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"""This module defines the remove_indentation macro."""
def remove_indentation(string):
"""Removes indentation from a multiline string.
This utility function allows us to write multiline templates in a context that requires
indentation, for example inside a macro. It discards the first and last lines if they only
contain spaces or tabs. Then, it computes an indentation prefix based on the first remaining
line and removes that prefix from all lines.
def greeter_script():
return remove_indentation('''
echo "Hello, {name}!"
''').format(name = "world")
This is equivalent to:
TEMPLATE = '''#!/bin/bash
echo "Hello, {name}!"
def greeter_script():
return TEMPLATE.format(name = "world")
This macro is similar to
string: A multiline string.
The input string minus any indentation.
def get_indentation(line):
indentation = ""
for char in line.elems():
if char in [" ", "\t"]:
indentation += char
# For some reason Buildifier thinks the below variable is uninitialized.
# buildifier: disable=uninitialized
return indentation
lines = string.split("\n")
# Skip first line if empty.
if get_indentation(lines[0]) == lines[0]:
lines = lines[1:]
# Compute indentation based on the first remaining line, and remove indentation from all lines.
indentation = get_indentation(lines[0])
lines = [line.removeprefix(indentation) for line in lines]
# Skip last line if empty.
if get_indentation(lines[len(lines) - 1]) == lines[len(lines) - 1]:
lines = lines[:-1]
result = "\n".join(lines)
if result[:-1] != "\n":
# Ensure we always end with a newline.
result += "\n"
return result