This directory contains generated Go wrappers for Bazel cquery result protocol buffers defined in

An attempt was made to use go_proto_library to generate this code at build time, sourcing the embedded_tools dependency, but that was never successful. The cause appears to be that the protobufs in Bazel's source defined messages of the same name (specifically “Target”) which creates a build conflict. The command below generates the two Go classes with different package names to avoid this conflict - which is what the Bazel generated Java wrapper does.

They were generated as so:


protoc \
  --proto_path=${BAZEL_DIR} \
  --go_out=${DST_DIR} \
  --go_opt=Msrc/main/protobuf/build.proto=${GO_PACKAGE}/build \
  --go_opt=Msrc/main/protobuf/analysis_v2.proto=${GO_PACKAGE}/analysis_v2 \
  ${SRC_DIR}/analysis_v2.proto ${SRC_DIR}/build.proto

The call above writes the generated code to ${DST_DIR}/ which is then moved into ${DST_DIR}/build and ${DST_DIR}/build.