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* Copyright 2018 Google Inc.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef GrMtlCopyManager_DEFINED
#define GrMtlCopyManager_DEFINED
#include "GrTypes.h"
#import <metal/metal.h>
class GrMtlCopyPipelineState;
class GrMtlGpu;
class GrSurface;
struct SkIPoint;
struct SkIRect;
class GrMtlCopyManager {
GrMtlCopyManager(GrMtlGpu* gpu) : fGpu(gpu) {}
bool copySurfaceAsDraw(GrSurface* dst, GrSurfaceOrigin dstOrigin,
GrSurface* src, GrSurfaceOrigin srcOrigin,
const SkIRect& srcRect, const SkIPoint& dstPoint,
bool canDiscardOutsideDstRect);
static bool IsCompatible(const GrMtlCopyPipelineState*, MTLPixelFormat dstPixelFormat);
enum BufferIndex {
void createCopyProgramBuffer();
void createCopyProgramShaders();
void createCopyProgramVertexDescriptor();
void createCopyProgram();
id<MTLSamplerState> fSamplerState;
id<MTLBuffer> fVertexAttributeBuffer;
id<MTLFunction> fVertexFunction;
id<MTLFunction> fFragmentFunction;
MTLVertexDescriptor* fVertexDescriptor;
GrMtlGpu* fGpu;