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* Copyright 2022 Google LLC
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef skgpu_graphite_VulkanCommandBuffer_DEFINED
#define skgpu_graphite_VulkanCommandBuffer_DEFINED
#include "src/gpu/graphite/CommandBuffer.h"
#include "include/gpu/vk/VulkanTypes.h"
namespace skgpu::graphite {
class VulkanResourceProvider;
class VulkanSharedContext;
class VulkanCommandBuffer final : public CommandBuffer {
static std::unique_ptr<VulkanCommandBuffer> Make(const VulkanSharedContext*,
~VulkanCommandBuffer() override;
bool setNewCommandBufferResources() override;
bool submit(VkQueue);
bool isFinished();
void waitUntilFinished();
VulkanCommandBuffer(VkCommandPool pool,
VkCommandBuffer primaryCommandBuffer,
const VulkanSharedContext* sharedContext,
VulkanResourceProvider* resourceProvider);
void onResetCommandBuffer() override;
void begin();
void end();
// TODO: The virtuals in this class have not yet been implemented as we still haven't
// implemented the objects they use.
bool onAddRenderPass(const RenderPassDesc&,
const Texture* colorTexture,
const Texture* resolveTexture,
const Texture* depthStencilTexture,
SkRect viewport,
const std::vector<std::unique_ptr<DrawPass>>& drawPasses) override;
bool onAddComputePass(const ComputePassDesc&,
const ComputePipeline*,
const std::vector<ResourceBinding>& bindings) override;
bool onCopyBufferToBuffer(const Buffer* srcBuffer,
size_t srcOffset,
const Buffer* dstBuffer,
size_t dstOffset,
size_t size) override;
bool onCopyTextureToBuffer(const Texture*,
SkIRect srcRect,
const Buffer*,
size_t bufferOffset,
size_t bufferRowBytes) override;
bool onCopyBufferToTexture(const Buffer*,
const Texture*,
const BufferTextureCopyData* copyData,
int count) override;
bool onCopyTextureToTexture(const Texture* src,
SkIRect srcRect,
const Texture* dst,
SkIPoint dstPoint) override;
bool onSynchronizeBufferToCpu(const Buffer*, bool* outDidResultInWork) override;
bool onClearBuffer(const Buffer*, size_t offset, size_t size) override;
void onRenderPietScene(const skgpu::piet::Scene& scene, const Texture* target) override;
VkCommandPool fPool;
VkCommandBuffer fPrimaryCommandBuffer;
const VulkanSharedContext* fSharedContext;
VulkanResourceProvider* fResourceProvider;
VkFence fSubmitFence = VK_NULL_HANDLE;
#ifdef SK_DEBUG
bool fActive = false;
} // namespace skgpu::graphite
#endif // skgpu_graphite_VulkanCommandBuffer_DEFINED