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This file exports the various toolchains for the hosts that we support building Skia on.
- Linux amd64
- Mac (one toolchain for both M1 and Intel CPUs)
- Windows amd64
load(":download_linux_amd64_toolchain.bzl", "download_linux_amd64_toolchain")
load(":download_mac_toolchain.bzl", "download_mac_toolchain")
load(":download_ndk_linux_amd64_toolchain.bzl", "download_ndk_linux_amd64_toolchain")
# This key in this dictionary (and thus the name passed into the rule) controls what the subfolder
# will be called in the external directory. It must match what we use in the appropriate
# toolchain_config.bzl file or it will not be able to locate the sysroot to build with.
name_toolchain = {
"clang_linux_amd64": download_linux_amd64_toolchain,
"clang_mac": download_mac_toolchain,
"ndk_linux_amd64": download_ndk_linux_amd64_toolchain,
def download_toolchains_for_skia(*args):
Point Bazel to the correct rules for downloading the different toolchains.
*args: multiple toolchains, see top of file for
list of supported toolchains.
for toolchain_name in args:
if toolchain_name not in name_toolchain:
fail("unrecognized toolchain name " + toolchain_name)
download_toolchain = name_toolchain[toolchain_name]
download_toolchain(name = toolchain_name)