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* Copyright 2016 Google Inc.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#include "SkStream.h"
#include "Test.h"
#if defined(SK_XML)
#include "SkDOM.h"
static const SkDOM::Node* check_node(skiatest::Reporter* r, const SkDOM& dom,
const SkDOM::Node* node, const char* expectedName,
SkDOM::Type expectedType) {
if (node) {
REPORTER_ASSERT(r, !strcmp(dom.getName(node), expectedName));
REPORTER_ASSERT(r, dom.getType(node) == expectedType);
return node;
DEF_TEST(SkDOM_test, r) {
static const char gDoc[] =
"<root a='1' b='2'>"
"<elem1 c='3' />"
"<elem2 d='4' />"
"<elem3 e='5'>"
"<subelem1>Some text.</subelem1>"
"<subelem2 f='6' g='7'/>"
"<subelem3>Some more text.</subelem3>"
"<elem4 h='8'/>"
SkMemoryStream docStream(gDoc, sizeof(gDoc) - 1);
SkDOM dom;
REPORTER_ASSERT(r, !dom.getRootNode());
const SkDOM::Node* root =;
REPORTER_ASSERT(r, root && dom.getRootNode() == root);
const char* v = dom.findAttr(root, "a");
REPORTER_ASSERT(r, v && !strcmp(v, "1"));
v = dom.findAttr(root, "b");
REPORTER_ASSERT(r, v && !strcmp(v, "2"));
v = dom.findAttr(root, "c");
REPORTER_ASSERT(r, v == nullptr);
REPORTER_ASSERT(r, dom.getFirstChild(root, "elem1"));
REPORTER_ASSERT(r, !dom.getFirstChild(root, "subelem1"));
const auto* elem1 = check_node(r, dom, dom.getFirstChild(root),
"elem1", SkDOM::kElement_Type);
const auto* elem2 = check_node(r, dom, dom.getNextSibling(elem1),
"elem2", SkDOM::kElement_Type);
const auto* elem3 = check_node(r, dom, dom.getNextSibling(elem2),
"elem3", SkDOM::kElement_Type);
const auto* subelem1 = check_node(r, dom, dom.getFirstChild(elem3),
"subelem1", SkDOM::kElement_Type);
check_node(r, dom, dom.getFirstChild(subelem1),
"Some text.", SkDOM::kText_Type);
const auto* subelem2 = check_node(r, dom, dom.getNextSibling(subelem1),
"subelem2", SkDOM::kElement_Type);
const auto* subelem3 = check_node(r, dom, dom.getNextSibling(subelem2),
"subelem3", SkDOM::kElement_Type);
check_node(r, dom, dom.getFirstChild(subelem3),
"Some more text.", SkDOM::kText_Type);
check_node(r, dom, dom.getNextSibling(elem3),
"elem4", SkDOM::kElement_Type);
#endif // SK_XML