* stage;
struct SkRasterPipeline_GradientCtx {
size_t stopCount;
float* fs[4];
float* bs[4];
float* ts;
struct SkRasterPipeline_EvenlySpaced2StopGradientCtx {
float f[4];
float b[4];
struct SkRasterPipeline_2PtConicalCtx {
uint32_t fMask[SkRasterPipeline_kMaxStride_highp];
float fP0,
struct SkRasterPipeline_UniformColorCtx {
float r,g,b,a;
uint16_t rgba[4]; // [0,255] in a 16-bit lane.
struct SkRasterPipeline_EmbossCtx {
SkRasterPipeline_MemoryCtx mul,
struct SkRasterPipeline_TablesCtx {
const uint8_t *r, *g, *b, *a;
struct SkRasterPipeline_BinaryOpCtx {
float *dst;
const float *src;
struct SkRasterPipeline_TernaryOpCtx {
float *dst;
const float *src0;
const float *src1;
struct SkRasterPipeline_SwizzleCtx {
float *ptr;
uint16_t offsets[4]; // values must be byte offsets (4 * highp-stride * component-index)
struct SkRasterPipeline_ShuffleCtx {
float *ptr;
int count;
uint16_t offsets[16]; // values must be byte offsets (4 * highp-stride * component-index)
#endif // SkRasterPipelineOpContexts_DEFINED