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* Copyright 2022 Google LLC
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef skgpu_graphite_VulkanCaps_DEFINED
#define skgpu_graphite_VulkanCaps_DEFINED
#include "include/private/base/SkTDArray.h"
#include "src/gpu/graphite/Caps.h"
#include "src/gpu/vk/VulkanInterface.h"
#include "src/gpu/vk/VulkanUtilsPriv.h"
namespace skgpu::graphite {
struct ContextOptions;
class VulkanCaps final : public Caps {
VulkanCaps(const skgpu::VulkanInterface*,
VkPhysicalDevice device,
uint32_t physicalDeviceVersion,
const skgpu::VulkanExtensions*,
const ContextOptions&);
~VulkanCaps() override;
TextureInfo getDefaultSampledTextureInfo(SkColorType,
Mipmapped mipmapped,
Renderable) const override;
TextureInfo getDefaultMSAATextureInfo(const TextureInfo& singleSampledInfo,
Discardable discardable) const override;
TextureInfo getDefaultDepthStencilTextureInfo(SkEnumBitMask<DepthStencilFlags>,
uint32_t sampleCount,
Protected) const override;
UniqueKey makeGraphicsPipelineKey(const GraphicsPipelineDesc&,
const RenderPassDesc&) const override { return {}; }
UniqueKey makeComputePipelineKey(const ComputePipelineDesc&) const override { return {}; }
bool isRenderable(const TextureInfo&) const override { return false; }
void buildKeyForTexture(SkISize dimensions,
const TextureInfo&,
GraphiteResourceKey*) const override {}
bool shouldAlwaysUseDedicatedImageMemory() const {
return fShouldAlwaysUseDedicatedImageMemory;
// Returns whether a pure GPU accessible buffer is more performant to read than a buffer that is
// also host visible. If so then in some cases we may prefer the cost of doing a copy to the
// buffer. This typically would only be the case for buffers that are written once and read
// many times on the gpu.
bool gpuOnlyBuffersMorePerformant() const { return fGpuOnlyBuffersMorePerformant; }
// For our CPU write and GPU read buffers (vertex, uniform, etc.), we should keep these buffers
// persistently mapped. In general, the answer will be yes. The main case where we don't do this
// is when using special memory that is DEVICE_LOCAL and HOST_VISIBLE on discrete GPUs.
bool shouldPersistentlyMapCpuToGpuBuffers() const {
return fShouldPersistentlyMapCpuToGpuBuffers;
enum VkVendor {
kAMD_VkVendor = 4098,
kARM_VkVendor = 5045,
kImagination_VkVendor = 4112,
kIntel_VkVendor = 32902,
kNvidia_VkVendor = 4318,
kQualcomm_VkVendor = 20803,
void init(const skgpu::VulkanInterface*,
uint32_t physicalDeviceVersion,
const skgpu::VulkanExtensions*,
const ContextOptions&);
void applyDriverCorrectnessWorkarounds(const VkPhysicalDeviceProperties&);
void initFormatTable(const skgpu::VulkanInterface*,
const VkPhysicalDeviceProperties&);
void initDepthStencilFormatTable(const skgpu::VulkanInterface*,
const VkPhysicalDeviceProperties&);
const ColorTypeInfo* getColorTypeInfo(SkColorType, const TextureInfo&) const override {
return nullptr;
bool onIsTexturable(const TextureInfo&) const override { return false; }
bool supportsWritePixels(const TextureInfo&) const override { return false; }
bool supportsReadPixels(const TextureInfo&) const override { return false; }
SkColorType supportedWritePixelsColorType(SkColorType dstColorType,
const TextureInfo& dstTextureInfo,
SkColorType srcColorType) const override {
return kUnknown_SkColorType;
SkColorType supportedReadPixelsColorType(SkColorType srcColorType,
const TextureInfo& srcTextureInfo,
SkColorType dstColorType) const override {
return kUnknown_SkColorType;
// Struct that determines and stores which sample count quantities a VkFormat supports.
struct SupportedSampleCounts {
void initSampleCounts(const skgpu::VulkanInterface*,
const VkPhysicalDeviceProperties&,
bool isSampleCountSupported(int requestedCount) const;
SkTDArray<int> fSampleCounts;
// Struct that determines and stores useful information about VkFormats.
struct FormatInfo {
uint32_t colorTypeFlags(SkColorType colorType) const {
for (int i = 0; i < fColorTypeInfoCount; ++i) {
if (fColorTypeInfos[i].fColorType == colorType) {
return fColorTypeInfos[i].fFlags;
return 0;
void init(const skgpu::VulkanInterface*,
const VkPhysicalDeviceProperties&,
bool isTexturable(VkImageTiling) const;
bool isRenderable(VkImageTiling, uint32_t sampleCount) const;
std::unique_ptr<ColorTypeInfo[]> fColorTypeInfos;
int fColorTypeInfoCount = 0;
VkFormatProperties fFormatProperties;
SupportedSampleCounts fSupportedSampleCounts;
// Indicates that a format is only supported if we are wrapping a texture with it.
SkDEBUGCODE(bool fIsWrappedOnly;)
bool isTexturable(VkFormatFeatureFlags) const;
bool isRenderable(VkFormatFeatureFlags) const;
// Map SkColorType to VkFormat.
VkFormat fColorTypeToFormatTable[kSkColorTypeCnt];
void setColorType(SkColorType, std::initializer_list<VkFormat> formats);
VkFormat getFormatFromColorType(SkColorType) const;
// Map VkFormat to FormatInfo.
static const size_t kNumVkFormats = 22;
FormatInfo fFormatTable[kNumVkFormats];
FormatInfo& getFormatInfo(VkFormat);
const FormatInfo& getFormatInfo(VkFormat) const;
// A more lightweight equivalent to FormatInfo for depth/stencil VkFormats.
struct DepthStencilFormatInfo {
void init(const skgpu::VulkanInterface*,
const VkPhysicalDeviceProperties&,
bool isDepthStencilSupported(VkFormatFeatureFlags) const;
VkFormatProperties fFormatProperties;
SupportedSampleCounts fSupportedSampleCounts;
// Map DepthStencilFlags to VkFormat.
static const size_t kNumDepthStencilFlags = 4;
VkFormat fDepthStencilFlagsToFormatTable[kNumDepthStencilFlags];
VkFormat getFormatFromDepthStencilFlags(const SkEnumBitMask<DepthStencilFlags>& flags) const;
// Map depth/stencil VkFormats to DepthStencilFormatInfo.
static const size_t kNumDepthStencilVkFormats = 3;
DepthStencilFormatInfo fDepthStencilFormatTable[kNumDepthStencilVkFormats];
DepthStencilFormatInfo& getDepthStencilFormatInfo(VkFormat);
const DepthStencilFormatInfo& getDepthStencilFormatInfo(VkFormat) const;
// Various bools to define whether certain Vulkan features are supported.
bool fSupportsMemorylessAttachments = false;
bool fSupportsYcbcrConversion = false; // TODO: Determine & assign real value.
bool fShouldAlwaysUseDedicatedImageMemory = false;
bool fGpuOnlyBuffersMorePerformant = false;
bool fShouldPersistentlyMapCpuToGpuBuffers = true;
} // namespace skgpu::graphite
#endif // skgpu_graphite_VulkanCaps_DEFINED